Commercial for Sato Musen appliance store, 1994

The way i would write the whole hotch exit is have it so he is kidnapped by mr scratch. Kidnapped and the team are scrambling over multiple episodes to find him, maybe the whole season, and then they find the room where he is being kept, open the door, and it just zooms in on a pair of dress shoes on somone obviously collapsed on the floor. Just like hayley. They didnt get there in time. Hes been dead for weeks. Cue dramatic team break down. The end.


A commercial, advertising Time Bokan 24′s premiere this October 1st at 5:30 AM (Japan Time).

“What if the peerless beauty of Queen Cleopatra wasn’t Egypt’s ruler… but instead a comedy duo of Cleo and Patra?”  These are the questions Tokio and Calen will learn the answers to as they discover the TRUE history!