With a group I played with a while ago, we used to play a lot of one- shots when players couldn’t be there. We liked that a lot, so we could try out a lot of different characters and stuff.

Once we got a magic amulet that we needed for a quest, but it appeared to be broken.

BARBARIAN GUY: Wait, hold up. I got a spell for this.


BARBARIAN GUY: *takes the amulet* … mending!

DM: And all the people nearby look at the barbarian, astonished, as he stares at and cluthes tightly to the amulet while chanting ‘mending’, and nothing happens- it’s almost as if he thinks he’s some kind of Priest Gnome or something.

BARBARIAN GUY: *facepalms*

“What A Ride” A. Andrews x Reader imagine

WARNING(S)  Okay I have only one thing to say… don’t drive and get’s fingered by your boyfriend at the same time! Reference of fingering. / not edited \

IMAGINE ABOUT: When you and your boi go on a interesting ride. 

Archie reached across the table and laced the fingers on our right hand together, igniting that familiar warmth. A half-smile bloomed on Achie’s lips as he glanced at my neck for a moment before he glanced at my neck for a moment before meeting my gaze. He did that a lot–stared at the hickey he gave me. And every time he did, this look would flash in his eyes just for a second, like he was overwhelmed with what it meant. 

“Have I ever told you just how much I like you?” 

My own lips tugged upwards. “Not nearly enogh.” 

He lifted our intertwined hands and pressed a kiss against my fingers, turning the flame that sizzled between us into a forest fire which burned pleasantly alond my veins. “I really, really like you, Y/N. Like, a lot.” 

“You’re not so bad yourself.” 

Archie chuckled, his dimple teasing me. “Your pride’s going tto end up killing you one day.” 

I stuck my tongue out in response. And then. “Are you finished your milkshake? Or do you want to sit here all day and discuss more of your deepest, darkest secrets? The lunch menu did look pretty tempting…” 

Every day this week we had gone out for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, but never two in one. Archie would stroll into whatever room or class I was in all casual, and tell me to get ready, or tell me we were leaving. It had become a thing. Having lunch here would definitely break some kind of rule, and I personally liked the little routine we had going. 

“Definitely finished.” 

After paying the bill, Archnie and I exited the dinner and climbed inside his car. It wasn’t until we were ten minutes into the ride, singing along to the radio that I noticed we weren’t taking the usual route home. 

“Where are we going?” I asked. 

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the line,” Archie replied, grinning. 

“Yeah, well, I’m free styling,” I dead-panned, turning down the radio. “And you’re deflecting.” 

He chuckled. “We’re going nowhere, babe.” 

Archie,” I groaned 

Y/N,” he mimicked 

“Come on, for all I know you could be taking me to a slaughterhouse where I finally meet my end.” 

The sound of Archie’s laughter filled the car. “A slaughterhouse? Seriously, where do you came up with this stuff? I’m going to start writting them down.” 

“Okay, so maybe I watch a lot of horror movies. Sue me.” 

“Yeah, don’t I know it.” 

Okay, and perhaps I had talked Archie into watching one or two horror movies with me, and it was very possible the he wasn’t the biggest fan of the genre. But in my defence, Veronica had forced Titanic on Betty and I three times in one week, and I fugured it was as good a way as any to replace the heartbreaking imagine of Leonardo DiCaprio sinking at the bottom of the ocea. 

There was totally enogh space on that door, contrary to Betty’s beliefs. 

“I take that a s no, then?” I said

Archie rolled his eyes. “You’re relentless. We relly are going nowhere, Y/N. I just feel like driving arond for a while.” 

“And why’s that?” I asked, not buying it. 

“Because I want you all to myself for a little longer before we have to go back home when privacy is a luxury the universe clearly doesn’t think we deserve.” 


A small smile toyed on the end of my mouth. “Okay,” I said, just like that. “You win. But if we’re just going to be driving around—” 


My mouth fell open at Archie’s abrupt interruption. “You don’t even know what I was going to say!” 

He rolled his eyes. “No, you can’t drive my car. Is that better?” 

So maybe I had asked Archie a few dozen times if he would let me drive, and maybe his answer was the same every time. And maybe I had stupidly told him about the incident with mymother’s car back in April. But I hadn’t sat behind the wheel of a car, much less driven one, since I’d got here. And with Riverdale territory, I was craving speed. 

Luckily for me, we reached a red light, so like the evil enchantress I was turning out to me, I leaned over and closer the gap between Archie and I. Resting one hand on his thigh, I whispered, “Please?” in his ear. 

Archie cleared his throat. “No.” 

Slowly, I dragged my fingers along the inside of his thigh, causing him o grip the steering wheel that little bit tighter. Then I pressed a kiss against the sensitive spot under his jaw, and when my tongue flicked out, tasting his warm skin, I knew I had him. 


“Mmm?” I hummed as I kissed along his neck, feeling his pulse vibrate against me. 

“You’re going to make me crash.” he said breathily, and I realised het the light must have turned green. When my tongue glided across his senstive spot again, Archie surrendered. “Fuck.Okay.” 

Just like that, I pulled away, settling back into my seat. “See, that wasn’t too hard, was it” I said, all casual, as if my pulse wasn’t fluttering out of control ass well. 

I was so going to Hell. 

Archie turned into an empty-one way street and pulled over on the side before pushing his seat as far as it was build to go, taking off his seatbelt and then taking off mine. 

“What are y—” 

Archie efforlessly lifted me from my seat, as if I was a feather, ignoring my surprised squeal. And then he placed me between his muscular thigs, my back pressed against him and his hands holding my waist. Luckily for him, his choice of transport today had been his spacious Range Rover, which had enogh room in the driver’s seat for us both, considering the fact that I was plastered all over him. 

I knew this was too good to be true. 

“Come on, you didn’t really think I was going to let you behind the wheel of my car all by yourself, did you, babe?” Archie said, his deep voice vibrating against me. I could feel his heart beating wildly, a sign that he was still flustered. 

I runed my head and glared at him, but his smut smirk only grew. “I’m not a child, Archie. This is ridiculous,” I huffed. 

“I prefer the term compromise.” And then “Well, what are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to drive.” 

“You’re such an ass.” 

Still, I turned on the ignition and started driving, realising that Archie had purposefully choosen a desolate area where there was only a plethora of trees on both sides of the street. I could go as fast or as slow as I desired, and there was no way we were going to get pulled over for our very illegal seating arrangment. 

I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the fact that I was sitting between Archie’s thigs with my ass and back pressed against him, or to the fact that his delicious scent was clinging to me, or even the fact that I could feel every breath he took. But when his hands moved from my waist to rest on top of my thighs, thanks to the mini denim skirt I was wearing, the realisation hit me like a ton of bricks and it became very hard to concentrate. 

Archie much have noticed my grip tighten on the steering wheel. “What’s wrong?” he asked,, all sweet and casual. 

Guess he was going to be joining me in Hell. 

“Nothing,” I answered, speeding up a little bit. Yes, I thought. This was good. Go faster. 

And then Archie spread my legs apart ever so slightly and pressed a soft kiss under my ear, and everything inside me liquified. Payback was a bitch. 

“What are you doing?” I asked breathily, thankful that there we no cars or pedistrains lurking around because this was deifnition of dangerous, times a thousand. 

Archie’s tongue and teeth glided sensationally across my neck, pausing only to kiss my hickey. “Concentrate on driving Y/N,” he said in a low voice, his fingers trailing like tiny snakes along my thigs, travelling higher and higher. Goosebumps scattered all over my skin. 

“I can’t,” I rasped, leaning further against his solid chest. When I did, I felt that Archie was just as turned on as I was, and I knew then that I was definitely going to wrap this car around a tree. 

“You can,” he whispered, continuing to rain kisess all over my neck and collarbone. When he pushed my skirt up, fingers brushing slowly–painfully fucking–slowly against my lace panties. I all but slammed my foot down on the brake. 

Concentrate on driving, my ass. 

Archie chuckled into my neck, the sound deep and husky, and doing my arousal absolutely no favours. “Park on the side of the street.” 

I had never been so happy to follow one of Archie Andrew’s orders. 

Once I had safely parked, Archie turned me around so that I was stradding him, my skirt now pushed all the way up to my hips. His lips immediately found mine in a surprisingly soft, slow kiss, turning my bones into honey. It was like Archie needed me to know that this was all him– that he was in complete control. 

With our lips fused, I tugged the bottom of Archie’s henley, wanting to feel his skin and muscles in all their glory. We broke away for only a moment as he pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it on the passenger seat. 

Thank God for tinted windows and empty streets. 

And the hell with giving a damn. 

My hands snaked across Archie’s chest–across his heart– over his broad shoulders and rested on his muscular back. When his hand went in between my legs and his fingertip instantly found the right spot, stroking slowly and gently, everything inside me imploded wonderfully. 

Archie..” I moaned his name like my favourite prayer, titling my head back in pleasure. 

“Look at me,” Archie said, his deep voice coated in desire. 

I did as told, meeting Archie’s beautiful eyes, and then I felt the urge to kiss the life out of him. His mouth curled upwards in a half-smirk and then his finger slipped inside me, causing me to cry out in euphoria. 

Oh, my God.” 

“That’s not my name,” Archie said and I cold hear the wolfish grin in his voice as his fingers continued to caress and explore, sending a series of tremors down my entire body. Then he slipped another finger inside me and my nails clawed at his back, cluthing on for a dear life whilst his touch incinerated me. 

“Open your eyes, love.” 

I menaged to shake my head in response, unable to do anything other than gasp and moan waiting agonisingly for my release. This was pure heaven. 

Archie used his other hand— the one that wasn’t totally destroying all my self-control– to gently pull my chin towards him so he could kiss me, and another tsunami of delight crashed oover me. “Please?” he asked softly, lips gazing mine. 

My eyes fluttered open but they were hooded and I was so damn close to my release, I could feel the anticipation spreading all through my limbs. My nerves crackled and sputtered like sparklers before electicity surged through every atom in my body. 

“You’re the prettiest fucking person I’ve ever seen,” Archie rasped, his expression one of awe and appreciation. 

And then he finally granted me my release, and I exploded like a supernova, inadvertently dragging my nails alond Archie’s spine and digging then into his lower back as I cried out in pure, unadulterated exstasy. My lungs felt positively destroyed and I was sure my ribcage was going to shatter and splinter my organs, the sensation was that intense. I was left panting and most likely sweating as I leaned my head against Archie’s shoulder. 

Holy fucking shit. Archie Andrews was a goddamn wizard. 

I felt Archie raise his hand to his mouth and I knew, without even looking, that he was licking his fingers tasting me. “Perfect,” he mumbled. Then he pressed a kiss into my hair and let his hands go under my t-shirt, resting his palms on my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck: sitting like this, it felt something close to home.

“Sorry about your back. Think I drew blood,” I mumbled into his warm skin, though I had a suspicion that he actually liked it when I clawed his back. 

I felt his laugh before I head it. “It’s okay. Sorry in advance about your sore throat,” he teased. It was his fault for being so damnn good with his hands/ 

I lifted my head from his shoulder to stick my tongue out but stopped short when I was the look of absolute, unwavering devotion in his eyes, and the lazy smile on his face. He was the picture of serenity. So, instead, I kissed his chest, then his collarbone, his neck and then his jaw, which I felt clench. 

“Y/N,” Archie said. “I really, really don’t want our first time to be in a car.” 

I smiled and pressed a final kiss against his cheek before looking at him. 

“That’s good,” I replied. Neither did I. 

“I’m not a saint, though.” 

This time I laughed. “No shit?” 

“You’re terrible,” Archie responded. “And I’m being serious. Any self-control I had left is hanging by a thread. 

“If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who hive me a nuclear orgasm. I was merely an innocent bystander.” 

Archie grinned, dimples and all. “Nuclear, huh?” 

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up.” 

He chuckled. “Y/N Y/L/N, if I didn’t know you any better I’d say I just rocked your world. And it’s barely even midday.: 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Next time. I’ll do the honours.” 

Archie shook his head and looked up, like he was hoping the roof would open and then the sky would split in half and God would hand him some of that self-control he wanted to bad. “Our first time is not going to be in a car,” he told himself. 

I tried not to laugh. “You said that already,” 

“It’s not,” he insisted, and then groaned when I kissed the senstive spot under his jaw. Purgatory was completely out in the question for me. 

“What were you saying again?” 

And then In a flash, I was off Archie’s lap and sitting in the passenger seat, and he was wearing his henley again. I was laghing so hard whilst I put on my seatbelt. I thought I was going to run out of the little oxygen I had left in my lungs. 

“You,” Archie sad, out of breath, as he turned the car on, “Babe, are you sorceress.” 

“Pot. Kettle. Black.” 

“I didn’t remember you complaning.” 

This time I did stuck my tongue out. 

Archie just laughed. “Best breakfast ever.” 

I really, really hope you like it!

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Not Letting Go - Part 3

Here’s part 3 of the Jason x Reader Soulmate AU!
So I know I am dragging this out stupidly long, but I think we’ve reached the halfway point! Major plot stuff will start happening soon! Hope you guys like it~

Part 1Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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The first thing that registered in your brain when you woke up the next morning was that you felt extremely warm. Also, your pillow seemed to be rising up and down ever so slightly. You grumbled irritably, nuzzling into it in an attempt to get back to sleep. A low resounding chuckle jolted you into wakefulness and your eyes shot open, only to find Jason looking down at you, his expression fond. “Goodmorning to you too,” he greeted, tone bemused. You realised belatedly that you were laying across his chest, apparently doing a very good impression of an octopus judging by the way your limbs were entangled with his. You gasped, feeling your face heat up as you attempted to scramble away.
“Jay I’m so sorry! I didn’t” “Shhhhh,” he hushed you, strong arms wrapping around your waist in a vice like grip to keep you from wriggling away. “Calm down doll, it’s alright,” His tone was soothing; you were sure you were red as a tomato right now. Nonetheless you halted your frantic attempt to escape, instead choosing to hide your face against his chest with an embarrassed groan. Jason removed a hand from your waist to stroke your hair; you could hear the amusement in his voice when he spoke. “See? No harm done.” “I’m sorry I sleep like an octopus,” Your voice was muffled against his skin, but you knew he had heard you when he laughed, the sound vibrating in his chest beneath your ear. For some reason hearing it made you feel all warm and tingly. You groaned internally at your own mushiness. “Naw, you’re the best blanket I’ve ever had. I usually toss them off when I sleep. This morning I got to wake up warm for once,” You knew he was only trying to make you feel better, but it still worked. Unconsciously you started to relax against him. Then a thought struck horror into you. “Wait.. how long have you been awake?” Jason paused, and you already had your answer. “Oh god,” You moaned, defeated. He’d been awake before you and seen you attempting to entwine around him in your sleep. “Don’t be embarrassed doll, it’s adorable,” You just shook your head, deciding to let the subject drop before you died of mortification. “What time is it?” You turned your head to try and catch a glimpse of the alarm clock on your bedside table. “Eight thirty. Do you have to be somewhere?” His hold on you tightened fractionally, and you smiled at the reluctance in his words. “Yeah, I have class at ten,” You apologised, then paused. “You want to stay for breakfast?” Hope was like a living thing in your chest. You struggled to ignore it, glancing up at Jason. He grinned. “Doll I’d love to,”

You went to grab a quick shower, leaving Jason to sprawl across your bed and snuggle into your covers. The sight of him like that made it extremely difficult not to just climb back into bed and cuddle up with him, but somehow you managed not to. Once you were in the shower you took a moment to freak out, hopping up and down under the spray of hot water and hugging yourself tightly. The mix of excitement and nervousness was making you feel wired, and you had to take a few deep breaths to calm down, resting your head against the cold tile. You had never felt this way about anyone before Jason, had never allowed yourself to, and not just because he was your soulmate. It wasn’t uncommon for people to date others who weren’t their soulmate, you never knew when you would meet them so it wasn’t always practical to wait around. Your father hadn’t been your mum’s soulmate, they had been fifteen when they started dating in middle school. No, you had just been scared. Honestly you still were. Scared that Jason would leave, and even more scared of what would happen if he didn’t. His potential to change your future was almost terrifying. Your plan in life had never been very detailed, but a couple of things had always been concrete. You would go to college, graduate, get a stable job and make things better for both yourself and your mum. Now everything seemed uncertain. You still wanted to do all those things, but you didn’t know what impact Jason would have on that yet. And you knew already that you would give up so much to keep him with you.

When you had finished with your shower and gotten dressed, you checked that Jason’s clothes were dry and directed him towards the bathroom so he could clean up. Then you headed downstairs to start on breakfast. Your mum had already left for work so you didn’t have to worry about explaining why Jason was here. The night you had come downstairs wearing his jacket you had told her that it belonged to one of your friends. At the time you weren’t sure where things were going between the two of you and you didn’t want to get your mum’s hopes up. You knew she hoped you would meet your soulmate sooner rather than later, and you didn’t want to tell her that you weren’t sold on the concept. Now though… You figured you should probably tell her soon.
You mused over how you would go about breaking the news while you set about preparing breakfast, putting bacon and eggs to fry on the stove while you set the table. Jason emerged just as you were plating up the food, fresh and damp from the shower. He leaned in the doorway grinning at you, jacket drapped over his shoulder. You grinned back, unable to help yourself. His smile was infectious. “Smells delicious,” He commented, coming up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, lowering his head to nuzzle into your neck. He sniffed, growling playfully. You let out a surprised laugh when you got the joke, swatting at him with the teatowel you were using to handle the hot plates. He chuckled, releasing you, and went to sit in the chair you shooed him towards. “Sorry, I didn’t know how you like your eggs,” you apologised, setting his plate down and taking your own seat across from him. He shook his head. “It looks great, thank you,” He hummed appreciatively when he took a bite and you smiled, tucking into your own food. “So what classes do you have today doll?” You chatted casually about your plan for the day, Jason interjecting occasionally to ask questions. He always seemed genuinely interested in what you had to say, and you found that you loved that about him. “How about you? Any plans?” You asked curiously. He grimaced. “Just helping Bruce out with some W.E work probably,” You had been genuinely confounded when Jason told you that he was the supposedly dead son of the billionare Bruce Wayne. All he had told you about the issue was that it had been a kidnapping gone wrong, and Bruce had genuinely thought him dead. He had decided afterwards that announcing that Jason was alive after so long would cause an uproar; it wasn’t the kind of story Wayne Enterprises would want to be associated with. You hadn’t questioned it any further than that. You could sense that it was a sore subject, and you knew that Jason would tell you more when he was ready.

Jason stayed to help you wash up after breakfast, a little voice in the back of your mind noting with satisfaction how well you worked together. Once you were finished you hugged him goodbye at the door, promising to text him later once you got home. You had admitted to him a while back that you often waited up in case he decided to come over, and after that he had taken your phone number, promising to message you in the evening if he was going to drop by. He had seemed pleased by your admission, jokingly adding a heart next to his name in your phone.
Once he was gone you sat at the counter with your school work, deciding to review your notes before class. Not even five minutes later your mum popped her head around the kitchen door, nearly giving you a heart attack. “Ohmygod mum! I thought you had work this morning!” You gasped, cluthing a hand to your chest. “I thought you were an intruder!” You accused, and then realised that if she was home it meant that she knew Jason had been here. You were so screwed. Your mum just smiled knowingly. “I switched shifts. Is that boy gone? I must say he’s very handsome,” She breezed in, filling the kettle to make herself a cup of tea. “Of course I knew when I saw the jacket that he probably would be, he has very good taste,” She turned to give you a wink and you groaned, letting your head fall into your hands. Of course she knew. When had you ever been able to hide anything from her?

Your mum called your name and you looked up, finding her leaning against the counter looking at you, arms folded. “Is he your soulmate?” She wasn’t angry that you’d had a boy over and hadn’t told her, you knew that she trusted you. Still, you found that you were surprised nonetheless. You had been expecting more of a reaction. Instead she seemed happy, you suspected maybe even excited. You nodded hesitantly. “Yeah.. His name’s Jason,” She smiled. “Jason,” She repeated, mulling the name over. “How did you meet him?” You groaned internally. You knew this wouldn’t be the only time you would be asked this question, and quite frankly the answer was kind of embarrassing. “I kind of ran into him in town.. literally. He offered to help me up and I uh, I ran away,” you admitted, and she laughed, shaking her head fondly. “Of course you did. At least he had the sense to follow you. God knows I’ve been waiting for this long enough.” You hesitated. “Would you, um. Would you like to meet him?” You weren’t quite sure why you were asking. You knew you should probably clear it with Jason first, but you knew he was secretly dying to bring you home himself. You didn’t think he would mind. “I would love to. Why don’t you invite him over for dinner tonight?” “Okay,” you mumbled, and your mum smiled warmly, coming over to hug you tightly. You squeezed back, glad to finally be able to talk about Jason to her.
Once you were outside and on your way to class you decided to send Jason a text. ‘Mum found out about you. She wants to know if you’d like to come for dinner tonight? x’ You hesitated a little before adding the x, feeling childish, before deciding to hell with it and sending the message. Jason texted back almost immediately. ‘What time? I’ll be there. (: x’ You smiled to yourself, nervous excitement taking root in the pit of your stomach. It was going to be a long day.

Port to Open- Dead Sun Harbor

I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to any and everyone (Horde or Ally) to take part in a potentially -really- exciting new location that I hope will become a hub for criminals and even good guys who want to taste a bit of bad! Mortua Sol is officially opening their harbor and shifting Dead Sun Harbor into a port city! We’re looking for anyone who would want to be a part of this community- affiliates, merchants, pirates, patrons, people who need a job ICly! DSH will have loads of fun activities to pick from. If you are interested, whisper me in game18+please- members should have Discord as much of the cross faction rp will occur there! With further adieu, I give you Dead Sun Harbor.

-Lots of Love, E

Through the veil of mist, an inlet offers shelter from the sea stretching between Pandaria and the Eastern Kingdoms. The approach to shore is treacherous, the rock formations guarding the way to the docks as if the titans themselves yanked the pillars from the ocean depths. The narrow passages make it nearly impossible for frigates to navigate inland, making the only way ashore to anchor and take smaller rowboats. The sight of Dead Sun Harbor is breath-taking, namely in comparison to the riff-raft that flocks the port. Cascading falls that pour down from the island and something that just says free.

Captained by a known member of the criminal family Mortua Sol- Joram Kallar, The Adoration patrols the waters for any sign of hostile ships be they Alliance or Horde. She is a fast ship, with a ruthless crew. A secondary frigate often accompanies this ship, called The Victory- captained by yet another of Mortua Sol’s family members. Getting passed them is a feat on its own, but intruders will find Dead Sun Enforcers waiting for them ashore– along with three mounted cannons spread out on high ground across the port.

With a signal from The Adoration, docking at the harbor is just a piece, which gains those seeking refuge or a good time full access to the harbor town. The Inn, Brothel, and Gambling House all sit on the level just above the sea- though shops and homes stack up into the mountain side.

Before passing up to the main level, visitors must pass by The Pits- a gladiatorial ring where much of the disputes on the island are settled. Get robbed in the Inn? Challenge the thief to combat in the Pits and beat him to death. Fights are overseen by Head Enforcer and noted member of Mortua Sol, Iceilla Nightbane– disobey one of the few rules the harbor has and face her and her team.

The Hanged Man features a man strung up by his ankle on it’s sign- below it written in common and orcish Inn. Inside, all sorts of barkeeps walk the floors– humans, Kaldorei, Sin'dorei, Orcs, all there to make certain guests have full cups of ale and food on their plates. The main floor of the inn is packed tightly with tables, and is almost always a crowded mess. Upstairs are small rooms, for just three pieces a night and of course, a complimentary meal and ale with the purchase.

Patrons of the harbor, being shady as they often are- often find themselves in the backroom of The Hanged Man, dealing with the Matrem of Mortua Sol- and Overseer of Dead Sun Harbor. A notoriously cruel Kaldorei, Eilithe is more than willing to make mercs and privateers very rich. Crossing her is not a smart endeavor.

Merchant stands pack the paths between buildings, coin can be made and lost almost every step through the port city. For those with a particularly deep pocket, they might find themselves outside of a building whose sign is, quite simply a wagon wheel with the word Fortune fashioned from metal across it. 

The Wheel of Fortune is a rather classy establishment for such a shifty city. The gambling house offers all sorts of games, where players can leave with a small fortune or leave in debt to those that run the harbor. Lora Nightwell, yet another member of Mortua Sol- finds herself the proprietor of this fine establishment. If someone is brave enough to skip out on their gambling debts- Lora is certain to change their mind.

Like any good port city- Dead Sun Harbor offers lonely travelers companionship at The Empress The women and men of this brothel are lovely as ever- and twice as fierce. For a few pieces, sailors can find themselves access to dancers and a hot meal. A price for a night with one of the whores could range from five pieces to five hundred, as they are free to charge ‘based on demand’. Rumor has it they are in need of a Madam. Though they might be without proper management, if the girls don’t kill a man for skipping out on a bill– the enforcers will. 

 Striking as it is, Dead Sun is a dangerous place- but if a young thief keeps his wits about him, the harbor can be a place that makes a person quite well off. So venture off the coast of Stormwind– travel  from Rachet, to a place from the cluthes of Kings and Warchiefs. A place every man and woman can be free.


After one hour, 13 minutes and 16.8 seconds, Svendsen crossed the finish line first, to a roar of approval from the packed grandstands at Holmenkollen that he took time to salute. After disappointing individual performances earlier in the season, they were back on top - sammen.
There were so many people, so much noise, it was just incredible, fantastic. - Svendsen

Jercico drabble…


“You know what Neeks, I get it now,” Jason tells Nico one day. They were both sitting under the shade, watching Percy’s attempt to teach young campers; waiting since they were Percy’s volunteers for the sparring demo later.

Nico raises an eyebrow, glancing at Jason.

“Yep,” Jason nods in a sagely manner. “If I were ten, lost in time, in distress, and I see that.” He gestures towards Percy who’s now showing the kids some moves, looking very impressive.  "I’d be totally crushing on him too.“ Jason explains seriously.

And Nico huffs at first but laughs anyway, this makes Jason laugh in return.

"I guess so, he does have his hero moments,” Nico says knowingly, putting his hand on his chin, still smiling.

And after a quick thought of “hey, why not?” Jason catcalls and hollers in Percy’s direction: I’D TAP THAT ASS!

“I STILL LIKE TO!” Nico adds and whistles.

“CALL US!” Jason yells even louder, and both sassy sons of Jupiter and Hades cluth their sides in a fit, enjoying the embarassment of one son of Poseidon.

Needles to say, Percy drops the practice sword and gets hit by a kid, in a place where you don’t want to get hit by a kid with a bad but strong aim.

Jason and Nico doesn’t even bother to stop when they take Percy to the infirmary.

Jason: “I’m so sorry bro, you were just so hot!”

Nico: “We can’t help ourselves!”

Percy: “That’s funny guys, ha ha haHAH!? NICO DI ANGELO! Did you just pinch me in the cheeks?!”


This started out as an idea that I began to draw, but I struggled and instead the words came easier. I’d be happy though if anyone would like to draw this. Haha! Just include me in credits or something.

I’ve been gone for a long while, went through some of life’s rougher patches, but I just needed this drabble out, I think the possible interactions between Jason, Percy and Nico are interesting to say the least, it doesn’t even need to be romantic. I still have some things up my sleeves. *winks at ya!*  I may post some new fanart soon!

You have a nice smile | Sirius black


It was a friday night and you were currently curled up in one of the armchairs by the fire. Your week had been dull, boring and it seemed to go on forever. As you turn another page of the book you currently reading you heard three paires of footsteps run heavily down the staires and burst into the common room. Before you, stood your three bestfriends. Remus, who by the looks of things didnt want to be doing what ever the others had planned, James who looked exited with a smile on his face cluthing what seemed to be cans of beer and then Sirius. Your crush, he looked perfect like usual, his hair messy and his eyes sparkling with mischief. They looked shocked once they had noticed you but looks of happiness and exitment soon covered their faces once more, James and Sirius’ at least.

“Get out while you can (Y/N)” Remus smirks at you knowingly before Sirius shushes him.

“Fancy joining us for a drink by the black lake (Y/N/N)?” Sirius asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“How can i refuse” you laugh standing up and slipping on your shoes.

I mean really though, how could you?

“How are we going to sneak out?” You ask curiously.

“My cloak of course” James laughs as if its obvious

“And how do you expect all four of us to fit under it?” You laugh raising an eyebrow.

“James will turn into his animagus while you squeeze inbetween Remus and i” Sirius smirks causing James to glare.

“What!? But mines a stag, yours is a fucking dog, you can do it” James protests crossing his arms.

“James, you’re doing it” Sirius replies

“But its my cloak!” James’ groans but agrees anyway.

Arriving saftly at the black lake, you sit in your usual spot, under a large tree that you had all claimed your first year.

James passed around the drinks and you all began your evening.

It was going great, you had bewitched candles to hover above creating a warm light.

You were all chatting and laughing when James suddenly announces he wants to go swimming, you giggle as you watch Remus giving James a piggy back into the water.

“Coming for a swim princess?” Sirius asks, his lips forming into a smirk.

“Why not” You declare following him, even though you and Sirius hadnt had an awful lot to drink, your staggered down to the lake rather than walked.

You began to slip of your your clothes in which according to sirius mind, was in a painfully slow manner.

He was in before you, watching as you unhooked your jeans from your ankles.

As you entered the water you winced that the coldness against your soft skin.

“Need help with that?” Sirius laughs walking towards you before lifting you into his strong arms and running into the water.

“FUCK THATS COLD” You yell, but you’re not paying attention the freezing water anymore, you’re paying attention to how warm Sirius’ body feels against yours, how he can lift you so easily.

“You’re so beautiful” He suddenly says without thinking, both his and your cheeks turning red.

“So are you” You smirk causing him to laugh.

“What?” He asks noticing the way you’re looking at him.

“You have a nice laugh” you giggle, maybe you did have more to drink than you thought.

“Oh yeah? You have a nice smile” He laughs again, you had a fluttering feeling in your tummy and no matter what, it would not budge.

“Can i tell you something?” You whisper feeling him lean his head closer to yours, your foreheads now touching.

“Always” He says just as quietly as you.

“I like you, like a lot” you say causing him to crack one of his award winning smiles.

“I like you too (Y/N/N), you know that”

“No, not just like, i mean i think i might be in love with you”

He didnt have to say anything, you could tell by the look on his face, the way he held you tighter, and then they way he pressed his lips onto yours.

Kissing you with so much love.

“Why didnt you tell me?” He says breathlessly as he pulls away.

“I was scared”

“Well i’m glad you did because i think i might be in love with you too” He laughs before pressing his lips onto yours once more.

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Finally - Suho Scenario

Suho Scenario/One Shot (Fluff) (I didn’t proof read it)

It was a normal routine you had every day, over and over again. You would go to school tired after staying up way past a healthy hour to sleep but definitely too lazy to even sleep. That left you only with bad effects on your body and mind.

Every time you took the bus whether it be going to school or coming back you would, usually when you are about to reach your destination, have fluttery eyes that would do nothing rather than turn off your mind and let you sleep. And you would have to do so much your best to even stay awake, often looking around if someone noticed your sleepy self.

And today was no exception, however this time you managed to stay awake very very well. 

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Whiny Viktor

So okay, @snufflesnurf craved a sick and whiny Viktor a few days ago (and i needed it too - enough to overcome my fear of writing fan fiction so yay. i hope i did okay.). I hope this is okay even though I didn’t include all your lovely ideas. Fetish!Yuuri also makes an appearance. He’s too cute to leave out. I hope you guys don’t mind. I’ll shut up now. Enjoy.   

- - -

Yuuri turned his head towards the sound of desperate and exhausted sounding sneezes followed by deep miserable sniffles coming from the doorway between the living room and master bedroom in Viktor Nikiforov’s spacious apartment in St. Petersburg. A fever flushed and depleted looking version of the five times gold medalist appeared in the doorway, one hand rubbing his red-rimmed and baggy eyes whilst the back of the other hand was busy trying to wipe away the slight mess under his cherry colored and chapped nose.

”Yuuri, I feel awful.” The Russian whined, giving another deep sniffle.

Or at least, that how Yuuri’s ears interpreted the slurred and hoarse semi-Russian, semi-English and full on congested words of Viktor who had, once again, despite the heart moving begging and insistent pleading Yuuri had made not 10 minutes ago, ventured out of his bedroom and was now dragging his tired feat and exhausted form towards Yuuri on the couch.

He paused a few feet away to give Yuuri a defeated look before mumbling a congested “I feel terrible” and closing the remaining distance between them in too short a time, considering his current state, to curl up in Yuuri’s lap, throwing his arms around his neck and tucking his knees up to his chest as far as they could go.

Yuuri could to nothing but give a hasty “later” to Phichit whom he had been talking to online, before he had to save his computer from being swatted to the floor as the 5’10 Russian, wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a thin shirt did not leave any room in Yuuri’s lap for technical equipment – nor anything else for that matter.

Yuuri snaked him arms around Viktor’s back and knees as far as they could reach to keep them both from tumbling down from the couch. “Couldn’t sleep?” Yuuri kept his voice low, knowing all too well how much loud noises hurt the Russian’s head when he was sick.

Viktor didn’t answer, but shook his head vigorously from side to side, his lower lip sticking out a bit as he gave a deep and liquid sniffle. He nuzzled his head closer to Yuuri’s chest so Yuuri had to raise his chin to make room for the tangled mop of platinum hair - a mop that he couldn’t resist pressing a warm kiss to even if he tried. His lips met heat. He sighed. Viktor’s low grade fever hadn’t come down despite the dose of cold medicine an hour ago.

“I keep seeing things when I close my eyes.” Viktor mumbled against Yuuri’s chest, sniffling before stating: “Things not you.” He shook his head as if a bad memory was trying to sneak its way back into his conscious mind and sniffled again before pressing his face deeper into Yuuri’s chest. “Yuuri…”.

Yuuri exhaled sharply, trying to force back a forming lump in his throat. The pleading way Viktor had said his name, as if begging Yuuri to save him from his current state of misery, cut deep into the skater’s fragile glass heart and made him press his lips fiercely into the older man’s hair, praying that a healing spark would somehow be created out of his pure devotion to the Russian ball in his lap. But nothing happened. Unfortunately.

Yuuri’s worry soared as a shiver ran through Viktor’s body and almost made the entire couch shake.

“Yuuri I’m cold.” Another small shiver ran through him and he wrapped himself tighter around Yuuri.

Right. “Let us get you back in bed now, okay?” Yuuri whispered, emphasizing the ‘us’. Despite having replaced most of last season’s belly fat with toned and lean muscles, there was no way the smaller Japanese could carry his coach back to bed. Viktor had to be an active part of their “getting back to bed”-mission. Fortunately, the hazy Russian had seemed to reach the same conclusion and had untangled himself from Yuuri’s limbs and made the way – with an iron-grip on both Yuuri’s hand (he’d deal with the bruise later) and Yuuri’s shirt (which was sure to be stretched a size or two) – from the living room and back to the bed where he’d allowed his fiancé to tuck him back into bed where he immediately curled up and started coughing harshly into his four layers of blankets, looking even more pained and miserable once he had finished.

Yuuri had retreated to the adjoined bathroom to undress and grab some more cold medicine and some fresh water for Viktor.  He was halfway out of his jeans when a series of sniffles and whimpers called him back to the bed. Stumbling into the room, jeans still wrapped around his ankles, he found Viktor with his eyes closed on the bed and his arm outstretched in Yuuri’s direction, hand opening and closing around the empty air.

“Yuuri, мой ангел, ты где?”

Yuuri almost stumbled back, palming his aching chest at the sight of his sick fiancé and the slurred and hoarse Russian words. From the little Russian he knew he’d been able to translate the few words. “Yuuri, my angel, where are you?”. When Viktor’s whimpers turned to hitchy sobs, Yuuri kicked off his jeans completely and snuggled up to Viktor, pulling him against him in a safe embrace that made the Russian relax.

A few minutes later, Yuuri was sure Viktor was fast asleep. He’d managed to coax a few pills and some water into the Russian who had already been half asleep at that point. Upon swallowing, Viktor had snuggled closer to Yuuri, pressing his hot face and sniffly nose into his chest while his hands and turned to hard balls, cluthing Yuuri’s shirt as if he was afraid his Japanese angel would leave him in his sleep. Yuuri smiled a sympathetic smile and pressed his lips to Viktor’s warm brow as the man in his arms cleared his throat and sniffled, nuzzling his nose further into Yuuri’s shirt.

Yuuri focused on taking deep and even breaths. He had to remain calm. Every small sniffle Yuuri felt against his chest sent tingles down his abdomen and further south, but Viktor was feeling awful so there was no way on earth Yuuri was allowing himself to be even a little bit aroused by the way Viktor’sniffles seemed to claim energy from all over his body, letting Yuuri’s hands stroking Viktor’s back feel the deep sniffles a split second before they came. Yuuri tensed as another wet sniffle made Viktor’s upper body move. The effort, however, didn’t seem to be enough for Viktor’s runny nose and Yuuri startled and had to concentrate very hard, trying to memorize all the secret ingredients in his mother’s pork cutlet bowl recipe as Viktor moved his head back and forth against his chest wiping his nose – his very damp, red, chapped and still sniffly nose – against Yuuri’s shirt, leaving wet marks on the fabric.

With a controlled intake of breath Yuuri raised his head to look for-

“Ran out of tissues.” Viktor mumbled congested into his chest, giving his nose another thorough wipe in Yuuri’s shirt. Yuuri had to start listing all the names of his late grandmother’s cats to calm himself and ignore the warm sparks shooting from his gut to his groin.

Right. It would be fine, Yuuri told himself. He could handle a little sniffling just as long as Viktor didn’t need to-

“hhhYuu-hhh-uuri? I hhh I need to…”


“Yuu-hhh- Yuuri…?”

Yuuri glanced around for anything that could be used as a makeshift handkerchief for what was clearly to be a very messy sneeze. Sneezes. Plural. Viktor Nikiforov didn’t do anything by halves. When he won, he won BIG and when he sneezed, well…

“’m’sorry Yuuri hhh i… hh-I can’t… hhhhold…” Viktor raised his head to look at Yuuri through swimming eyes, spilling over into irritated tears as he fought the relentless tickle.

Viktor’s hitchy apology was what did it for Yuuri in the end. His sick fiancé was apologizing for not being able to hold back his sneezes, knowing all too well how they would affect Yuuri. The least Yuuri could do was man up and keep himself in control. For Viktor. He could do anything for Viktor.

“It’s okay, my love.” Yuuri placed a swift kiss on Viktor’s forehead before guiding his head back into his chest, letting a strangled noise of delight escape him as Viktor’s twitchy and damp nose made contact with his skin where his V-neck exposed it.

Grandma had 18 cats. Snuffles. Dimples. Porkchop…

Yuuri closed his eyes as Viktor heaved a high-pitched breath and shuddered into the release.


Yuuri felt his now wet skin growing cold as Viktor drew another shivery breath against him, building up for a second.

… uhh… Mozart. Piglet. That… one with the white ear…

“EHHEHTSschieww!! Hng!”

Screw grandma’s cats! Viktor had just made a little whimpered post-sneeze sound of exhaustion against him and there was no way Yuuri’s mind could stay coherent after that.  He could feel Viktor’s breath starting to hitch again, his twitchy notrils flaring against Yuuri’s soaked skin. The third sneeze had Viktor moaning in breathy anticipation as it teased him with a few false starts. Fortunately for Yuuri, this gave him enough time to angle himself better around his sick partner, leaving just enough space between their bodies to see the breathtakingly beautiful pre-sneeze expression occupying Viktor’s gorgeous face. His platinum eyebrows were drawn together in a desperately confused look, the curtain of thick hair falling down over one. His chest jumped with small teasing breaths that made Yuuri groan. Viktor’s cherry nose flared and twitched mercilessly, making him pull his upper lip back, revealing his perfect teeth.

Yuuri had never been this mesmerized.          

“God you’re beautiful.” He breathed and would have sworn he saw Viktor’s lips draw up in a small smile before the force of the last sneeze had him pitching forward into Yuuri’s chest again, shuddering fiercely from exhaustion.


Victor slumped against him, exhausted and sniffly while Yuuri’s heart tried to calm from the marathon it’d just been running.

“B-bless you.” Yuuri was able to stutter a minute later. He felt Viktor giggle hoarsely against him.

“Thank you, sorry about your shirt.” Yuuri couldn’t help but laugh at that congested and oddly flirtatious remark. Judging by the way Viktor’s lower body was currently grinding against Yuuri’s thighs and the way his fingers were digging into his back, the sick Russian was anything but sorry. Yuuri’s fetishy – yet shy – mind fondly damned his in-the-know fiancé to hell. “I’ll stock up on tissues from now on.”



“Screw the tissues.”

“Mmm, I was hoping you’d say that.”            

orphan black, s05e02: press release

“Cluth of Greed” – Captured by Neolution, Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel: come into the fold, or lose your family.  Her decision causes a clash with Kira who begins exploring her own maturity.  Meanwhile, Ferdinand struggles to get a handle on Rachel’s new velvet glove mandate in pursuit of the clones.

With Neolutionists and Ferdinand watching their every move, Felix brings an old ally into the mix to help his family get Kira to safety.  On the Island, Cosima struggles to comprehend the reality of the Neolution myth made real.

Can You Handle It (Minato X MC fanfic for Anonymous)

Summary: While fighting over the remote, MC and Minato find themselves in a hot situation.

Rating: Mature, smut.

Sidenotes: My first Minato fanfiction! I started this yesterday but I wasn’t exactly feeling it, so it isn’t my best work. Sorry about that. You guys need to request more guys such as Shiki or Takuto cause all I ever get is Eisuke or Soryu. Enjoy!

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They had been in that place for a couple days now. The food supply wasn’t even halfway done and Willow liked all the running space the fields provided, so they agreed to stay a little bit.

It was nice, staying. Just the three of them, Will happier than ever, fresh water from the river and a few extra canned goodies from the shelter they searched through. Things were peaceful, for once. They were still alert, but not fearful. They hadn’t seen one of those things in days and it almost felt like normal life again.

They never strayed too far from each other, all three of them, specially since there was no kind of radio or phones to communicate. So when Leo noticed a weird noise coming from a dense part of the forest behind them, he cluthed Willow closer to him and took his gun out from its holder, knowing Caius was close by. They had been picking out some pieces of wood to store, since they had some space for it in the RV and you never knew what could come in handy these days.

“Cai,” he called out, his voice no louder than conversational, but he hoped his best friend would hear it. He clicked his safety off, eyes stuck on where the noise was coming from. Leaves ruffled. Willow giggled, but she quieted down once she saw the gun on her dad’s hand (the noise alone always freaked her out, she hated the things). “It’s okay, baby, it’s probably just some rat, okay? Caius, are you hearing this too?”

Before Caius could answer, however, Willow giggles again and the thing moves forward, ruffling up more bushes as it moved and then– a dog. Leo lifted up his gun and aimed so fast it was a miracle he didn’t pull the trigger out of sheer habit. But the air left him in a relieved huff, and Willow squealed in his arms, pointing at the four-legged creature. It didn’t look infected, it wasn’t foaming from its mouth (if anything the dog was wary of them, extremely dirty and thin enough that he could count each rib).

Willow was halfway through jumping off Leo’s arms already, little legs wiggling and arms reaching out as if asking for the dog to pick her up. “No– baby, no, we don’t know if he’s friendly, he’s not like the ones back in town, okay? Caius, your daughter is insane, help me out here.”