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Criminal Minds Season 12 Finale Thoughts

Read at your own risk: SPOILERS BELOW!

  • MGG and Aubrey have great fucking chemistry together.
  • Aubrey was brilliant and this might be the best I’ve ever seen MGG, always loved him but damn he was really good tonight.
  • So glad they brought the drug thing back in the way they did. Reid has changed. We expected him too. But “Watch Me” shows us that our Spencer is still in there.
  • Also…watch me *ugly sobbing*
  • Mama Reid is okay. Thank. Jesus.
  • “Don’t leave me ever again.” *more ugly sobbing*
  • Morgan and Garcia back together gives me life. I love them so much. And thank fucking god for Penelope Garcia. She is my light in the darkness.
  • No Morgan till the end? Really?
  • But given the way they left it, maybe Morgan will have screen time in the season 13 premiere? *fingers crossed*
  • The Maeve thing made me sick to even think about, I’m so glad the baby wasn’t his. However, if it was Cat who was pregnant, I was pretty sure it wasn’t.
  • Jennifer Jareau.
  • Emily Prentiss.
  • My baby is so loved.
  • That cliffhanger.
  • Season 3 much?
  • Joe holding a gun on his daughter XD
  • Basically, feels, ugly sobbing and goddammit that cliffhanger. -_-

Looking forward to season 13.