Did Caleb kill Charlotte or planed it?

Is Caleb some kind of stalker? I mean, cmom, it’s not really easy to run into someone in your own city, when you run into a friend in your city we’re like: Wow! What a coincidence!! It has been a long time! Blablabla.

But how many real chances are to run into someone in another continent, in the same country, the same small city (I’m from Spain and Salamanca it’s not really big/known for foreigners) but also the same train station at the same time???

We know there’s no coincidence in PLL world. I find this really weird.

Also, could Caleb knew about the story Spencer wrote about a murder? He’s a hacker, he could have hacked her computer and read it.

Spencer wrote the paper in her sophomore year of school, 2 years after 6x10 and 3 years before Charlotte’s dead.

Spencer said they ran into each other 3 years before, after she wrote it. Another coincidence?

Caleb had motives to kill Charlotte and then he didt the way Spencer described with the purpose that the police will read it too. Or maybe Caleb and Ezra have been working together, Caleb came up with the plan (Spencer’s story) and Ezra did the dirty work.


Phone Call || Mercedes & Katrina Jones

Mercedes: *picked up her phone and dialed her mom’s number* Hey mama!

Katrina: *Smiles when she sees Mercedes name on her phone* Hey MJ, how’s my baby girl doing?

Mercedes: I’m doing so great mama. I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my entire life.

Katrina: Wow baby, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were in love?

Mercedes: Oh mama…I am in love. I am so very much in love. I know I haven’t called you in a while, but a lot has changed since I came to New York. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Katrina: Yeah I guess you should have, since apparently your mother is the last to know everything that happens in my daughter’s life.

Mercedes: *sighs* I know mama, I’m a horrible daughter…now do you want to hear my news or not?

Katrina: I’m listening.

Mercedes: Well, it started when I moved into my new apartment and met my new neighbor. It was Sam.

Katrina: Wait you’re high school boyfriend Sam?

Mercedes: The one and only…and we did not hit it off so well in the beginning. We had so much history and we both blamed each other for our breakup; that we stayed at each other’s throats. It was bad mama; we couldn’t see each other in the hall without getting into an argument.

Katrina: Wow baby that sounds terrible.

Mercedes: It was mama, but one day we decided that this arguing had to mean something, because if we didn’t care so much, then there would be no need to fight, so we decided to actually sit down and really talk. What came from that conversation was that we never really got over each other. He still loves me mama, and I never stopped loving him. He is my heart and I want to be with him forever.

Katrina: Whoa baby, forever…. really? Are you sure Sam feels the same way? I don’t want you to get hurt again.

Mercedes: Yes mama, forever! And Sam feels the exact same way…he asked me to marry him mama, and I said yes.


Mercedes: Yes mama, I’m getting married to the love of my life. I am going to be Mrs. Sam Evans

Katrina: Mercedes Patrice Jones…how are you going to marry a man I have yet to meet?

Mercedes: *slaps her forehead. She forgot her mom and Sam never met.* Shoot mama, I’m sorry. We need to rectify that as quickly as possible. Can you come to New York this weekend?

Katrina: Of course I can come to New York, thanks to my superstar daughter who told me to retire and that I never had to work again, I have nothing but time. Just let me know what time to be at the airport, and I’ll be there.

Mercedes: Great, I will text you all the information. I know you’re going to love Sam, he is so great, I promise mama. And I love him with all my heart and soul.

Katrina: I believe you baby. For almost eight years I’ve heard you talk about this Rock Star of yours, and even when you guys broke up, when you talked about him, you had love in your voice for him. I knew that one day you two would find your way back to each other, but I was hoping I met him first.

Mercedes: Mama, I’m so sorry, but this weekend that will change and he you are…

Katrina: I know, I know I’m going to love him.

Mercedes: Yes you will mama. I hate to have to cut this short, but I have to go to a meeting about the Charity ball we are throwing to save the school. I will call you later mama. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you.

Katrina: Okay baby, you go do your thing and I will wait to get that information from you. I love you too baby, and this weekend can’t get here fast enough. Bye MJ.

Mercedes: Bye mama.  

Phone Call: Mercedes & Katrina Jones
  • Mercedes: *Picks up the phone and dialed her mom's number. She knew she was in a world of trouble for not calling in a while* Hey Mom!
  • Katrina: *Smiles when she see's her daughter's number on the screen* Oh you remembered you have a mother.
  • Mercedes: Mommy! *she whined*
  • Katrina: I only spent 23 hours in labor just to bring you into this world.
  • Mercedes: Mooom!
  • Katrina: Struggled to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your belly, and all I asked for in return was a simple phone call every now and then when you go to school all the way across the country.
  • Mercedes: *sighs* Are you done yet Angela Bassett?
  • Katrina: *Laughs* Yes I'm done. So how's my baby?
  • Mercedes: *Laughs* I'm good mommy. I miss you though.
  • Katrina: I miss you too baby. So I presume school is keeping you busy?
  • Mercedes: Very busy. I sing so much now, but you know I love it.
  • Katrina: I know you do...So anything else you want to tell me?
  • Mercedes: Like what?
  • Katrina: Like your new boyfriend that's getting all your time.
  • Mercedes: What? Who? I am going to kill PJ!
  • Katrina: PJ didn't tell me just did. I was just throwing it out there, but now I see I am going to have to have a talk with your sister cause she is keeping things from me too. So what's his name? And I expect to see a picture of him as soon as we hang up this phone.
  • Mercedes: His name is Sam, he super nice and cute, and yes ma'am I will send it to you.
  • Katrina: Sam huh? What's his talent?
  • Mercedes: He plays the guitar, and he is so good mama. He is like Carlos Santana good, who by the way is one of the mentors by the way. And he can sing. He has such a beautiful voice
  • Katrina: That's nice, and I love Carlos Santana see if you can get a picture and a autograph for me. So does this Sam treat you right?
  • Mercedes: He does mama. He is just so sweet, caring, and loving towards me. He always does the sweetest things for me. We went on a City bus tour the other day, and he set up a rooftop picnic for us not too long ago. Oh and the sweetest thing of all, he gave me a promise ring. And I haven't even told PJ that yet.
  • Katrina: A Promise ring huh? And what is it that he is promising you?
  • Mercedes: To be the best boyfriend he can for me. To be faithful and true to me. Mama he says he loves me and I know he means it.
  • Katrina: Wow, how do you feel about him?
  • Mercedes: *smiled* I love him mama...I really do. And I know you are going to say, I thought the same about Deshawn, but this is different. Sam makes me feel good about being ME. I don't have to change who I am, I'm just Brown Sugar to him, and he loves him some Brown Sugar."
  • Katrina: BROWN SUGAR! *Laughs out loud* You let this boy call you Brown Sugar?
  • Mercedes: Mommy! Stop laughing! Yes I let him call me Brown Sugar, because I think it's cute and he's called me that since the first day we met. I think it's sweet.
  • Katrina: *calming down her laughter* Sweet...I guess it is kinda sweet, like sugar...Brown Sugar. *Laughs again*
  • Mercedes: You know what mommy, I'm gonna go, I will talk to you when you calm down. And the name is cute.
  • Katrina *still laughing* Okay, baby I'm sorry *giggles* Don't go. *snickers* I didn't mean to make fun of your boyfriend. *snickers again* I won't say another word....Brown Sugar *cracks up laughing*
  • Mercedes Bye mama!
  • Katrina: *laughing* Send me a picture...*hears the phone click and keeps laughing*
Phone Call: Mercedes & Katrina Jones
  • Mercedes: *Lies in her bed, picks up her phone and dials her mom's number.* Hey mommy! *She smiled so bright* How are you?
  • Katrina: *Smiles when she sees whose calling, picks up and almost screamed.* My Diva! How's my baby? And why am I just getting a phone call from you? You have been in New York for a week already. I'm doing good baby, but I miss seeing your face around here everyday.
  • Mercedes: *Laughs* Oh mommy I am so sorry. The time difference is messing me up, but I just have to have a set time to call and talk to you. I'm doing good mommy, just so busy. It's been one week and they have us so busy with work and preparing for performances, but I love it. I miss you too mommy, so, so much.
  • Katrina: Well I'm glad you're busy, you need to stay focused and do well at that school. Don't make them regret picking you. So tell me everything, how's the school? Your roommates? The boys?
  • Mercedes: I won't mommy, I am staying focused and practicing everyday. *Smiles* Everything is good, the school is fantastic. They have everything you could imagine a performing arts school can have. They have a recording studio that we have free reign to you know what that means? I could start working on my album now. My roommates are great, Sugar and Brittany are they're names and we get along great. *Blushes thinking about all of the cute guys there, especially Sam* The guys here....I mean they're alright. Its some cute ones, but you know I am too focused to worry about that.
  • Katrina: *Laughed loudly* Girl stop! You know I know you, and I know that you are never that focused where you don't notice and flirt with cute guys. You can't fool yo momma. So is there one that already got you going crazy?
  • Mercedes: Mom! *She whined* I am not thinking about no guys *except for Sam* I love you mommy and I hate to cut this call short, but I have to get up early in the morning. We have to come up with a schedule so we can talk longer, and I still have to call Porsche.
  • Katrina: *Chuckles* Okay Cedes, but you know I totally know there's a guy that caught your eye. You get some rest baby girl, call Porsche tomorrow. My schedule call me everyday, no matter what time it is. Do you understand me?
  • Mercedes: Yes mom, I understand.
  • Katrina: I love you diva...I'm saving up so by parents weekend I will be able to come.
  • Mercedes: Oh Mommy! I hope you can come too. That would be so amazing. I'll call you later. Bye mommy!
  • Katrina: Bye Diva!