im getting that “i need to get off tumblr” feel again so i might make like, two twitters and two instagrams. a public thoughts twitter and a public art instagram, with a private account for each as well

i might save my account on here just to lurk and get resources from some blogs i follow but ultimately i’m just tired of being here and need to limit my social media to what I Really wanna do

i miss doing art. i miss writing songs, creating drawings and watercolor ink paintings and photography, i miss the things i love and i wanna dedicate more time and effort to them so maybe this’ll push me a little bit

  • me online age 13: there's a little thing called proper spelling and grammar, sweetie. :)
  • me online now: YALL I just went to the grocery store and? omg???????? my left tit got caught in the fucknig conveyor belt at the checkout and Im hdhehdjdndndnejkjnnbgghdddjhn
I want to find peace but I’m not certain where to look. I feel like my heart is all full of wildfires burning burning burning, devouring all the good things like an open mouth. But I feel more like an open wound and I try to hold onto all the good things that I can, with my hands that could be prettier. Hydrangeas and chamomile tea with milk and saying ‘I love you’ too often and sweaters that are a little too big and eating cherries until my mouth is red and when the sky looks like a grapefruit are good things. Or maybe they’re the things that make me feel human, flesh and blood, a girl with good intentions who makes mistakes a lot. And it’s okay to make mistakes; I just forget. I like mistakes, I like flaws, I like secrets, I like all the ugly things that fill you up. I like people, just not myself, sometimes
—  Zoë Lianne, “Girl/Wildfire”

the police are an institution who are required to enact violence at their own discretion on behalf of what they believe the rules of society to be. they are not required to be experts in their country’s laws. and still they are required to make legal judgements every day. no healthy society needs something like this to exist.


Imagine you just started your shift at Talc Opal and a giant yellow woman reaches her hand through the drive-thru window and grabs fifty Cool Ranch® Doritos® Locos Tacos

me: damn……. wish i had some friends so i’m not so lonely when i’m watchin my favorite movie :/

me: guess theres..only one way to approach this situation …

*steps in front of oncoming car holding up and waving my ratatouille special edition dvd* hey you wanna watch- [tires screeching] [glass shattering] [woman shrieking] [telephone pole collapsing] [car alarms blaring]