This is an experiment with non-fiction comics. I really wanted to try to convey factual information while avoiding using the standard didactic storytelling that most non-fiction comics tend to employ. I think it came out alright- a bit stiff in the text, but that was intentional- whether it works or not I think is what I need to figure out.

This is the approximation for an accordion silkscreen book that I’ve printed with this image called Kraken. The colors are a bit off because photoshop for all of it’s glory I haven’t figure out how to reproduce the silkscreen transparencies that actually closer to the hard copy. This still gives a good idea of how it turned out- all ready sold over half of the limited print run.

I was looking at a blank page in my sketch book pondering what I might draw next- what haven’t I drawn before? what would be a challenge to draw? fun? different? Obviously. there are things that I usually draw- monsters, fantasy, animals. my usual fare- then it dawned on me. I’ve never drawn the barbarian- THE BARBARIAN. so here’s my rendition of Conan illustrated to what he would say “What is Best in Life”

Well, we’re over the hump for the week long monster challenge. I"m calling this guy Frog Face for now, I really wanted to play with the idea of something that used it’s for mobility and it’s feet to manipulate things. It came out all right, but not my favorite so far.

I went to TCAF and it was awesome. I’m so glad that I was able to exhibit! It was great fun to go to Toronto with my studio mates- Aya Kakeda, Tory Sica, and Jen Tong (Thanks to Jen’s friend Irme for hooking us up with a spectacular hotel) The show itself was one of the best I have ever been to and I’ll do my best to get back there next year!

I’m almost out of the post-fest exhaustion pit, enough so to design my next silkscreen print as pictured above! title is “Harpy” I should have it for sale at SPX!