Books in 221B

A list of the books in 221B Baker Street with their summary/observations. 

(From the bottom)

  • Bringing down the house by Ben Mezrich: An exclusive blackjack club from the MIT came up with a system to take the world Us most sophisticated casinos for all they were worth. In two years, this ring of card savants earned more than three million dollars
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: Ten-year-old orphan Jane Eyre lives unhappily with her wealthy relatives, the Reed family, at Gateshead. Resentful of the late Mr. Reed’s preference for her, Jane’s aunt and cousins take every opportunity to neglect and abuse her as a reminder of her inferior station. 
  • Georges Moore by Samuel Smiles: Biography of Georges Moore, merchant and philanthropist. After receiving some education at village schools, Moore, at thirteen, determined to begin life for himself. He was indifferent to honours. (He reminds me of Sherlock)

(Right to left) 

  • Speed Ecstasy Ritalin: The science of Amphetamines 
  • Learning to fly in 21 days by Phil Stone: It is intended as a practical guide to the physical and emotional aspects of the endeavour and has been written in order to help potential pilots try to understand exactly what they are about to undertake and hopefully prepare them for the pain, anguish and despair that they will sometimes feel. (So they’re hight and feel pain, anguish and despair)
  • Statutes of criminal laws
  • Stunned mullets and two-pot screamers by G.A Wilkes: A dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms
  • The Damage Done by Warren Fellows: The Damage Done is his story of an unthinkable nightmare in a place where sewer rats and cockroaches are the only nutritious food, and where the worst punishment is the khun deo - solitary confinement, Thai style. 
  • Suicidology and Suicide Prevention (Not visible) 

(Left to right) 

History (?) of England — Bible commentary—The Children Encyclopedia — Science and the Future — New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry 

I can’t read anything on this one, sorry. 

Cellier’s (?) Encyclopedia

(From the bottom)

  • Signature Killers by Robert D. Keppel with William J. Birnes: In a real-life scenario straight out of The Silence of the Lambs, Robert Keppel went one-on-one with the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, who advised Keppel on the detective’s highly publicized search for the elusive Green River Killer. Bundy’s chilling revelations were chronicled in The Riverman, “a page-turner” (Ted Montgomery, Detroit News) praised by Ann Rule as “the definitive book on serials.” But Ted Bundy wasn’t the first killer of his kind – or the last. 

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