Finally got around to painting my shoes! The shoes themselves were only $5 from Five Below, I already had the white paint, and the gold paint was cheap with a coupon from Hobby Lobby. Took me less than an hour and was all done freehand.
I’m pretty proud! c:
Next step is to waterproof them with beeswax, and then they’ll be good for wearing!

Had such an amazing time at CMU LCamp this weekend. ♥

Met so many amazing people this weekend, all of the facilitators were amazing, and I was in a place that I love. I learned so much from everyone and it was so nice getting to share ideas and stories with people who were so honest and open. Wouldn’t have traded those experiences for the world. I never really thought that I would be nearly in tears over the thought of leaving people that I had only known for about 50 hours. 

Thanks Peter and Candace for being amazing facilitators, and of course my 1 North Awkward Turtles: Josh, Connor, Christine, Sydney, Ian, Hannah, Lyndsey, Erin, and Alysia. ♥