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I don’t think deliberate. I don’t think I kind of tried to write being like, ‘Oh I absolutely don’t want it to sound like that.’ I always really enjoyed all the music that we made, and I didn’t come out of it thinking like, 'Oh I absolutely don’t want to make that.’ I think it’s tough… I think I just wanted to write what I wanted to listen to and kinda see what came out, to be honest.
—  Harry talking about how ‘Sign of the Times’ sounds different from One Direction’s music

Bonnie and Clyde AU

@harryohook and @queenofthecrew have this Bonnie and Clyde Huma AU going on and I am officially enamored by it.

I really wanna watch Bonnie and Clyde now, but I want to contribute my two cents to the AU after reading the Bonnie and Clyde summary on Wiki.

“Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker meet when Clyde tries to steal Bonnie’s mother’s car.” Ursula wouldn’t be too happy about the car, so she probably hates Clyde!Harry. Also, their first introduction has to be Uma threatening him and Harry being a suave flirt to try and get out of trouble like c'mon.

“Bonnie, who is bored by her job as a waitress, is intrigued by Clyde, and decides to take up with him and become his partner in crime.” BORED BY HER JOB AS A WAITRESS?!! Ya’ll if that ain’t Uma, idk what is.“

"They hook up with a dim-witted gas station attendant, C.W. Moss.” Gil. Just Gil.

“There with Clyde’s older bother Buck and his Wife, Blanche.” This could either be Harry’s older sister Harriet and Anthony Tremaine bc Blanche has a very untrustworthy and flighty appearance (which could be Anthony). It could also be actual crew members like Jonas and Desiree. However, the tension between Bonnie and Blanche could make Blanche Mal, and Buck could be Ben but that wouldn’t really fit, so Jay might be Buck for all the JayxMal shippers out there.

“The gang is pursued by law enforcement, including Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, whom they capture and humiliate before setting him free.” @ Ben is that you?

“C.W.’s father, Ivan Moss, who thinks the couple–and an ornate tattoo–have corrupted his son…in exchange for leniency for the boy, he helps set a trap for the outlaws.” I can seriously imagine Gaston striking a deal with the police to catch Harry and Uma so his good name isn’t ruined by Gil’s association with them. Also, anchor tattoos anyone???

“When Clyde promises [Bonnie’s mother] to give up crime, marry Bonnie, and move back near her mother, Mrs. Parker rebuffs Clyde by saying, "You best keep runnin’ Clyde Barrow, and you know it.” Just food for thought. Ursula talking Harry about Uma.

And there is my contribution to this incredible AU.

Craig and those guys, harry potter au

 let me over explain:

Craig and Clyde are hufflepuffs - they have simple, earnest outlooks on life and tend not to cut corners when they have a goal, going about things in a straight-forward manner

Tweek is a gryffindoor - even though he is paranoid and scared of many things, he faces his fears and approaches things head-on, whether it’s gnomes, his town, or North Korea

Jimmy and Token are Ravenclaws - they are creative, using their intelligence to think things through to get what they want

I also feel like jimmy could be a gyfindoor, but whatever

I hate how everyone thinks Clyde Donovan is a self-centered asshole. Go watch Lice Capades. When he found out the guys were going to beat up Kenny because they thought he was the one with lice (It was actually Clyde himself,) he called Mrs. Garrison and told her to come to the park to stop the attack. In Cherokee Hair Tampons, he was the only person willing to help Stan save Kyle's life, aside from Butters and Timmy (who probably didn't know what he was agreeing to in the first place). In An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig, Kevin Stoley presented something stupid and boring and Clyde was the only one who actually clapped. In Cartman's Silly Hate Crime, he did everything possible to avoid becoming an asshole like Cartman. In Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, he willingly took the blame for something he knew he didn't do. In You Have 0 Friends, he invited everyone he knew to Casa Bonita. Even in The List, he abandoned a conversation with a cute girl just to stop Butters from making fun of Kyle. Clyde has to take a lot of shit. In Quest For Ratings, Kyle told everyone he only had one testicle and in Cartman's Silly Hate Crime, everyone (even Butters) made fun of him and called him fat. He gets taken advantage of by Cartman regularily, and got played in The List. He gets way too much abuse in the show, he rarely gets to think for himself, and in this one episode, everyone suddenly liked him. Obviously he got a little cocky. Butters did too, but nobody's hating on him. He finally felt special for once, and it made him temporarily a little big-headed. He's the one who got fucked over in the end, remember? All this Clyde hate is so unneccisary. "I love Clyde Donovan. And I want you to love him too."

Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day!

There are so many amazing fanfic writers I have known through the years, and so many I love and adore now who I consider great friends. You uys are the best, and I wish you all much creativity through the next year!

I thought I would do something to show some of my favorite fanfics (that I haven’t already reblogged) and highlight the stuff I love so much I bookmarked it on AO3. These are my “personal faves not written by me” fics, so to speak. I’m pretty sure I have everyone here on Tumblr’s correct username, but if not, let me know!

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The massive list below the cut…

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I Chose “South Park” Gifs to Represent My “Harry Potter” Next Gen Headcanons. As You Do.

James Sirius Potter:

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Albus Severus Potter:

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Lily Luna Potter:

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Rose Weasley:

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Hugo Weasley:

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Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, after having to deal with all of the above:

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