[Random] Nakamura in Calorie Mate CM

Just putting it out here Reminds me of Karamatsu a little?

Your eyes just met mine. I guess it’s fate. Calorie Mate, chocolate flavor. 

Are you experiencing a sweet love? Even in love, nutritional balance is…important

Reason being, love is a trial of strength

When you’re in love, your eyes sparkle. Not mine though.

Well then, for your happiness~

Girl: That was a small nutritionist. Balanced food, Calorie Mate

Muster your courage!

P.S. According to Nakamura’s tweet (as of 10/20), he hasn’t watched his own CM yet haha. He only watched the CM for the plain one

Fuck yeah,

after a very long time I finally finished my Michael drawing. I also wanted to post this extremely long story about how amazing and wonderful he is, but let’s face it. We all know this already. Michael Clifford is a fantastic human being and that is all.