Photographer, activist, and urbanist Patrick Reynolds treated our earlybirds to a passionate talk about “Unf**king Auckland”, and the transport revolution the city is currently experiencing. It was a fascinating talk filled with stirring facts and figures, as well a whistlestop tour through Reynolds diverse career.

The morning was hosted by the fabulous folk at Generator, and proudly brought to you by Curative and Gather & Hunt, with coffee and water generously provided by Coffee SupremeAntipodes. Thank you!

And thanks to Aria Taylor and Kaan Hiini for taking the photos - Check out the full set here: CreativeMornings /AKL with Patrick Reynolds »


Dressed in some spiffy Kermit the frog trousers Illustrator and Graphic Designer Richard Kuoch a.k.a. Podgy Panda with us his learnings from his career, his travels and his love of cartoons, speaking on the theme of Childhood. 

The morning was hosted by the team at Movers & Shakers, in their colour-changing inflatable braincell, and proudly brought to you by Curative and Little Lot, with coffee and water generously provided by Coffee Supreme and Antipodes. Thanks peeps!!

 Our love for you is bigger then a really big tree that would be perfect for climbing.

And thanks to Aria Taylor and Kaan Hiini for taking the photos - Check out the full set here: CreativeMornings /AKL with Podgy Panda »


Last Friday we gathered at Studio One Toi Tū to dip our quills into the topic of Ink. Or the lack of Ink… author and illustrator Dylan Horrocks talked about the terror of the blank page, and how we all fear being criticised.

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Massive thanks to our awesome speaker, our generous venue hosts, our supporting partners Curative, 3rdeye Recruitment & Talent Management Agency, & AUT, our breakfast partners Coffee Supreme & Antipodes Water, and our dedicated team of volunteers!

And thanks to Aria Taylor and Juanita Madden for capturing the day.

Creative Mornings/Auckland with Deanna Yang
Friday 29th November, 8:00am-9:30am
Q Theatre

Deanna Yang is this month’s exciting and inspiring #CMAkl speaker.

Deanna opened the kitchen of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar at the age of just 21. She did so with little knowledge of how to run a business; all she had to go on was her drive, determination, and a healthy dose of bravery.

Deanna’s personal dedication to following through with her dream is nothing short of impressive. She knew what she wanted to achieve, and had the wherewithal to follow-through with everything she had, despite various set-backs along the way. 

Perhaps overall the thing that allowed Deanna to open Moustache, and cross that item off her bucket list, was her courage. For this reason she is the perfect choice to talk on this month’s CreativeMornings theme of Bravery.

Read more about Deanna and register for the event here.

CreativeMornings /Auckland with The Lucky Taco
Friday 28 June, 8:00am - 9:30am
Q Lounge

If there’s one thing we love more than creativity at CreativeMornings… It’s food. And it just so happens that food is this month’s global theme! We are super lucky to have Sarah & Otis Frizzell fromThe Lucky Taco sharing their creative journey, unique experience and inspirational insights with our CreativeMornings community.

From the days of ad land (Sarah) and graffiti art (Otis), both incredible creative professionals in their own right, they have decided to combine forces and evolve it into a new creative venture, The Lucky Taco - So, what is it… And why?

“Well, when we were in the States in August 2011, we were struck by the amount of tasty and diverse food available from food trucks. Not just any old trucks – super cool, funky eateries on wheels.

As passionate home cooks, we thought it’d be cool to do something similar in New Zealand. The food truck concept is HUGE in the States, and gaining momentum in Australia, but hasn’t really hit Aotearoa yet. There are a few popping up, but none of them have the same aesthetic as the classic Californian Taco Trucks.”

Read more about the speakers, event details and register here »

Independent curator Rob Garrett came along to share his recent curatorial initiative “Lost in a Dream”, an an international contemporary art exhibition that brings together fourteen renowned and emerging artists from Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Generously hosted at the Former Contemporary Art Gallery as part of Art Week Auckland, supported by Auckland Council, with coffee kindly provided by the wonderful Coffee Supreme crew, cake from Jordan at The Caker, and helping hands from the lovely Gather & Hunt - Thank you!

Check out the set of photos from CreativeMornings /AKL with Rob Garett »