When a commission comes out to $20:

When a commission comes out to $21:

I’m never ready for people being willing to pay me more than two nickels, a paperclip, and an unidentified object they found wedged between their couch cushions

(but I appreciate it ur the best)


That was his silent fear then— of losing another person he loved. I remembered how close he and Dad had been, and I wondered how I could ever have thought him hard and unfeeling. I listened to his heart pounding through his T-shirt and knew everything was going to be okay now. I had taken the long way around, but I was finally home. To stay.

Imagine aromantic Hongbin getting anxiety over all the Leading Man roles he gets, and he goes to Ravi for advice on how to play it and what it’s supposed to feel like. Lithromantic Ravi is all too happy to help, and stares at him starry-eyed as he gushes about what romantic feelings are like. The implications go completely over Hongbin’s head as he studiously takes notes, and Ravi wouldn’t have it any other way.

Striped Shirt and Jean Shorts

By Prosecco and Plaid 


We’re officially one week away so it’s about that time to start thinking about 4th of July outfit ideas! The weather can be questionable here, we’ve definitely had many rainy July 4th weekends, but my fingers are crossed for that perfect sunny New England weather we all love. One of my favorite July 4th combos, particularly for day time, is a striped shirt, jean shorts and comfortable sandals. Paired with a navy clutch and blue mirrored aviators it’s a pretty patriotic combo. 

Today is also National Sunglass Day. These mirrored aviators are by Foster Grant, one of the most notable brands in eyewear in the world. Foster Grant sold the first ever mass-produced sunglasses in 1929 and are famous for their ad campaign “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?” I have tons of sunnies from Foster Grant and I love giving them as gifts (recently brought them along to my cousins bachelorette party and they were a hit). They’ve got styles for EVERY face shape. I’m partial to aviators and wayfarers. What’s your favorite style of shades? 

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High Rise Short

Vintage Varsity Long Sleeve

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Clutch - 440 Gallery Turnlock Folio Fringe

Alphabet Disc Cuff

Bird’s the word cuff

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