helo they are playing christian rock in the dentists office who wants to put me out of my misery and murder me

I didn’t make the title of my ask box “stop asking me if I hate geese” so yall could continue with this bullshit

Dear O,

We have now been apart for 3 months and you have moved on with the guy you said nothing was going on with. But now here I am spending a week of my summer with you and your family, having flown across the country for you. You know why I have done this, but I still don’t know why either you or your family wanting me here. Your family know about your new boyfriend, so why was I the one who was invited? 

Everything you have said to me over the past few months and all your actions are completely contradictory. One moment you act like we are still together and in the next moment you are aggressive, act like you hate me and wish I wasn’t around. 

It’s odd because I don’t want you anymore, but I still have to catch myself from doing things like hug you from behind while you cook for me, or from holding you hand as we walk the dog, or from having a stolen kiss in the dark of the night.

I miss you so much, but you have hurt me so much and i don’t think I want you anymore. 

This is all just so sad and confusing.


i say this a lot but i love women who love women. i love lesbians, i love bi women, i love pan women, i love questioning women, i love women who know they love women but they’re not yet sure where they fall, i love women who’ve loved women all their lives, i love women who are just now realizing they love women at nineteen, at twenty-eight, at forty-two. women loving women is so good and so pure and fills me with so much love 

Reasons I am a five year old:

cries easily
doesn’t know how to adult
drinks a lot of juice
constantly needs attention
asks too many questions
becomes attached to everything very quickly