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Jack, no offense, but I don't think "nuts and bolts" = "unable to think, have emotions, and/or feel pain, whether it be physical, psychological, or emotional". I mean, just as an example, Scaramouche was a robot, but they must've been in... A great deal of pain when you cut them in half. And, I'm not certain if X9 was designed to feel /pain/, but he definitely could feel. The only thing that made them nonhuman was what they were made of. Just a thought, Jack.

They were right.

And not just through evidence of Scaramouche or…this X9 figure, but through all of the other citizens he had met in the past. Lively towns filled with robot families and civilians living their lives with almost shockingly advanced sentience. So if he considered those innocent robots to be worthy of saving, then what gave him the right to say that those same robots were nothing but soulless shells?

Nothing but nuts and bolts…nuts and bolts…

Jack hastily deleted the message and turned off the device, pressing it against his forehead. He realized that he had so much more on his conscience than he thought. And it terrified him. How could he be fighting for righteousness when really, he was no better than the metal mercenaries and the robotic rogues he destroyed?

Perhaps he really had forgotten his purpose. Long, long ago.

He growled through gritted teeth.
“I have not strayed. This was merely sent to test me.”

He clenched his fists, going through justification after justification in his head. But the notion refused to leave him.

more mermaid Jack and marine biology intern Rhys

watch out for those spines, rhysie, that neurotoxin’s a real trip


older hana doing college tours with her papi and taking artsy photos for her instagram cause she’s basic and gabo willingly does it because he, too, is basic

jack goes on these tours as well because these colleges must be worthy of his perfect daughter!! but he never takes pics because hana complains “DADDY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS USE FLASH” “daddy you take photos from the most unflattering angles” “daddy why is it so zoomed in this is your camera you should know how it works” (cmon we all know a dad that does this)

but gosh does jack try.

also @ their fashion sense, they’re actually very stylish and trendy but when they don’t have to they will BUM OUT in sweats(like this post) and uggs cause you don’t tell em how to live life (dw I have many ideas for the fashion in this au heahehah)

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Neil Josten is the shrimpiest, most pint sized human ever. Like sure he’s technically taller than Andrew (and Aaron) but cmon. Andrew’s gotta be pretty jacked in order to be the resident muscle of the team (besides Matt). Neil is the zippy, sprinty, uncatchable member of the team. He’s gonna be as slight in stature as you can imagine. Pure runner’s body. Like his calves (his legs in general) are probably A+, but like, really guys. He is probably the most “a slight breeze would knock him over” looking person ever.

I don’t even know where the lot of you are coming from, but welcome!

So with 450+ people following this blog I figure I should do something. I haven’t been creating a lot of content in a while so this’ll hopefully get me back in the game.

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