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13 Days of Criminal Minds: Day 11

female awesome meme (mom edition) 1/?: Jennifer Jareau

You made a choice and two people are alive because of it. You are a hero, Jennifer Jareau. You’re my hero, and your boys’, and your team and all those other people that you saved. And don’t you ever forget that.

hello hi this is a Soft Post for the CM fam because i feel like i haven’t sent you that many asks lately :(

so, you’re all wonderful and beautiful inside n out and i love u and hope u have a nice day/night 💛

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i love u 💛

💞 PSA 💞

Hello, this is just a small reminder that you all are strong and incredible in your own ways and that you should embrace it, and take care of yourselves!

Don’t forget to drink water and eat a little today!

Regardless of what you are/were wearing, I think you looked beautiful!

You deserve eternal happiness!

I love you 💞

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also i’ve really been slacking off on sending love to my pals lately because i’m almost always asleep (i sleep about 18-19 hours a day bc depression) so i just want to remind u all that i love and cherish and care about u so so so damn much and u can always come talk to me if ur sad or lonely or if u just wanna share pictures of cool dogs… i am here always

i love u

smooches for ur foreheads but only if ur ok with it