Perfume Clips 2 announced, releasing on November 29th

Perfume have announced that they will be releasing their second music video collection, “Perfume Clips 2″, on November 29th of this year, compiling all their music videos released since their label transition to UMJ in 2012 (excluding “FAKE IT”, which was licensed under Tokuma). This release will include the music video for “If you wanna”, which has not been released on DVD or Blu-Ray yet.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

Popular Perfumes

Perfumes and cologne fashions are forever shifting in the Netherworld. Blends revolve around monsters as often as situations, so it is not unusual for adventurers to wear (faux gasp) last season’s scents. Honestly no one cares, wear what works for you. New blends are fun, old favorites are classics.

Sailor’s Last Gasp A light, breathy fragrance resentment of being caught on a windless day at sea. Sun, the relaxing joy of solitude, and calm waters. Gasp will protect against the elements on long voyages.

Pixie Perfect A floral fragrance that imbues the wearer with the ability to see hidden paths. The flower profile shifts through the day.

Gargoyle’s Smiting Heavy with the smell of storms and stone, this cologne lingers for days at a time. One must be careful when applying, lest you turn into stone for about a week.