Some fans are ignorant
  • Country music fans:Complain that Taylor isn't country enough.
  • Country artists:Take ownership of her in country music.
  • Victoria Secrets fans:Taylor isn't good enough to be around VS models.
  • Victoria Secrets models:Fangirl about the fact that Taylor is going to perform while they're walking on the runway.
  • Harry Styles fans:Taylor is awful in every way possible.
  • Harry Styles:Taylor is a nice girl and she deserves everything she has.
  • Ed Sheeran fans:Taylor should leave Ed alone!!
  • Ed Sheeran:*Defends Taylor whenever he gets the chance to*.
  • Non country music fans and country music fans:NO TAYLOR IS NOT COUNTRY DON'T NOMINATE HER DON'T GIVE HER AWARDS !!!!!!!!!!
  • Country music artists:We take ownership of Taylor Swift.
  • Country music artists:*honor Taylor with one of the biggest country awards you can get*