1. Don’t get too attached
2. Don’t expect too much
3. Live in the moment
4. Have some alone time
5. Forgive and forget
6. Stop overthinking
7. Don’t trust anyone
8. Not everyone around you is going to stay in your life
9. Be happy
10. Actions speak louder than words
—  CMA 

Listening to my local country station at work the past few days I’ve learned a few things:
•90% of the music is sung by guys.
•Whiskey often rhymes with kiss me or the second favorite, miss me.
•Often times to show they’re not thinking about a woman they write an entire song about how their not thinking of her.
•Girl is their favorite word. Just listen to 3 songs I guarantee you’ll hear it at least 4 times.
•Drink is almost always followed by think or vice versa (see also; thinkin/drinkin)
•Everyone always seems to be looking at their “girl” that they’re singing about.
•Jacked up, truck, drink, beer, mud, tires, hometown, and small-town are also hot topics in most songs not involving “girl” Unless the girl is drinking the beer and driving the truck and is from a small-town.