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She cannot help but laugh a little bit at his reaction, arms wrapping tightly around the man as he came in for the hug. Joanna had expected him to be happy but this was a whole new level. God, she cannot remember the last time she’d seen him THAT happy. Perhaps it was just her presence that made him over zealous like that. Perhaps she did need to come around more often.

“Calm down, I’ll answer everything.” Joanna assured, putting her hands atop his and giving them a slight squeeze. She hoped that he would take all the news that she had as good. It was good, in her opinion. But in the view of a father? It was hard to say.

“I wanted to surprise you, dad. I see I did that.” A hand is placed gently on his upper arm just in case her news made him freak out a little too much. “I’m here because I’ve been assigned to the Enterprise. I’m the new nurse on the ship. I just thought it would be more fun for you to find out this way.”

Immediately she hugs him again, her grip tighter than before. “I missed you so much.”