Almost Wedding Bells

I told myself this would be a small fluff piece i worked on while i wrote a more dramatic fic… turned out to be a little more, oops… but i thinks it’s cute ^.^

Summary: ReidxReader fic, where the two have been friends for years and Spencer invited her as his plus one to his cousins wedding back in Vegas. Originally intending to go as friends, they leave as something a little more.

no warnings, just fluffy.

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Special Autumn sale o//

Please look at the pics for reference of the pricing and art if you’re interested.

To commission me please fill the following form regarding your inquiry, this will be sent by email only.


Site: specify if you are from tumblr, DA, etc.
Commission type: B&W Sketch, or Coloured Sketch.
Character references: Class/job in case of FFXIV. please give me VISUAL references of your character. I will decline commissions that contain only text descriptions.
Character’s personality: Brief description of how your character normally acts, this will give me some freedom with body and facial expressions (In case your commission has 2 or more characters in it, please specify what kind of relation your characters have with each other. e.g; if they’re friends or if they have a romantic relationship, etc)
In 3 words, give me a theme with your character: (example: love, kiss, cute)
Paypal address: (you will be invoiced to this address)

Please send your inquiry to the following email:
Form of Payment:  PAYPAL ONLY and upfront payment.
I will invoice you once I accept your inquiry, if you don’t receive an invoice or email a week after your inquiry has been submitted. Do not worry, I will invoice you once I accept your request like said, you probably just got moved to the Waiting list in case i get many commissioners.

Here’s the current commission list if you’d like to check the progress of if there are any slots open.
>>> Commission List / Open Slots / Waiting List <<<

 In the case there are more than 5 commissioners, they will be moved onto a Waiting List, where as commissions are getting done, they will be moved onto the commission list to work on them. In case you happen to be on the waiting list, I won’t invoice you just yet, but i will email you once i’m ready to move you onto the commission list to get the payment done in case you’re still interested.

What won’t you draw?
- I do not take orders that portray explicit sex, rape and gore.
- I will not draw any kind of mechas/robots either (making an exception for Overwatch characters however).
- No NSFW material either, my nsfw art is exclusive to Patreon (which is on hiatus atm)

How long do orders take you?
It varies a lot to be honest, it could take from one day to a month depending on what number you’re in the commission slot list, what kind of work you’re commissioning (full illustration, sketch, etc), how busy i am irl or feeling emotionally. I try my best to turn in the commissions as fast as I can but please be patient if I take some time, I promise you i’m working on your commission though! If you would like to receive an update on the progress of your commission, just email me. Sketch commissions should not take more than 2 weeks though.

Do you offer changes or WIPs?
I don’t offer WIPs on Sketches
I offer changes to any order once complete. I will only do minor changes however, I will not change an entire pose or full environment for the piece in case of full illustrations and so on.