in case you all missed the GOAT ultimo guerrero in action.proving why he is the lucha god

Till We See Daylight

Summary: Kagami takes excellent care of his little brother. Everyone at Seirin can see that, especially Hyuuga and Kiyoshi. But when Tetsu has a panic attack when Kagami isn’t there, someone has to step in to fill the gap. (Come Morning Light tag. Last one for now.)
Words: 2500

Countdown begins before I use this again. I am excited for the training and the new learning that I am about to face.

Scouting maybe an extra-curricular activity for most but for people like me who uphold its ideals and value, I consider it as a way of life.

Doing a good turn daily and being a Messenger of Peace is a learning that a Scout should never forget. I am a Scout and will always be one.

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