cmas 2013

Unpopular Opinion:

I don’t think George Strait was the Entertainer of the Year. I think he’s great. They could have given him something else. Some career something or other. He deserves awards, just not that one.

Jason Aldean sold out Fenway and Wrigley and Sanford Stadium. His tour was huge this year. He was everywhere. It was his year. He should have won it.


Mine Would Be You Performance at the 2013 CMAs

Notes from yours truly:

  1. In the second GIF, Blake does raise his eyebrows and tilt his head in Miranda’s direction. His eyes are clearly amused. No doubt she’s his hands down best ever make up sex ;).
  2. I like the studio version, but I think that the performance adds so much more to the song. The way he finds the strength to display vulnerability conveys the emotion and story better than simply his vocals alone.
  3. There’s a high probability that I misread Taylor Swift’s lips. She might as well have been saying, “bad song”, or “goo tire” for all I know, but if I’m going to put words in her mouth, for everyone’s sake, might as well make them positive. 
  4. Miranda is so proud! (Though the guy beside her seems less than thrilled.) And Blake winks at her! Oh he knows he’s getting some later.