clyde king


Pedro Picapiedra (Los Picapiedras)

Mandy (Las sombrías aventuras de Billy y Mandy) 

Timmy Turner (Los padrinos mágicos) 

Clyd McBride (The Loud House) 

Simba adulto (El rey león y La guardia del león) 

Reputation Secret Messages

…Ready For It: I could buy my own island.

End Game: Love me and let’s get drunk.

I Did Something Bad: Yes, I just said ‘shit’.

Don’t Blame Me: Blame Calvin.

Delicate: Now I’m one tough bitch.

Look What You Made Me Do: Hiss Hiss, bitches.

So It Goes…: …to number one.

Gorgeous: Yes, I am.

Getaway Car: I don’t need no Clyde.

King Of My Heart: Queens rule their own kingdom.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied: I snapped the cable ties.

Dress: My dress is now in shreds.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: I broke a glass table at a party because I was drunk.

Call It What You Want: Grammy worthy.

New Year’s Day: Next year I promise I won’t be as hungover.

Cyan Bloodbane whispers nightmares to elf king Lorac, Speaker of the Stars, held prisoner by a dragon orb.  (Clyde Caldwell, originally for the cover of AD&D DragonLance module DL10: Dragons of Dreams, TSR, 1985; reprinted as a divider in the 2nd ed Monstrous Compendium, 1989)


cold-hearted killers//beverie bonnie and clyde au

time is running out-muse//black balloon-the kills//come as you are-nirvana//stairway to heaven-led zeppelin//money-pink floyd//howlin’ for you-the black keys//miss yer kiss-swmrs//bad habit-the kooks//solitary man-johnny cash//icky thump-the white stripes//miss nothing-the pretty reckless//dharma and the bomb-bad religion//come on-sunflower bean//homemade dynamite-lorde//left hand free-alt-j


Some of my favorite love songs from musicals

(I’m aware the last song listing is wrong)


Monica’s 25th Birthday

Lost Files Pt3: Issa Mess After the club