cmon it is jack

I want an AU where Ashi is an assassin masquerading as a geisha to get close to Jack. And if you want more fun, imagine this is is a post-ashifadedies (like in Memories by @sallychanscraps), making her job easy/difficult/confusing/?? ?” 


so I got this idea of Rise of the Guardians-YOI AU where Victor fell thru the ice and became Jack Frost while Yuri succumbed to his darkness after losing Victor and became Pitch. 

Just imagine the freakin drama when Frost remembers who they were but Pitch doesn’t and is too far gone. 

Jack Frost: [whispers] What did you do?

Pitch: The question is Jack…What did YOU do?

Jack is really going all out w/ the subtle hints to (what im thinking is gonna be) October lbr. 

cmon. If you’ve looked hard enough its somewhat obvious. Jack LOVES making people happy (and laugh, as a result). Its the reason he does YouTube in the first place.

But have you noticed how, sometimes, when Jack laughs hard, he starts… coughing? Like he’s… I dunno, s͜ic͡k̀́͘ ?

It seems like Jack’s had a bad case of the giggles from the start. 

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Poor Jack. Another dumb undercover au comic that takes place before the other wedding night comics (getting briefed before they get busaaay)… Will I ever draw something OTHER than this event? Not likely, ongoing fic and all (ch 2 has been out for a long while now btw). I decided to put more effort (still messy tho) and dabbled around in Clip Studio. 

Consider this my advanced Day 28 (Masquerade/Assassins) of that Jashi month event. 

*If you’re wondering about that whole mochi thing, I have no guarantees, as I only lifted that from a fictional novel based on the Japanese royal family, who are known for secrecy and all.  

Edit: should be *minus eight /dumb at math

Anyone else imagine Jack’s first time meeting Cas is gonna go something like

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But in your head it’s more like

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When in reality it’ll probably just be like

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