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Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Characters: Spencer Reid, David Rossi

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon: reider(ba dum tss) is rossis 20-something year old daughter and rossi pushes reider and her to get together and they eventually do and just like fluff and rossi being embarrassing pls????thank you in advance 💜 yall 💕💞

Word Count: 506

Author: Hannah

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Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 1,702

Request: yes!  Leave requests here.

Warnings: angst - not a happy ending im so srry babes

Summary:  @winterladybr asked:   “Don’t Test Me” was sooo good ❤ Do you write anything other than smut? If you do, can I get one where the reader and Hotch were dating when he decided to get into Witness Protection, and he broke up with her because of it and she didn’t get to tell him that she’s pregnant? Thanks !!! 😘

Anon asked:   Can you do one where Aaron and the reader have a baby

A/N:  I am currently only on season 6 of the show, so if there is any information about Jack’s stalker wrong, please forgive me.  I did as much research about it as I could so I hope everything is correct/makes sense.

These requests were similar, so I combined them.  I know this isn’t really a good way to fulfill the request of the anon, but that just means that maybe this story should continue.

I’ll make this into a multi-fic only if I’m asked to.  The ending is unhappy so if it gets good feedback, I might continue.  Just let me know if you want more and a happy ending, but really, that’s ultimately up to me to decide.

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You sighed at the sight of the two blue lines.  Of course, you were happy, but there was too much on your mind.

You’ve been dating Aaron for a long time, almost three years, there’s no doubt he’ll be happy, too…  Right?

Get it together, Y/N, you thought to yourself.  He was going to be home any minute from Jack’s soccer game, so you needed to get rid of the pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Quickly, you tossed the test and its box into the garbage can, even lifting up some older trash to shove it further down.  You wanted to make sure you were 100% indeed pregnant before you said anything to Hotch.  You were sure he’d be happy and excited, but you didn’t want to tell him and give him any false hope if it turned out you weren’t actually pregnant.  So to play it safe, you would go to the doctor and get everything checked out.

Two minutes later, you were on the phone with JJ, explaining the situation.

“Well, drug store tests aren’t always completely reliable,” she told you.

“I know.  That’s why I want to go to the doctor, but I really don’t want to go alone,” you replied, chewing on your fingernails while pacing back and forth.  Aaron and Jack could walk through that door any minute.

“I really think you shouldn’t worry about it and talk to Hotch, he’d be excited, you more than anyone should know that,” JJ said.

“It’s not his reaction to the baby I’m worried about.”  You thought for a second before letting out a sigh and admitting what it really was that was scaring you.  “It’s Scratch.”  You could hear JJ’s breath hitch at the name.  “Aaron’s had his suspicions and I don’t want him to worry about another child.”

“Y/N,” JJ started, but that’s when you heard the front door open.  

“I’m sorry, I need to go.  I’ll call you when the appointment is set up,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

“Y/N!” Aaron’s voice boomed through the house.  “Go to your room, Jack,” you heard him tell his son.

“Everything alright?” you asked, giving him a peck on the cheek and giving Jack a pat on the head as he ran passed you to his bedroom.

“I thought so,” Aaron said, loosening his tie.  He looked worn out and worried.

“What is it?” you asked, pulling out a chair from the kitchen table for him to sit.  Once he did, you sat in the seat across from him.

“I saw Peter Lewis there today,” he said, rubbing his face in defeat.  Mr. Scratch.

“At the soccer game?” you asked, your heart race speeding up.  All Aaron did was nod, his demeanor defeated.

“You’ve got to tell your team.  They can help you, we could-”

“Enough Y/N,” he shouted over you.  You jumped, unable to look at him.  “I want you to stay out of this,” he said quietly, getting up from his chair and making his way to the room you share.  You couldn’t help but feel angry at his sudden cold shoulder.  You love him and Jack more than anything in the world and it suddenly felt like the feeling wasn’t mutual anymore.

Stop jumping to conclusions, you thought to yourself.  He loves you, too, there’s no denying it.

You picked your cell phone back up and called the doctor to make the appointment.

Tuesday afternoon was the only the doctor could fit you in, so you called JJ and let her know when to come pick you up.  

The weekend consisted of Aaron continuing to give you the cold shoulder and telling Jack to stay in his room as much as possible.  The only conversations you had with him usually consisted of asking about his day and him giving you short answers before turning on the TV.  You felt utterly alone, and you planned to let him know as soon as you knew about whether or not you were actually pregnant.

JJ picked you up from your house while Aaron was out getting groceries.

“You ready?” she asked when you got in the car.

“Do I have a choice?” you replied with a sigh.  

The fifteen minutes to the doctor’s office was a quiet drive, but you preferred it that way.

“Everything’s going to be okay, you know?” JJ told you while you waited for the results.  You were sat on the tall, uncomfortable bed while she stood next to you holding your hand.

“But what if he’s right?  What if Scratch really is gonna try to hurt him again, or Jack?  He wouldn’t be happy about another kid coming into his life, he’d just be scared for it, too,” you said, your eyes beginning to water.  You couldn’t handle the thought of losing Aaron or Jack or the baby that might’ve been growing inside of you. 

“Alrighty Ms. Y/L/N.  I have some good news.  You are in fact, pregnant,” the doctor said after she walked into the door.  “About twelve weeks to be exact.  We need to get you on prenatal vitamins and set out a diet plan for you-”

Slowly, you tuned out the words coming from your doctor’s mouth and instead thought about Aaron and what he was going to think.  Instantly your mind whirled, wondering if you were having a boy or a girl and what you wanted to name him or her.  Which room in your house would have to become the nursery?  How excited was Jack going to react to the news he was going to be a big brother?  Would you have to take on the role of stay at home mom?  

So many - too many - questions raced through your mind, making it hard for  you to concentrate on anything the doctor was saying.  Despite being nervous about your boyfriend’s reaction, you couldn’t help but feel excited about the tiny human being living inside of you, knowing you loved it with every fiber of your being and feeling your heart race at the fact that it was all yours and Aaron’s.  You were going to be parents together.

“So I will see you in two weeks for a follow up,” the doctor said.  She shook your hand.

“Thank you,” JJ said for you since you were still a bit far from reality.  Once the doctor left the room, you finally smiled for the first time that day.

“I’m going to be a mother,” you said to JJ.  

“Congratulations, Y/N,” she replied with a smile.  A single tear rolled down your cheek and you hugged her, thanking her for coming with you.  “Of course.  You know, Hotch is really lucky to have you.”

“Thank you.  I’m lucky to have him, too.”

“Well, why don’t I take you home and you can tell him the good news?” she suggested.  You nodded, wiping away your happy tears and followed her out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, you were back home.  JJ congratulated you again before driving off.

You smiled when you saw Aaron’s car in the driveway.  He was home.

Walking inside, you sat your keys on the table next to the front door, preparing yourself to tell Aaron your news.

“Aaron!” you shouted through the house with a bright smile on your face.  “I need to tell you something.”

When there was no reply, you walked back towards your bedroom.  “Aaron?”

The door was cracked open.  You stopped right outside and listened, but you heard nothing.  “Babe?” you asked while opening the door all the way.  The room looked almost untouched from when you left earlier this afternoon.  But the only difference was that Aaron’s cellphone was sitting on his nightstand.  You walked over to pick it up, seeing that it had quite a few missed calls on it.

Your heart began beating in your throat, your palms became incredibly clammy.

No, you thought.  No no no no no.

Quickly, you ran to the closet, opening the door to find exactly what you were hoping you wouldn’t.  Aaron’s clothes were mostly gone, only a few of his suit remained hung up, and all of his tennis shoes were missing from the floor.  Tears were free falling from your eyes at this point, your worst nightmare was coming true.

You ran out of the bedroom to Jack’s, knowing what you would find.

It was about the same, mainly untouched with many missing clothes.  Your crying escalated into loud sobs, echoing throughout the house.

“No,” you said out loud, unsure of what to do.  You couldn’t breath.  This can’t be happening.  Please.

You searched the rest of the house, noticing it was all the same except for the kitchen.  There was a note.  As you read it, your tears fell to the paper, making the ink of Aaron’s handwriting run a bit, but you knew what it said.  It was the one thing you were afraid of most, and it was really happening.  This was real.

Through your tears, you read the note, almost unable to accept the words written so sloppily, you knew he had to be in a hurry.


I love you.  That’s what I need you to remember.  You always need to remember that.  Please never forget that. 

Don’t try to contact us, don’t try to find us.  You’ll only be putting yourself in danger, as well.  And I can’t have that.  Please just let go.

If we ever see each other again, please don’t try to say hi.  I want nothing more than to be with you, but I can’t. Jack and I want to continue on without you, and that’s as hard for us as I’m sure it is for you.

I’m sorry it had to end like this.  But don’t forget that we love you.  We always will.


Your sobs continued to echo throughout the house, and suddenly your legs failed you.  You sunk to the floor in a fit of screams, holding onto your stomach so tenderly, unable to breath.

They were gone.  The boy you loved like a son was gone.  The father of your own child was gone.

They were gone.

They were gone.  

They were gone.