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So since A LOT of people are watching The Loud House now because of the gay™ in it, I present to you:

List of Gay Things that Have Happened in The Loud House

- The biggest one of all:
Lincoln’s best friend Clyde has two dads

- Lincoln and Clyde have a relationship that is literally more than just bros. They even have a canon ship name: Clyncoln McCloud

- Their dad Lynn Sr showed feelings towards a guy (even though he’s married)

- Lincoln once thought that Bobby was cheating on Lori with a guy. And when asked about it, he didn’t get all defensive

- Lincoln once asked his friend Rusty a question and here’s how the convo went:

Lincoln: How would you like to dance?
Rusty: No thanks you’re not my type
Lincoln: Not with me. With girls
Rusty: Oh on second thought I’d rather dance with you

- Luna said that the female substitute teacher was “smokin”

- And most recently (on today’s episode) Luna sent a love letter to a girl named Sam

CLYDE: Oh, why…

CLYDE: Yes, I know.

CLYDE: But thanks for reminding me.



CLYDE: First of all, he’s not here bih he’s at home.

CLYDE: Second of all,

CLYDE: Not as cute as me though.

CLYDE: Last night while everybody was asleep (except for me obviously and I guess Tweek because he never sleeps what a weirdo), I saw the best opportunity for a picture of Craig.

CLYDE: Look at this ugly. He’s smelly haha.

CLYDE: Don’t worry though I felt kinda bad and so I put some cool filters over the image to make him look nearly as sexy as me.

CLYDE: I’d say this is a job well done.

cliche plots i’m always a slut for

  • the summer road trip
  • bad boy / good girl
  • bad girl / good girl
  • TA / college student
  • penpals that become best friends and maybe more through letters
  • rich ceo’s kid / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • actually, rich ceo / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • people on a movie set who are love interests in the movie but hate each other irl
  • arranged marriage
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • popular kid / nerd
  • breakfast club style all day detention
  • blind dates
  • friends with benefits
  • rich guy / trophy wife
  • bonnie and clyde plots
  • the goody-goody and the juvenile delinquent that are actually best friends and will fuck u up if you mess with the other one

(feel free to add more)


Natalie & Henry- Next to Normal

Wendla & Melchior- Spring Awakening

Bonnie & Clyde- Bonnie and Clyde: A New Musical

Mimi & Roger- RENT

Felicia & Huey- Memphis

Maria & Tony- West Side Story

Christine & the Phantom- The Phantom of the Opera

Elphaba & Fiyero- Wicked

Elle & Emmett- Legally Blonde: The Musical

Katherine & Jack- Newsies 


just some quick lil headcanons i have for the main four, butters, & craig's gang~

- listens to tøp, cries to “oh miss believer” when he’s feeling extra emo
- stays on facetime with kyle until 3 am, and sometimes stays up until morning talking to him
- always wanted to visit new york, and asks jimmy what it’s like there (see jimmy’s headcanons)

- VERY FUCKING PRO TRUMP, liane didn’t want to vote but he forced her to
- hates kids
- low-key obsession with grey’s anatomy

- trying vegetarianism to see if it’ll affect his health positively or not, probably won’t stick with it
- demisexual bb
- always has his friends send him their book reports so he can proofread it, just to rid of any spelling/grammatical errors

- vvvvvvvvv dirty mind. find everything and anything sexual
- best hugger oh my god (his hoodie is so soft T-T)
- once kissed craig in a game of truth or dare, and is v ashamed of it because he loves tweek and craig’s relationship and he feels AWFUL because of it

- goes to friends’ houses (not eric’s) whenever they’re sick to drop off soup or tea and hangs out with them for a while
- loves birthday cake flavored anything

- dabbed once: wanted to kill himself after
- sleeps over tweek’s house for days at a time, and they bake together and craig started drinking coffee because of tweek
- wants to dye the front of his hair blue

- an actual meme lord, and sends jimmy and butters his best memes
- shops at zumiez religiously, only wears vans
- forces his friends to watch “rip vine” compilations

- really great cook
- kyle and him tutor the kindergarten & first grade students and help them with their school work/home work
- is usually seen watching “stranger things”

- before he moved to south park, he was born and raised in manhattan
- pansexual and has a little thing with kyle >///<
- has an obsession with drew lynch and had watched every single one of his videos at least 5 times

- freckles!!!!!!
- #teamstarbucks
- don’t trust him alone in the kitchen, in his room, in the living room, anywhere. he’ll probably spazz out and break something

Capture and Effect (J.M)

Description - When live on YouNow, fans capture Jonah’s face while looking at you and rumors spread like wildfire.
Warning: Jonah being a smol bean, that’s it

The Marais family was practically your family. You grew up next to them all your life and everything they went through, you went through.

Like when Jonah announced that he’d be moving to L.A to share a house with his four other band mates. You, along with his family, were devastated. Jonah was your best friend, your ride or die, the Clyde to your Bonnie. But then he left and returned ever so often. Of course, you’d visit him a few times but it wasn’t the same.

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stupid shit my friends have said as south park kids

stan: i don’t know if i’m gonna throw up or punch you

kyle: jewish people are people too


kenny: weEEEEINNNErrrr

butters: *listening to spongebob music* my ears!!! too pure!!!! can’t take it!!!

craig: i just flipped off the store clerk under my jacket


jimmy: i have this uncanny ability to make people stutter around me,,,also i can’t walk

clyde: children, be honest, am i not the best looking thing you’ve laid eyes on today

token: i’m not privileged i’m vip