“there is no luke skywalker without darth vader, there is no batman without the joker, and there is no john cena without cm punk. it never would have happened if cm punk didn’t break every taboo in the book, that pipebomb was the career defining moment for cm punk. it was the moment that he broke through the glass ceiling, the handcuffs were off, it was the moment that everyone knew that guy was different. he’s not just one of the pack. it’s a very compelling situation because these are truly two top stars. this is the austin/rock of this generation. they both have the ambition, the drive and the desire to be the absolute best at what they do.” - paul heyman

CM Punk’s eulogy to Eddie Guerrero
[November 13th, 2005]

On the day of Eddie Guerrero’s passing, future WWE Champion CM Punk eulogized his hero, and friend:

Kids And Heros [sic]

I ain’t nobody.  I’m just some Punk rock kid with a big mouth and an opinion.  I’m just some kid…

Eddie Guerrero was a hero of mine.  I was fortunate enough to work with him many times, and he helped me more then I could ever put into words.

Eddie was my friend.  He still is.  Maybe i’ll be back on here to tell some stories when I clear my head, right now is just too hard.

I remember Eddie Guerrero.

Cheat to win.