clyde grant

Get this off my chest

So I was going to be biking this July to New York with a guy named Clyde Grant.  I created the ride Tour De Badness, and he happened to just be a photographer. He was interested in riding with me this year. I didn’t see a problem with it. To fast forward, we got a sponsorship with Whole Foods. Which is perfect! So time went on, and I told him , “Hey man, I think we need to push the ride or change the location or something. We are not ready.” He automatically started frantically panicking, upset, mad, blah blah blah. I said calm down it is just a thought. Little did I know, he put the phone down and was talking to someone else while I was on the phone. I find out later, that he was raising money separately  and told people that Tour De Badness’ “name changed.” (Which is false). He told Whole Foods too. He stole my ride, my plans, ideas, and it has really been a bummer. Knowing that I start something, and someone has to always steal from me. I understand that I influence people. To get in shape, to bike, wear blue lips, etc., but at least give credit where it is due. DO NOT LIE.

Tour De Badness is happening next year. I’ll just let the thief have his shine I guess. At least it’s for a cause right?

Moral of the story: Trust no one. Even the people you think you “trust” will always have a lack of morals.