Another Shitty Crowd

Fuck this crowd honestly. Here Seth is talking about his injury. Saying he feels like he deserves this. You can SEE the emotional damage it’s causing him. The man is on the verge of tears for fucks sake, and these people have the fucking balls to chant ‘CM Punk’. News flash motherfuckers. He doesn’t fucking wrestle anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was a Punk fan but DAMN get over it. He has. He’s moved on with his life. Chanting his name in the middle of other wrestlers promos, matches and interviews isn’t going to make him come back.


Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) & Kassius Ohno Vs. Seth Rollins & CM Punk
[October 17th, 2012]

*Sigh and release* That wonderful, brief moment in history when the Kings Of Wrestling reunited in the WWE. This match begins as a one-on-one encounter between CM Punk and Antonio Cesaro (remember when he had a first name?!), but quickly metamorphoses into something much bigger, and with added excitement. This is a great moment for NXT that I don’t think the fans at Full Sail quite understood. Firstly, the reuniting of the KOW. Then, the rekindling of the feud between Punk and Hero dating back to the early 2000s. There’s also the fact that both men were spearheaders in Ring Of Honor, and I believe that in time, all four men will have gone down in history as WWE World Heavyweight Champions.

An Expert - Part Two

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1,632

Request: continuation of an old request.  Request here - asks are open!

Warnings: none; not edited

Summary:   Anon asked:  Hello ! I love your writing, you are amazing ❤ I heard somewhere that MGG likes London.. So.. Can you write story about Spencer and reader where reader is living in London and came to USA to help BAU.. Spencer fell in love with reader and will go to the London with her (like for holidays).. Thank you 😍

Here is the loong awaited part two.   Small time skip from Part One.

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His phone buzzed again, earning him more annoyed glances from his teammates.

“Just turn it off, Reid,” Morgan said, sitting across from the genius.

“Let’s focus and finish the briefing,” Hotch said sternly, motioning for JJ to continue.

“Marcus Davis, the most recent victim said he knew the unsub,” she said.

“He survived?” Spencer asked, flipping through his folder.

“Only long enough to say that he knew the guy.  Before he could say who it was, he was gone.  The damage to his lungs made it hard for him to speak,” she replied.

“Must’ve been a pretty hot fire,” Reid began.  “In addition to the chemical irritants found in smoke including sulfur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and chlorine, high temperature in smoke can cause thermal damage to the lungs and airways.”

“Of course it was hot, it was a fire,” Morgan told him with a smirk.

Spencer’s phone buzzed another time, making his team members groan.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, attempting to turn off the noisy ringer.

“What does she keep messaging you about anyways?” Prentiss asked.

“She’s boarding her flight,” he said, reading off the texts you had sent him, letting him know that you would be in Quantico in approximately eight hours.  Too bad he couldn’t reply to let you know that he was on the jet headed to Baltimore for an arsenic case.  You were probably turning your phone off.

“You mean to tell me she decided to travel 5,000 miles just to see you?” Morgan asked.

“And doesn’t she have a job?” Prentiss chimed in.

“She’s actually on vacation time right now, and she’s only traveling 3,690 miles to see me,” Spencer said, sipping his coffee cup.  This comment made Derek roll his eyes with a chuckle.

“Man, Pretty Boy, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed you guys have stayed in touch for three months with the distance,” he commented.

“When it’s right, it works,” Rossi said, looking out the window.

“Y/N is definitely right,” Spencer said, mostly to himself.  He was smitten, and it wasn’t exactly his first long distance relationship, so it felt easy for him.  Plus you and him talked every day.  

It was most certainly right.

“Brody Masterson,” Penelope read off her screen.  “His criminal record is lengthy.  He has arrests as early as twelve years old, the biggest one for- ew. Molesting his little sister when he was sixteen.  Before that, it was mostly stealing from convenient stores and- oh dear god,” she stopped.

“For what?” Hotch asked.

“Setting his animals on fire.  Then at twenty, he set his stepmom’s car on fire,” she said sadly, mainly thinking about the poor animals.

“Address?” Morgan asked.

“232 Walnut Street.”

“Thanks baby girl,” he said before hanging up.  “We got him,” Derek said confidently, following Hotch and Rossi out the door.

After they left, Spencer continued to study the map, retracing the lines of Brody’s comfort zone.  While he was marking 232 Walnut Street with a star, his phone began to ring.  He looked down to see your caller ID.

“Hey,” he said after hitting answer.

“Case?” you asked.  You were only slightly disappointed he wasn’t at the airport to pick you up.  But his job was far too important to worry about it.  

“Baltimore.  We have an identity on the unsub, so it probably won’t be too much longer,” he replied.

“Look at you, saving lives,” you told him with a smile.  

“Just doing my job,” he replied.  “I guess you could say I’m an expert.”

“Oh quit gloating and get back to work.  I’m going to catch a cab and head to have dinner.  Call me when you get back, yeah?” you said.

“Of course,” he said, hanging up the phone.

Three and a half hours later, Brody was caught and the team was on the flight back to Quantico.  As soon as they touched down, Spencer pulled out his cell and dialed your number.

“Hello?” you said, your accent making him smile.

“Where are you?” he asked, walking into the bullpen.  But his question was answered before he was able to speak.  You were sitting at his desk, legs crossed in front of you and you were facing the door, signalling you had been waiting for him.

“One miss Penelope Garcia let me in,” you said, hanging up your phone.  Spencer smiled and made his way over to you, pulling you out of his chair and hugging you tightly.

“She didn’t want to wait outside your house alone.  She decided to surprise you, so I’m an accessory to this surprise.  Surprise,” Garcia said, walking up to you two with a giant grin, clearly very proud of herself.

“Welcome back,” Prentiss said to you.

“Likewise.  Heard you were in Baltimore,” you replied, giving her a small hug.  Despite the fact that you were currently dating Spencer, you managed to stay close to the entire team since the case you helped them on.  

You talked to everyone in the BAU a lot, emailing and skyping whenever possible (Spencer the most, obviously).  The conversations between you and each team member varied: Garcia would talk to you about fashion and ask for you opinion on shoes, JJ would go on about Henry who you asked about a lot, Morgan would usually give you a hard time about Reid, Prentiss would talk to you about Sergio since she knew you had a cat back at home, Hotch would ask you about your bosses at MI6, and Rossi would give you recipes on the ‘finest’ Italian cuisines (more like thirty different ways to master spaghetti). 

“Y/N, good to see you again,” Hotch said, a warm smile settling on his face.  Something passed between the two of you, a nonvocal agreement, and Spencer noticed but didn’t say anything.

“Well, I should get going.  Come see me while you’re hear.  Henry would love to meet you,” JJ said while giving you a hug.

“Of Course,” you told her.  

The rest of the team gathered their things and headed out one by one, all too tired to continue for the night, leaving you and Spencer in the bullpen alone.

“So, Mr. Expert, tell me a bit about the case,” you said as Spencer cleaned up his desk.

“What’s up with you and Hotch?” he asked suddenly, not looking at you.

“Excuse me?” you asked, not really understanding his question.  There wasn’t anything ‘going on’ with you and anyone other than Spencer.

“I’m a profiler, Y/N.  I know a ‘look’ when I see one,” he said, curling his fingers at the word ‘look’ in quotation.

“Okay, so I guess I’m just going to have to tell you this now,” you started.  You were going to wait for Hotch’s approval before you told anyone - the news was on need-to-know basis.

“Tell me what?” Spencer asked, looking at you finally.

“Strauss contacted me after our case together.  She offered me a job,” you told him.

His shock was evident as he opened his mouth and widened his eyes.  “Here?  At the BAU?” he asked.

“Well, yes.  She thinks I would make a great addition to the team,” you finished, still unable to fathom the fact that she was interested.  Sure, you were good at your job, but being asked to join the FBI was something totally new for you and also really, really exciting.  You had been contacted a couple weeks ago directly by Strauss and you told her you’d think about it, mainly wanting to ask Spencer his opinion.  Hotch had tried to persuade you that it was a good decision to come here, and that’s why you shared a ‘look’.  You were silently telling him that you were still thinking about it and not to say anything.  But stubborn as always, Spencer’s nosiness made it hard to stay silent about it any longer.

“What did you tell her?” he asked, the shocked expression on his face not moving.

“That I had to think about it.  I really wanted to ask you what you think,” you said, looking at him.  You honestly didn’t know what he was going to say or what you truly wanted to do.

“You were waiting for my opinion?” he asked, furrowing his brows.  You nodded, wondering why he was so surprised.  “Well, I wouldn’t mind working with you.  The proximity would be great, but honestly, I don’t think my thoughts should persuade you.  Of course I would love to be closer to you and get to see you every day, but-” he said, stopping himself.

“I’ve been with MI6 for almost ten years.  But over the last two months, I gained all of you as friends and it made me wonder what it would be like if I did change my course.  I’m torn,” you admitted, running your hands over your arms, a chill running through your body.  On one hand, you loved the thought of being closer to Spencer and part of this team, but on the other hand, you had many other good friends at MI6, and your family was still in London.

Spencer reached out and pulled you to him, hugging you close.  “You obviously don’t have to make a decision yet.  How about we not think about it and head to my place for a bath?” he asked suggestively.

“That sounds quite intriguing,” you replied with a smile.  You leaned your head up to press your lips to his, hugging him close as well.

“I’m just glad nothing is actually going on between you and Hotch,” he said, pulling away and picking up his bag before grabbing your hand and leading you to the door.  “That would have been really awkward.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled at him.

“What can I say? I have a think for authority figures.” you said with a wink.