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I reblogged like 4 of those secret santa things and no one gave me a url. Sooo... If you are in the same boat as me reblog this and I will match you up with someone else's url so you can be a loving secret santa anon and send them lovely messages.

I will probably limit this to like the first 50 people because i don’t have endless amounts of time. Will let you know by December 8th (Saturday!)
LeakyStars 2013 "LeakyCon (This Is Me)" An Original Song

I would really love it if you went and liked this video on youtube for me. And maybe reblogged.

My friend wants to win and she needs a lot of likes. It will take a couple of seconds and will mean a lot.

This is a song she wrote about Leakycon and really starkid in general, but I think absolutely everyone on here can relate.

So please check it out and PLEASE give it a like so she can reach her dream!

*If you message me saying you liked it then I will promo you to 2.65k which is not a bad deal*

Lovelies! I'm finally going to do a BOTW.

Just reblog this. 

And of course be following me because it is my BOTW

If you win you get:

  • at least 2 times a day to 1800+ (closer to 1900) followers.
  • A link on my blog with a note about how wonderful you are.

I will be picking 7ish blogs tomorrow (2:30pm EST Wednesday) to put in a poll that will last until Friday. 

*It would help your chances if you send my asks about how lovely I am. Flattery gets you everywhere.*