last night in in a drunken stupor…

i decided to overcome my 25 year plus fear of developing my own film. Ever since I nearly burned down my middle school darkroom, from which I  fled, wreaking of chemicals with which I concocted a nefarious brew, I have been a little leery of my abilities as a chemist. 

Last night, a little loosey goosey, I tried to stuff my inebriated brain with you tube tutorials, a cheat sheet from Freestyle Photo , god bless ‘em, and instructions from the variety of chemicals that have been stored, dormant in my upstairs bathroom, more neglected than the stop smoking book I had for months before I finally dared opened, and fuck me, I never smoked again.  I’ve been miserable ever since. Five years. That’s another story. 

The results (proof sheet #1) speak for themselves. 

This evening (early morning), only mildly sedated, I shot another roll, and gave it a decidedly more focused effort. The results (proof #2) are substantive proof of that which I was already rather sure: Kids, stick to the Ativan.