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ooooh is spencer reid really asexual? your posts about criminal minds made me want to watch it anyway but i want to even more if there's ace representation that's so exciting!!!

He’s not REALLY asexual, it’s just headcanon that a lot of CM fans accept.  Generally people think he’s asexual / bisexual.   The writers originally wrote him to be bisexual, but CBS being shitty as always said, “No that can’t possibly happen now, look he has a crush on his female co-worker!” because apparently the people making decisions at CBS don’t know shit about bisexuality.  Maybe they think you have to date two people at the same time, one male and one female to qualify?

Anyway, Prentiss, when she was introduced was supposed to have a scene where she was in bed with a woman, but CBS stopped that as well.  The show writers WANT to be inclusive, but quite frankly, CBS won’t let them.

Thank you guys for the advice and words of encouragement, and the hugs. I’m not goin to give up. I’m exhausted, but some days are going to be worse and I know (with the help of a friend and her words) that I capable of doing this and doing more. I’m going to keep on going and keep trying, because that’s how I’ll grow as a person :)

Lately I’ve been struggling to close my stores correctly at the end of the night. I either go over my time, or I forget things, or I’m frantically running to get things done down to the last second, and I’m tired. I’m so tired of feeling defeated. I know every day is going to have different challenges, but I am so tired to feeling like I failed. I’m frustrated because I feel like I’m never going to be as good as my peers, or that I’m never going to get the hang of it. I just feel completely defeated whenever I close, I’m exhausted.