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cliche plots i’m always a slut for

  • the summer road trip
  • bad boy / good girl
  • bad girl / good girl
  • TA / college student
  • penpals that become best friends and maybe more through letters
  • rich ceo’s kid / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • actually, rich ceo / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • people on a movie set who are love interests in the movie but hate each other irl
  • arranged marriage
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • popular kid / nerd
  • breakfast club style all day detention
  • blind dates
  • friends with benefits
  • rich guy / trophy wife
  • bonnie and clyde plots
  • the goody-goody and the juvenile delinquent that are actually best friends and will fuck u up if you mess with the other one

(feel free to add more)

Idk why I never see anyone talking about The Loud House like, at first my thoughts on it were “Great, a show about ten sisters, and the main focus is on the only boy in the house”


This show: 

- challenged gender roles/issues, especially those associated with masculinity

- gave each of the girls their own distinct personality that cannot be confused with the others

- has a four year old???? Who knows nuclear physics???? SHE’S LITERALLY FOUR SHE’S JUST OVER HERE CASUALLY BLOWING SHIT UP

- Lincoln’s best friend Clyde has two dads

- follow up to the last one, his dads are seen together, being lovey dovey, in multiple episodes, they are a biracial couple, and no one ever questions the fact that he has two. They’re also both adorkable and super caring

- you don’t ever see the parent’s faces, similar to a comic strip, UNTIL YOU DO. AND IT’S FREAKY

- goth child Lucy scaring the shit out of everyone. never gets old

- so many adorable sister/brother moments between Lincoln and his siblings

- teaches a lot of really good lessons, like sharing, supporting your family, and recognizing that sometimes things you say/do can hurt other people.

- so. many. puns. and just bad jokes in general

- classic cartoon episode gags (dad falling in love with his new car, “save the soon to be dissected frog” episode, “we took the wrong baby home” nonsense, etc)

- the comic strip style the cartoon is done in is really visually pleasing

- Lincoln is honestly an amazing role model for young boys who think it’s bad to be too feminine. He accepts his “girly side” in multiple episodes, while still acknowledging that he is a guy and is comfortable with himself. 

- just watch this show. it’s super cute, you won’t regret it. Not to mention the theme song is ridiculously catchy. 


Natalie & Henry- Next to Normal

Wendla & Melchior- Spring Awakening

Bonnie & Clyde- Bonnie and Clyde: A New Musical

Mimi & Roger- RENT

Felicia & Huey- Memphis

Maria & Tony- West Side Story

Christine & the Phantom- The Phantom of the Opera

Elphaba & Fiyero- Wicked

Elle & Emmett- Legally Blonde: The Musical

Katherine & Jack- Newsies 



I just saw the latest episode of The Loud House called L Is For Love. Wow…amazing and beautiful. 

First off, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the Loud House is a new show on Nickelodeon. About a fun loving family full of 11 kids. All girls and only 1 boy, Lincoln. 

This post isn’t about Lincoln. It’s about Luna Loud. The rocker of the siblings. 

Now before I continue I should point out that Lincoln’s best friend Clyde has 2 dads. It’s NEVER said they are 2 gay dads, but we can all assume.

At the end of the L Is For Love episode it is revealed that Luna has a crush on a GIRL named Sam! 

So it is implied that Luna is either Bi or gay. AGAIN, they never actually SAID the words, Gay…Bi…or…Lesbian. It’s just implied. 

I believe that the network Nickelodeon has to just “imply” this because if Luna actually came out and said “Yea, dude…I’m gay.” (or something to that effect.) Nick could not be able to sell this show overseas to places where being gay is a crime. 

I think Nick handled this beautify. And to think Nick is the network that started it all with Korra & Asami. Again…they just held hands and walked into the spirit word. It’s implied, never actually said on the show.  

Finally, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Frank. I’m a writer and a voice actor. (not a famous VA…lol) I’m writing books about a female superhero named Tercona. I hope to turn it into a cartoon someday. 

Since my books are “family friendly” I have always been undecided as to include a gay character in them. What I mean is some people have told me that if they are “family friendly” there can’t be a gay character. Well, I don’t think those people have seen The Loud House. 

Thank you Nickelodeon

clyde-donovanns  asked:

Could you possibly draw Kokoro x Kanon? I rlly love them and there's nothing but you make some 👌👌 comics so? I'd love to see what you could come up with

rich blonde + kan(a/o)n. coincidence? i think not

Things I would like to see in Elementary season 6:

1. An Elementary season 6.

2. The return of lazy day T-shirts and mismatched socks.

3. More smooth as silk, strictly platonic confessions of love… Such as:
- “You, me, Angus! Some combination of the three. You already know I favor you.” 
- “You put your hair up when you want to look your best. You think it’s more flattering. You’re wrong of course. It’s a draw.”
- “I’m better with you Watson. I’m sharper, I’m more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time I’ll solve that as well.”

4. Clyde!

5. Marcus/Sherlock best bro brunches. 

6. A bit more of the way Sherlock looks at Joan when she calls him on his bs.

7. Jonny Lee Miller’s gorgeous dark hair.

8. A steady supply of sassy Captain Gregson one liners.

9. That big breaking point building up between Joan/Sherlock for 5 seasons now. Give us those emotional outbursts we’ve been waiting for!

10. A shorter but solid, well rounded season with a wide open ending that confirms a season 7 long before we even have time to panic again… 

Looking at you, CBS.



Bucket List: Have Jeremy Jordan sing Bonnie to me