Wow! Take a look at this 1950’s vintage Movado 3 Register Chronograph. This watch features an original, patinated dial with luminous Arabic numerals, a 35mm, stainless steel case and a 17-jewel, manual-wind CML-90 movement. A glorious example! (Store Inventory # 10973, listed at $4800, available for purchase online & in store.) 

That rodent up in one of them there Yankee states said six more weeks of winter. But in Bulldawg country, you get to decide what weather you want - if you’re a snow bunny who wants to dream of cold climes, pick up a “cold” book. If you’re tired of today’s teeth chattering wind, grab a “hot” book. Some books are fiction, and some are non-fiction (we’re even experimenting with some art books in the display this go-around.) but they all feature hot or cold settings. 

In the Main Library (where this picture was taken) we’ll be keeping track of what you choose and updating the temp gauge on our poster as the display goes on. 

Look for similar displays to pop up in the Science Library and Curriculum Materials Library (in Aderhold) later this week. 

And check back with the Main Library display throughout the month - as books get checked out, new ones will go on display, so the inventory is constantly changing. 


Un diseño minimalista puede esconder maravillas en su interior. Esta casa, que por fuera no deja ver si es de uno o dos pisos, explora los niveles, dobles alturas y relaciones espaciales continuas en su interior. La materialidad honesta y las formas abstractas y simples hacen que su inserción en el paisaje sea armónica.

Ricardo Torrejón + Arturo Chadwick - Casa CML, Chile