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Pedro Picapiedra (Los Picapiedras)

Mandy (Las sombrías aventuras de Billy y Mandy) 

Timmy Turner (Los padrinos mágicos) 

Clyd McBride (The Loud House) 

Simba adulto (El rey león y La guardia del león) 


Monica’s 25th Birthday

Lost Files Pt3: Issa Mess After the club




REDRAW. I feel like I’m the only person that’s never done a redraw. agh I drew the top picture about 4 months ago and there’s so many things gross about that picture so here’s a revamped 2k15 picture of clyde and craig being just as lame as back then. 

If you look carefully craig isn’t actually using his middle finger. surprise kids. 

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Are we shipping people now?! Give us some ships for the originals!

“We’re going to include the founding family in this one as well. Valentine’s: Micah and Savannah or Catherine. Callista and Lee or Ethan. Remi and Maddox. Lyra and Beck. Cassius and Laurel. Gautier’s: Cassidy and Sawyer. Alina and Clyde. Charles and Katherine. Roman and Gianna. Logan and Vivian. Thorne’s: Daciana and Emma. Clyde and Alina or Marnie. Delore’s: Wren and Diana or Bonnie. Tatum and Danny. Savannah and Ransome or Micah. Ethan and Callista.”

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Okay I don’t know if anyone has seen this video of Stage 50 of Phone Destroyer that’s been posted but I’m going to talk about here so fair warning for spoilers. Some observations:

  • Certain characters changed their SOT outfits to something else, or they added a power. For example, Clyde is no longer an evil overlord and is instead “Dwarf King Clyde.” Tweek’s no longer a barbarian but is instead, “Robin Tweek” (which is adorable). Craig kept his same outfit but renamed himself “Dark Mage Craig” and carries around a badminton racket as his staff lmao.
  • Also, Kyle has a lacrosse stick now instead of a golf club. He seems to be quite the jock? Stan who?
  • Paladin Butters appears to be carrying around an actual hammer and hitting people with it. Hardcore but also wtf Butters?
  • I’m also dying because there’s a cock magic card that when you play it turns all of your opponents players into roosters lmao.
  • I was under the now apparently wrong impression that stage 50 was the highest you could go but there’s a whole of stages after it entitled the “Elven Sanctuary.”
  • Where does Incan god Craig fit into all of this? This is stage 50 and we know the his final boss form for this chapter is Dark Mage Craig AND he was Youth Pastor Craig in the ninja/religious chapter (where I thought we would see the him originally) so…does this mean there’s MORE after the fantasy/SOT chapter? Where do we find him????