This is a film my two friends and I created in a week for University of Central Florida’s event Campus Moviefest. The actors Gordon and Drew have put forth a tremendous amount of effort in helping make this a reality, and I could not have made it as awesome as it is without their participation. The film is about an encounter between two gay men facilitated by a gay dating app. I wrote it to explore the emotions and interactions between two strangers meeting for the first time through an app. More specifically, I wanted to illustrate the contrast in expectations and reality between someone wanting a relationship and someone wanting a hookup. I would appreciate it if you all would watch the movie. If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends.

Thank you all for your support!


The Basis of Optimism 

So my friends and I made this film for a contest, and we were like really close to winning so that we could go to Hollywood and show the movie there, and get a taste of what the industry’s like. 

Our film was picked as one of the 16 best from our school out of 175, and we were nominated for best drama, along with two other films, however didn’t win.

We still get a chance to win this year if our movie gets the most hits before May 1st, so please watch this and if you like it, please reblog it.

I wouldn’t be asking people to reblog a film where there’s a bunch of creepy close-ups of my face if it wasn’t really important to me!!


Deaf Day

An audiological tour through the ears of someone who has Hearing Loss.  

Made for Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival. Out of 188 teams at UGA, we were in the Top 16 Finalists!

It was played on the big screen at Tate Theater on 3/3/14.