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❥ for your muse to cuddle up next to mine while asleep on the couch (deaf!blaine/skank!kurt)

Blaine wasn’t quite sure how he managed to talk Kurt into it, but here they were, having a marathon of all the cheesiest rom-coms Blaine had on DVD. Well, they were, but Kurt had dozed off half an hour into the second movie out of pure boredom. Blaine still appreciated the effort, though. He muted the tv so it wouldn’t wake Kurt, watching carefully as not to miss any of the subtitles on screen.

For the next hour, Blaine’s focus was completely on the movie, and not on Kurt’s sleeping and probably snoring figure next to him. Which is why he jumped when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist, and a head resting on his shoulder. Letting out a breath of relief when it was just Kurt, Blaine put his hand on his chest, taking a few deep breaths before looking over at him, and smiling. Blaine leaned over, pressing a kiss to Kurt’s forehead, and mumbling out a quiet “I love you.” before he turned his attention back to the screen.

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