I love Hotch and Reid so much i am literally screaming.
The scene where Hotch just softly
‘Pst’ to get Reids attention and fist bumps him.
The fact that they have deeper conversations with one another (i.e. the episode where Hotch recalls details from their discussion about narcissism to help save Reid).
How Hotch has no trouble understanding Reid and putting his ramblings in layman’s terms.
The episode where Hotch trusted that Reid would catch onto his plan to kill the LDSK and trusted him with a gun even though he failed his last exam.
How Hotch could understand what Reid went through with Maeve like no one else.
Oh my god
I! LOVE!!! MY!! BABIES!!!!!!!


Title: Meddling

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Could you do a lil somethin somethin where the reader is an aspiring author and she gets transferred to the BAU and when she meets Rossi she gets all fangirly and awkward and stuff because he’s her favorite author? Reid gets a bit jealous cause he has a small crush on her from reading her file and just seeing her so Rossi ends up trying to set them up and it works? Thank you! (Also maybe adding some puns would be gr8 cause there can never be enough puns in the world)

A/N: I would’ve added more puns, but I couldn’t come up with any organically. I, too, enjoy puns. Gosh, his hair is perfect. I digress. Enjoy! Thank you for requesting! XOXOXO

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When it’s season twelve and you’re the only original profiler left from season one…


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