CMM: “Hilarie and I actually met on Dawson’s Creek, before One Tree Hill. My character tried hooking up with her, she said no.”

HB: “I’m convinced I got the chance to be on One Tree Hill because I did a guest thing on Dawson’s Creek as myself. And my only scene was with Chad Michael Murray. So, The Chad and I were reunited. How bizarre is that?“

Big mini rant

I don’t want to confuse people but I feel like I made it clear enough that chapter 3 was like five years in the past – considering I say Steve Jobs died…and Caroline is working in an office…and I say that the chapter is the past in the author’s notes… I read over the first two chapters because I doubted myself for a moment thinking there was a continuity error but I’m pretty sure there isn’t. I could just say ‘5 years ago’ at the top but I want the readers to figure it out for themselves – not that there’s anything wrong with writing that of course. I feel like I’m missing something? Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough?

And I’m not trying to be ungrateful but I feel like this happens with every writer; reviews that are just 'please update’ or like a tiny sentence like 'I like it’ or a short question confused with the chapter really put a damper on writing as a whole. I get that most people aren’t going to sit there and write a huge paragraph like some do and I’m not writing just for gratification from others, I actually love writing and improving upon my own skills. It’s just that I and many others work so hard to write a number of pieces of work so even though it’s nice to know a person likes it or whatever, I want to know what you like about it and whether there’s anything I could do to improve!

I’m not asking for people to pay to read my work, I’m literally just asking for a few sentences on if they liked it and why. If you decide not to leave a review then okay, that’s your choice, but if you do I really want to know your thoughts. It’s always the same though and it has been for years.

Sorry for this rant. I’m trying not to get hung up over reviews and such but just wanted to put it out there.


Real people don’t boil down to types as easily as television wants them to, and Britta’s got two halves. One of those halves is a cocksure, liberal kinda girl who’s sure that she can understand the world if she just tries hard enough and is compassionate enough. But the other half of that girl is a rather bitter girl who’s seen too much of her life slip by her and has turned a lot of anger inwards. She’s a prickly character, very smart and very compassionate but also not able to cut most people any slack. In her own way, she’s the most developed character on the show. She may not be the most easily lovable, but I feel like she’s shaping up to be something really new and special. - Todd VanDerWerff