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Shatter me, Part 1.

A/N: Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking for weeks about doing a fanfic with Jefferson from OUAT, even though I’ve not seen the show (Thanks @blazeshira for explaining it to me) So here’s the thing: It’ll be more an Alice in Wonderland story than a OUAT story because I don’t know very well this universe, so I might make some mistakes (You’re free to correct whatever you want, also grammar, spelling mistakes, whatever! Remember I’m not a native English speaker)

PS. When I have to use units of measure I’ll be using cm, km and so, because that’s what we use in Spain and that’s what I’m used to. Sorry!

And I hope you all like it and requests are open and also tags!

Summary: Your grandmother died. A grandmother you didn’t meet. Never. Your mother never talked to you about her and you wondered why. And there you were, in a lost village called Storybrooke (really?) decided to find something in her old house, who was left to you after her death. Who was really your grandmother and what could you find in Storybrooke?

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You looked at the map for the millionth time.

It couldn’t be that difficult, for God’s sake. So, you left that road and drove for ten km before you parked outside the highway, staring at that damn paper. You sighed and began to drive again, muttering swearing words as you saw it began to rain. And not slightly, no. It was a real storm.

Time passed and suddenly you saw a huge sign written that said: Welcome to Storybrooke and you put your fist in the air, turning the radio on and dancing and singing along the song. It wasn’t that late but you supposed everybody would be at home as the rain pounded on the ground.

You saw a cafe opened and parked there, running to the inside of the building. You huffed and touched your wet hair, begging that you don’t get a cold in the following days. The few clients that were there kept silence as their eyes were fixed on you. You swallowed and asked the old woman a hot chocolate and sat down near the window.

Nobody spoke and you felt yourself as an intruder in their lives. You thanked the girl who brought you the cup and took a sip before you settled on the armchair. The sky was completely dark except for the lightnings that were seen often. You pressed your fingertips against your forehead, massaging it as you thought of your next movement.

You couldn’t find your grandmother’s house on your own and of course you couldn’t sleep in the car. So what to do?

You bit your lip when the bell above the door rang, warning of another client coming inside. You turned your head to look at the person. It was a tall man with strange clothes. He wore a scarf around his neck and walked confidently around the place. He sat down near the bookshelf and smiled at the same woman who had took your order. His blue eyes focused on the book on his knees and you saw he wore eyeliner too. As if he was feeling somebody staring at him, the man raised his head and looked at you. You frowned as his jaw fell open. He was familiar to you.

You shrugged and decided it was better to think about your situation so you asked the young girl if there was an hotel or something in the village.

“We have some rooms here”

“Great!” You were brought to the woman, who said you could call her Granny and you both talked about the price. When the accord was done, you followed her upstairs, feeling the man’s gaze on your neck.

The room was small but warm and it reminded you to the one you had at home You felt pressure in your heart as you thought of your mother, alone at home and decided to call her after a hot shower.

You had been an only child from a single mother. She was the only one you had in this world. You never met your father neither your mother’s family. She said it was better that way. You never understood but also never worried. She loved you and for you, that was enough.

Until now.

A few months ago you’d received a letter from a lawyer’s office saying that your grandmother who lived in a village called Storybrooke had died. You remembered staring at your mother, who had tears in her eyes. She refused to tell you anything and asked, no, begged you to stay with her.

But that only made you to pack some of your belongings and taking the car.

“Maybe it’s a mistake, mom” You had said hugging her. “I’ll be here before you know it, okay?”

“Just please, think about it” She looked at you with those big eyes that had been your whole life looking at you with pure love and you sighed.

You still remembered your mother standing outside your house, watching as you left after you had promised her to call as soon as you got there and returning safe. You told her so, trying to calm her, saying that she’ll probably sell the house and leave that village.

You sighed as you took your phone and laid down on the bed, waiting until her voice was heard.

“Oh, god, Y/N. Are you okay? I’ve heard there is a terrible storm there”

“Yeah, it’s quite bad, but I’m here in hotel so don’t worry”

“Did you talk to somebody?” Your mother asked rushly, which caused you to frown.

“Uhhhh…no? Just the woman who has the hotel. Granny” You heard a strange noise coming from your mother. “Is that everything fine?”

“Yes. Just…please, do what you have to do, and come back as soon as possible. I don’t like you there”

“Why?” You said with a sceptical voice as your eyes went to the window, watching as the rain pumped against the glass.

“Listen, if you do as I said, I swear I’ll tell you everything, but please, come back. I love you”

“I love you, mom”

You stared at your phone remembering that strange conversation and shrugged, getting inside the blankets. Your eyes were fixed on the ceiling. It was really bizarre. Your mother had never been like that. You had to admit that your life had been strange. Always travelling from one town to another. But you didn’t mind until now. Who was that grandmother of yours and why was your mother reluctant to you being there?

You closed your eyes, wondering what Storybrooke had to offer to you and what happened with your family.

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This isn't a grammar question or anything, but could you do a master post on Spanish Internet slang? I feel like I'm trying to decipher Chinese when I read through some of my friends' spanish fb statuses haha it would be cool to have some sort of key to figure out all the random letters (like ñ?? Wtf does that stand for?)

Here are some Spanish text slang that might make it bit easier for you to understand your friends’ slang on Facebook, texting, or wherever it may be. I’m sure there might be some differences in some places for the slang. Hope this list helps

  • x - por
  • k - qué/que
  • q - qué/que
  • xq - por qué/porque
  • xk - por qué/porque
  • xfa- por favor
  • pf - por favor
  • bn/b - bien
  • 100pre- siempre
  • xo - pero
  • cdo - cuando
  • bb - bebé
  • pa - para
  • pa’l… - para el…
  • d - de
  • l - el
  • tk - te quiero
  • tkm - te quiero mucho
  • t - te
  • c -  sé/se
  • toy/stoy - estoy
  • tá/stá - está
  • tás/stás - estás
  • tb - tambien
  • dps - después
  • ktl/qtl - qué tal
  • cm -como
  • km - como
  • msj - mensaje
  • ad+ - además
  • asias - gracias
  • n - en
  • mña - mañana
  • a2 - adiós

Verbs/words that start with “h”, can drop the “h” for quicker writing like “hacer” and “haber”. Verbs with “e” can drop the “e” for quicker writing like in “estar” and “esperar”. Whenever a word contains a “qu”, it can be changed to a “k” like “te kiero” (Te quiero).

Hope this has helped a bit. Anyone else have anything they could contribute?


The British Royal family at St. Paul‘s memorial service. (mainly Kate Middleton)

while we’re on the topic of daft measurement systems, lemme just say that one of my pettier resentments towards the uk is the fact that living there made me start doing things in miles and inches when I didn’t even grow up doing it and now I gotta convert myself BACK to cm/km like I grew up with. next time someone asks “why the fuck did you move to Finland” I’m going to tell them it was for the 24 hour time and deciliters

Name: Jodie Holmes

Age: 8 - 25

Zodiac: Taurus

Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual

Occupation: Unoccupied

Marital status: Single

Family: Her biological parents are dead and she no longer has contact to her adoptive parents. His twin brother Aiden died during childbirth, strangled by the umbilical cord. However, his spirit remains tethered to Jodie which allows him to communicate with her.

Race: Gifted human

Residence: Verse dependent

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 48 km

Fandom: Beyond: Two Souls

Jodie Holmes, a burdened and troubled young woman, was born with a very strange and unexplained gift, one which she often calls a curse. For the first several years of her life, Jodie is never allowed to leave the base where her adoptive parents dropped her when she was child.

Jodie is normally reserved and shy, but generally good-hearted and selfless. Having spent part of her life in a government facility, she has never known a true home or family. This has given her a great deal of empathy towards the other downtrodden of the world, and Jodie will usually do what she can to help others in need. Jodie also doesn’t take kindly to betrayal or being taken advantage of. Upon learning she helped the CIA assassinate the democratically-elected president of a third-world nation, Jodie was immediately enraged and promptly distanced herself from the organization.

A defeated German soldier sits in front of a burning Reichstag, which had been taken over by Russian troops after a fierce room-to-room battle, Berlin, May 1945 -


Battle for the Reichstag In the early hours of 29 April the Soviet 3rd Shock Army crossed the Moltke bridge and started to fan out into the surrounding streets and buildings. The initial assaults on buildings, including the Ministry of the Interior, were hampered by the lack of supporting artillery. It was not until the damaged bridges were repaired that artillery could be moved up in support. At 04:00 hours, in the Führerbunker, Hitler signed his last will and testament and, shortly afterwards, married Eva Braun. At dawn the Soviets pressed on with their assault in the south east. After very heavy fighting they managed to capture Gestapo headquarters on Prinz-Albrechtstrasse, but a Waffen-SS counter-attack forced the Soviets to withdraw from the building. To the south west the 8th Guards Army attacked north across the Landwehr canal into the Tiergarten.

By the next day, 30 April, the Soviets had solved their bridging problems and with artillery support at 06:00 they launched an attack on the Reichstag, but because of German entrenchments and support from 12.8 cm guns 2 km (1.2 mi) away on the roof of the Zoo flak tower, in Berlin Zoo, it was not until that evening that the Soviets were able to enter the building. The Reichstag had not been in use since 1933 when it burned and its interior resembled a rubble heap more than a government building. The German troops inside made excellent use of this and lay heavily entrenched. Fierce room-to-room fighting ensued. At that point there was still a large contingent of German soldiers in the basement who launched counter-attacks against the Red Army. Finally, on 2 May the Red Army controlled the building entirely. From Wikipedia