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Unova Avatars Poster Reblog Giveaway!

Title says it all! The first poster came back from the printers, and it is lovely! Since I would not have finished this project without tumblr’s support, I’m giving away the first one I had printed as a way of expressing my appreciation~


1) One entry per person, multiple re-blogs do not give you multiple entries

2) Results will be determined via lottery one week from the time stamp of this post, so Friday, March 10th, 21:47 CT.

3) Open to entrants anywhere in the world, as long as you have a mailing address at which the United States Postal Service can find you


The first print of the Regular Unova Pokedex as a 20″ x 30″ (50.8 x 76.2 cm) poster, the design of which is featured below:

Additional prints at the same size, of both the pictured, and Shiny and Wireframe versions, will be available for purchase for $40 USD, (includes shipping), PM me here or at my main account @pangotron if you are interested.

This was meant to go up much sooner, but a combination of several life disasters, (personal illness, a trip to the dentist, death of a grandparent), understandably knocked it down my priority list. As such, I have not reached a decision on my next project, but will update my main account when I have that nailed down.

Thank you everyone for your support, and may the luckiest reblogger win!


I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days, so today i got up early to get it done. You see, I had my heart set on a CM Punk shirt from, but sadly, they don’t ship to my country ^^;

So I designed my own shirt. My biggest hangup with shirts was that I was always trying to design a shirt, as in figures, lettering, photos, and it’s just not my thing. I like painting, instead! So my DIY shirt is an illustration, rather than a design. I did have to add some design for the lettering, tho. It’s based on the Big Trouble in Little China original poster lettering.

Please Fav if you liked it! Let’s see if I can finally print it for myself :D


Сказки на ночь: Удильщик СЭМ и морская компания (продолжение)

Осьминог ОКТИмус ПРАЙМ

В океанариуме появился новый житель осьминог. Живчик, имеет 8 ног и может принимать любые фигуры. 

Вязать 8 одинаковых ног было самое сложное и муторное. На 1 ногу уходило более 1 часа. А потом пошло все как маслу. Голова, ажурная  юбочка и вот он какой красавец!

Чтобы не выделяться на фоне маленького удильщика пришлось постараться - вязала тонкую пряжу тонким крючком.

Акрил ALIZE Forever 50/300м
крючок 0,7мм
Лапы и голова- армированы проволокой.
Длина от лапы до лапы 15-16 см

Автор  Александра Simba 


A new inhabitant of the oceanarium is an octopus.

Acrylic ALIZE Forever 50 / 300m
Hook 0,7mm
Tentacles and head - reinforced with wire.
Length from the tip of the tentacle to the tip of another tentacle 15-16 cm

Crochet Pattern and  Designer from Alexandra Simba  

wings-of-revelation  asked:

Did you make your own website for Everblue?

Sort of. I installed a CMS called Grawlix on my domain. A CMS is a ‘content management system’ that automates certain things like page generation, and uploading pages/images/articles. Then I customized it with some of my own php scripts and css for theming. Also, static pages such as the thumbnailed archives, characters page, and others, I made from scratch.

So, I went from the default theme on the left, to my custom theme on the right.

Grawlix is a great CMS, by the way, and I highly recommend it for webcomics :).