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I don’t think deliberate. I don’t think I kind of tried to write being like, ‘Oh I absolutely don’t want it to sound like that.’ I always really enjoyed all the music that we made, and I didn’t come out of it thinking like, 'Oh I absolutely don’t want to make that.’ I think it’s tough… I think I just wanted to write what I wanted to listen to and kinda see what came out, to be honest.
—  Harry talking about how ‘Sign of the Times’ sounds different from One Direction’s music
Be my Bonnie?

Moping, that’s all you’ve done got 2 weeks. Showering was no longer a priority your hair was matted at the ends, Cheetos stains smeared across your white t-shirt. Typically break-ups didn’t effect you, but this time it did. Eric may as well have just stabbed you in the heart and slowly pulled it out, only to jab the weapon back in turning it slowly. You can recall the whole conversation.

Eric had come inside your room shutting the door behind him. The smell of alcohol and weed blinding all other smells. He smiled and walked over. This made you nervous however, alcohol and weed don’t mix. Eric hasn’t an exception.

“Reb what are you doing here?” Giggling at your goofy boyfriend trying to take off his jacket you set the book you’d been skimming through on the side of your pillow. 

 “I wanted to see you…and those legs my God those legs.” He says down on the bed rubbing your legs, soft hands sliding a little to far up your leg for comfort.

 “Eric…” You try to stop his hand but he fights you sliding up grazing your sensitive area. This hurt you in a few ways, 1 he knew you were waiting on marriage, 2 he was willing to wait with you. In his drunken state that shouldn’t matter he should have the same respect.

 “Please?….” He starts to kiss your neck before you shove him off the bed with a thud. Upon hitting the hardwood floor his eyes change from a glazed over expression to an apologetic one. 

“Y/N I am so sorry…so so sorry. You know-”

 “Leave.” You cut him off, voice more stern than you’d intended.

“Y/N..” He pleads but you only point to the door. He follows your finger before walking slowly out, turning around only once to see if you’d changes your mind. Then he punches the wall leaving a whole where his fist had connected.

“God damn it….I fuck everything up.” Pushing himself off the wall he stamps down the stairs, you follow behind quietly to make sure he didn’t hurt himself. He notices and turns around. 

 “You….is this goodbye?” He asks trying not to cry. You nod before opening the front door and morning Eric on. He smiles a sadistic smile and chuckles. You stood your ground and looked him in the eye repeating once more he needs to leave. 

 “I thought you were easy, but your as big a bitch as everyone told me you were.” He pushes you a little and walks out the door stumbling as he went. A few seconds later Eric’s car is out of view only thing left to show he was ever there is the whole in your hallway and tire marks in the street.


 Now your sitting on your couch and empty boxes of ice cream and bags of chips lay scattered across the floor. The door bell rings and you groan into the ice cream. 

 “Go away!” You shout stuffing your mouth full of ice cream.

 “Y/N Just open the door.” Eric’s replies knocking again.

 “No!” You turn the TV louder finishing off the box of ice cream. Eric on the other side of the door gives up and walks to the living room window that is low enough he can stand and lean into the house. The window was already open and he leans in looking around the room. 

 “Oh hunny.” He looks sympathetic throwing a bag out of his way. 

 “Eric…go away.” You cry into a pillow. Eric crawls into the living room shutting off the tv in the process.

 “Y/N listen to me please….I don’t know what happened to me I don’t know what came over me.” He started nervously. 

 “I violated you…your waiting till marriage. I should have respected that.” He starts to cry. “Just please…im begging you please take me back. I’m a mess, I hates myself and I wanted it all to end before you. Then there was you and I had a reason to go on.”

You crash your lips into his stopping him from talking anymore. He leans into your kiss running his tongue across your bottom lip begging for entrance. You deny and pull away. 

 “Reb, it’s okay please stop crying.” You wipe a tear and smile a little. 

“I love you too.”

“Be my Bonnie?” He smiles a little wiping a tear. 

 “If you’ll be my Clyde.” You smile kissing him again before running to take a shower. Eric was yours again, that’s all that matters.

Historical figures that share your zodiac sign

Aries: Charlie Chaplin, Harry Houdini, Clyde Barrow, Johann Sebastian Bach

Taurus: William Shakespeare, Fred Astaire, Sigmund Freud, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Adolf Hitler

Gemini: Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, Josephine Baker, Anne Frank

Cancer: Alexander The Great, King Henry VII, Ernest Hemmingway, Julius Caesar

Leo: Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Orville Wright

Virgo: Queen Elizabeth I, King Louis XIV, Agatha Christie, Roald Dahl

Libra: Bonnie Parker, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Confucius

Scorpio: Queen Marie Antoinette, Chirstopher Columbus, Marie Curie, Grace Kelly

Sagittarius: Joseph Stalin, Walt Disney, Jane Austen, Billy The Kid

Capricorn: Martin Luther King Jr., Edgar Allan Poe, Isaac Newton, Al Capone

Aquarius: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Rosa Parks, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pisces: George Washington, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Wyatt Earp

I have a question for the Teacher Crush Community.

Since you see our posts very often because we use the same tags sometimes [sorry for that, lmao]. Do you ever use that information just to have an excuse to talk with your TC? like

You: Hey

TC: Hey

You: …


You: …soooo…did you knew the last movie one of the Columbine Shooters watched was Apocalypse Now?


or maybe you tell them facts about Bonnie and Clyde, since that is more romantic idk.


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I Chose “South Park” Gifs to Represent My “Harry Potter” Next Gen Headcanons. As You Do.

James Sirius Potter:

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Albus Severus Potter:

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Lily Luna Potter:

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Rose Weasley:

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Hugo Weasley:

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Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, after having to deal with all of the above:

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I hate how everyone thinks Clyde Donovan is a self-centered asshole. Go watch Lice Capades. When he found out the guys were going to beat up Kenny because they thought he was the one with lice (It was actually Clyde himself,) he called Mrs. Garrison and told her to come to the park to stop the attack. In Cherokee Hair Tampons, he was the only person willing to help Stan save Kyle's life, aside from Butters and Timmy (who probably didn't know what he was agreeing to in the first place). In An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig, Kevin Stoley presented something stupid and boring and Clyde was the only one who actually clapped. In Cartman's Silly Hate Crime, he did everything possible to avoid becoming an asshole like Cartman. In Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, he willingly took the blame for something he knew he didn't do. In You Have 0 Friends, he invited everyone he knew to Casa Bonita. Even in The List, he abandoned a conversation with a cute girl just to stop Butters from making fun of Kyle. Clyde has to take a lot of shit. In Quest For Ratings, Kyle told everyone he only had one testicle and in Cartman's Silly Hate Crime, everyone (even Butters) made fun of him and called him fat. He gets taken advantage of by Cartman regularily, and got played in The List. He gets way too much abuse in the show, he rarely gets to think for himself, and in this one episode, everyone suddenly liked him. Obviously he got a little cocky. Butters did too, but nobody's hating on him. He finally felt special for once, and it made him temporarily a little big-headed. He's the one who got fucked over in the end, remember? All this Clyde hate is so unneccisary. "I love Clyde Donovan. And I want you to love him too."