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Requested Tate Langdon Imagine:

Screaming, Sobbing, Shooting.
Sobbing, Shooting, Screaming.
Shooting, Screaming, Sobbing.

That’s all you could hear from underneath the table. You’d been hiding for almost 2 hours now. Something about a Mass murder.

Some freak with a gun, that’s what you heard Johnny say before he was shot dead.
Your breathing had become irregular, whenever you heard footsteps you held your breath. If you didn’t get shot to death you’d die from lack of oxygen.

You were alone with your thoughts.

Tate. Was Tate okay?! Had he been shot?!
Your thoughts started to drown you as the school fell silent. You could smell death, you could feel it.

Slowly emerging from underneath the table you gagged at the sight of dead bodies and blood.

All up the walls. The walls.
You crept down the hallway, remembering to walk lightly.
If this experience didn’t kill you(literally) it would drive you insane.

You heard crying coming from the music room. Someone other than yourself had survived?!

You quickened your pace and before you knew it you had made it to the safety of the music room.

You recognized the blonde curls, you felt like crying out with relief. Tate had survived.

The boy you’d had a crush on for years had survived. It was the two of you. In fact at this point you had fallen in love.

“Tate"you breathed out.

He spun around, clutching a gun. His beautiful face covered in face paint.
His eyes widened with shock and hurt.
Your mouth fell open and sudden realization hit you like one of his bullets.

He might as well have shot you then.
"Y/n I-I”

“It was you"you whispered.

"I’m not going to hurt you, I would never hurt you"he insisted.

"Tate, I worried about you, I feared for my life underneath a freaking table for 2 whole hours wondering whether I’m going to die or not. Watching people fall to the ground in agony. I feared for your life I prayed to make sure you were okay and I’m not even religious! The whole time it was you"you cried aloud, falling onto the chair holding your head in your hands.

He wasn’t a freak, he was misunderstood. No one spoke to him, except you that once or twice.

He kneeled next to you the gun still in his hand.
"You know I wouldn’t hurt you right?"he said as you flinched away.

"We hardly know eachother, I mean I guess I fell in love with the thought of you, we always admired eachother from afar"you sobbed.

"This is just a phase y/n"he sobbed along with you.
You felt bad for him, your heart ached for him.

You could hear police sirens in the distance.
"Drop the gun"You stood up and wiped your tears away.

"Please y/n"he sniffled.

"They’re coming Tate, drop the gun"you nodded.

"Don’t do this"he said dropping the gun.

"Go"you said bluntly.


“I didn’t see the killers face, I couldn’t make out who it was, now go before I change my mind"you said sternly.

He rushed towards you and kissed your forehead.

"I fell in love with you, because you see through all the monsters, you see the boy inside, you were the only one who saw me, I promise in time I’ll get better then we can get to know eachother properly” mumbled.

And with that, he was gone.
You were left to pick up the pieces.

“it’s going to consume the earth. a giant light ball, and it’s going to swallow the earth whole.”

we are walking, in his town, a town i’ve never been to until now. our arms swing side by side, sometimes brushing, and the sun is beaming calmly down on us. “i still find it hard to believe that the sun shining on us now, is the same sun that will kill everyone and obliterate the planet in three days,” i say with a slight laugh.

“i still find it hard to believe that i’ll never get a chance to marry you,” he responds, and i hit his arm, but i am laughing and so is he.

“maybe in heaven, you will,” i giggle, and he rolls his eyes.

“please, we both know it’s not real,” he scoffs, but he looks at me and his eyes are scared. i know, that if i could see mine in a mirror, they would be, too.

he grabs my arm, stopping us. “tell me, was it always the distance that pushed you away?”

i nod, and my chest feels heavy. “of course it was. it’s always distance, isn’t it?” i sigh, knowing that every promise i made to him, won’t matter in three days’ time. “i wish it hadn’t been there.”

he draws me closer, wraps his arms around me, and i let him. i will never feel them again after today. “i wanted to give you the world,” he whispers, “ever since i first saw you, i wanted to give you everything i had. you were it for me.”

i bury my face into his chest and say nothing. but he knows i feel the same. he’s always known, and he’ll go to his death knowing it, crumbled to ash by the broken sun.

“i hope he knows how lucky he is to be loved by you,” he murmurs into my hair, “i hope he knows that he’s holding a star brighter than the sun in his arms.”

i am crying now, and i clutch his jacket tight. “i have never been more sorry about anything,” i confess, “there is nothing that hurts more than knowing we will never get a chance.”

“if heaven is real, please promise you will find me there.” he cups my face in his hands, forcing me to look up at him.

“i promise. i promise, i promise, i promise.”

with a sigh, he presses his lips to my forehead. “good. i cannot bear the distance any longer.”

—  “the boys i’ve loved and the end of the world #4” -c.h. // Instagram: (via @poeticaffinity)
All Yours

Rating: Explicit
Pairing:Tsukishima Kei/ Yamaguchi Tadashi Tags: Rich Boy/Servant AU, Rich Boy!Tsukishima, Servant!Yamaguchi, semi-public sex, exhibitionism kink, both at 18 my dudes
A/N: shrug emoji, edited once so there’s probs mistakes


As soon as the piano teacher has packed up their things Kei turns to Yamaguchi who sits at a table nearby. The boys perks up and comes to Kei’s side without prompting. His hand finds Yamaguchi’s and they hold each other in a firm grip. “Want to go anywhere today?” Kei asks, eyes trailing up the boy’s uniform vest; its embroidered gold against black and vines curling artfully around the Tsukishima household crest over where Yamaguchi’s heart is.

Yamaguchi hums, his thumb strokes the inside of Kei’s index finger. “The rose garden? They’re blooming again.”

“The rose garden then.” Kei says simply.


Years ago, Kei was dragged along with his parents in the snow.

At 10 years old, his has little tolerance for the cold and even less for his parent’s enthusiasm and desperate attempts at getting him to enjoy the holiday spirit and make friends.

“Come now, Kei,” his mother coaxes sweetly. “Don’t you want to go to visit Santa? It’ll be fun!” She tugs in his hand and he scowls fiercely.

“No.” He finds the idea of sitting on a seasonally hired old man with a beard and a belly and taking pictures a far cry from fun.

“What about the toy shop, Kei? You can go in and pick whatever you want! Anything at all.” His father pulls in his other hand.

Kei sniffs. He just wants to go home where it’s warm and where his books and toys from his brother are. He looks around and cares little about the people staring at them. Kei’s golden eyes land on a hunched over figure in the dark of an alley and he squints.

It’s a boy, wearing dirty, ratty clothes, shivering and clutching himself in a tight ball.

Kei looks up at both of his parents. “I can have anything I want?” He asks.

“Yes honey, anything.” His mother nods encouragingly.

He yanks his hands away from them, ignore their surprised cries and walks over to the boy, boots crunching in the snow. Kei stops in front of him and the boy looks up with wide eyes and chattering teeth. “Pathetic.” He murmurs. Kei unbuttons his heavy coat and takes it off. He crouches on the ground and drapes it over the boy, looking into his surprised expression. He stands and his mother is fussing over him. He points at the boy while holding steady eye contact with him. “I want him,” he says above his parent’s confusion and frantic voices and they fall silent.

“Nothing else. Only him.” Kei’s breath is white and his gaze firm through the black frames of his glasses. Chocolate eyes meet his unwaveringly and the boy says nothing.

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This was it the Team vs Morro and his minions Morro whom had been thrust from Lloyd earlier, cackled as he disappeared into the shadows

“Keep them busy leave the girl to me ” he quietly hissed to Bansha as he faded to the shadows

The minions suddenly charged everyone failed to notice Morro sneaking up to Nya, the fight suddenly stopped as she gave a scream of pain and collapsed to one knee

“Nya!” Kai Jay shrieked and started towards her but they where held back by Morros minions “

“Not anymore “Her voice had turned raspy as the now possessed Nya turned to Lloyd grinning he picked him up using her water abilities and surrounded him in a sphere of water

“NO YOUR KILLING HIM LET HIM GO !"Kai howled as he wrestled against the grasp of Bansha

Morro he looked to Zane and nodded Zane held up a hand the ninja gasped when they realized that he was possessed as well,the minion held Zane’s hands up and covered the water sphere top layer in ice

"Get out of me!” They whipped their heads and watched in amazement as Morro was pushed out of her Nya looked at him pissed as she hit him full blast with water Morro looked at her with wide eyes before disintegrating

“anyone else?” she growled the minions shook their heads and let the ninjas go before disappearing

“Lloyd!” Kai shrieked as he pounded the icy sphere with his fist the icy sphere cracked before water came flooding out Kai reached it and lifted the lifeless body of Lloyd out and laid him flatt onto the cold stone, Kai put an ear to Lloyds chest

“ There’s no heartbeat"Kai called out

He took the top of his GI off and put it under Lloyd’s head

"DON’T STAND THERE GO GET SENSEI!” Kai yelled as he began CPR “Come on Lloyd don’t do this”

He kept this up till he was exhausted, Zane came up to him and put a hand on his brothers should

“Kai,you have to let him go he’s gone”

Kai collapsed clutching Lloyd close crying

“I promised nothing would happen to you that I would protect you I have failed I have failed” He sobbed, the rest of the team gathered around mourning

Kai moved a piece of Lloyds Blonde hair away from the boys lifeless face before leaning down and kissing Lloyd’s lips lightly everyone else gasped except Sensei Wu he just gave a small sad smile

“I never did get to tell you that I love you and now I will never get the chance ” Kai said sniffling again

Suddenly Lloyd gave a sharp cough taking in a deep breath and coughing up the water he had inhaled ,Kai couldn’t contain himself he picked Lloyd up and spun him around making the boy laugh

“Your alive !”

Lloyd shrugged and smiled

"Grandma fought Grandpa and they agreed it wasn’t my time”

This made them all laugh

“ Oh and Kai?”

Kai looked at Lloyd

“Yes?” Kai questioned

Lloyd grabbed Kai’s collar swiftly and pulled Kai’s lips to his in a deep kiss the others couldn’t help it they cheered Jay and Nya gave a sharp wolf Whistle making everyone laugh at them Kai and Lloyd separated

“I love you too you hot head”

A Number of Those Three Words

Five times Owen tries to tell Claire he loves her, and the one time she hears. Based on a prompt I got on AO3. I’m not really sure that I like how this turned out, but I’m going to post it anyways.

1. The first time he tells her he loves her, it’s kind of an accident, and she’s not even there to hear it.

He’s reading a note she left stuck to the door of the raptor pen. (Because of course she’d be the type to leave a note after hours instead of coming to talk to him face-to-face or, heaven forbid, call him on the phone.) Even though it’s just a notice about turning his paperwork in on time, the words she has printed on the note in her impeccable penmanship make him laugh because it’s just so her. As he’s shaking his head and chuckling, the “Oh, Claire, I love you,” that slips out feels as natural as breathing, despite their enormous failure of a date.

It’s only when he looks up to find Barry eyeing him with a strange expression on his dark features that Owen realizes what he’s said. Barry doesn’t say anything about it, though, so neither does he. He does spend the rest of the day wondering whether or not he meant it.

2. The second time, it’s not so much that he verbalizes it as writes it. He’s stuck in yet another agonizingly long board meeting, trapped in a stiff suit that definitely doesn’t belong in a Central American climate. There are, however, two pluses to the situation, he notes. Claire is trapped in the meeting with him (though knowing her, she probably enjoys events such as these) and he did catch her staring at him a moment too long when he appeared in the board room no less than ten minutes late but wearing a full suit and tie. He decides that he might wear suits more often when he sees the faint blush appear on her cheeks. The color lingers a few moments even after she clears her throat and snaps her eyes back to the speaker at the head of the table.

The conference drags on and on, and Owen’s certain that they’ve been trapped here for most of the day, but when he checks his watch, it’s only been a little over an hour. The meeting switches speakers, and someone hands out packets of information while the speaker pulls up a power point packed with meaningless data and graphs to make it look fancy. Owen absently leafs through the information packet with his head propped on a fist. Judging by the scratching sound of pencil on paper around the table, he’s supposed to be taking notes. He’d long ago tuned out the speaker, though, because they only seem to keep rehashing issues previously discussed, so he picks up his pencil and begins doodling in the margins instead.

Occasionally members around the table will chime in on the discussion, and Owen finds himself looking forward to the times Claire speaks or takes the lead in the discussion, even if it is just rattling off data points and statistics. At least then if he stares it just looks like he’s actually paying attention, instead of memorizing the soft way her lips move when she talks, or the way the tips her copper hair brush her shoulders. While she speaks, his pencil idly traces over and over the doodle in the margins of his paper. She’d most defiantly kill him if saw it.

So maybe doodling the name Claire with a heart around it isn’t very mature, and definitely doesn’t apply to the meeting, but it’s about all his brain will focus on at the moment.

3. The third time he tells her he loves her, their world has fallen apart around them. There’s fire and ash and ruble and red, so much red. They run. They fight. And somehow, though it all, they stick together. He can’t think about the countless times he’s almost lost her, how much everything has changed in a few hours, because if he does, he thinks he might fall apart, and he can’t fall apart now because they’re still fighting to survive. He has to keep going for Claire, for her nephews.

In the end, she’s the one that saves them all. When he sees her round the corner, bright red flare in her hand and Tyrannosaurus and her heals, he’s terrified beyond belief and utterly amazed, and he thinks he is most certainly 100% in love with Claire Dearing. He’s seen another side of her today, a side that is unbelievably strong, brave, and selfless. She is the most amazing thing he’s ever seen.

Then the mosasaur leaps from the water in a mighty rush, and it’s all over so fast it’s hard to believe that this is really the end. Zach and Gray are running towards Claire, and somehow Owen’s arms end up around her while the two boys clutch at the both of them. They’re a mess; Gray is crying, and he’s pretty sure Zach is too. Then lights are flashing and emergency personnel are surrounding them and ushering them towards a building they’ve set up as an evacuation center.

Owen tightens his grip on Claire and buries his face in her shoulder. The’ ’I love you’ he whispers in pure relief is lost in the commotion.

4. The fourth time he tells her he loves her, he means every word of it with everything in him. He’s so beyond-a-doubt sure of it that it scares him a little, because they don’t actually know each other very well, all things considered. And if it scares him, it might scare her, so he tries with everything in him not to say it. Not yet, at least. He can’t even imagine life without her anymore.

They’d headed back to the States and left the island far behind. In the two weeks since the ‘incident’, as they’ve, come to call it, they’ve hardly spent more than a few hours apart. He’d had no where to go and readily accepted when she’d offered a place in her apartment, even if it was only on her couch.

It was simultaneously so comforting to have her near all the the time and also incredibly frustrating. Frustrating in that she’d sometimes stand close enough that he could see the faint dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose, and he desperately wanted to brush his lips across each and every one of them. Or how in the mornings, when she’d blow on her tea to cool it down, her pink lips would form a prefect O, and it look all his willpower not to just pull her flush against him and kiss her. Or how sometimes when they’d watch a movie together late at night, she’d fall asleep with her head on his shoulder where he could smell the soft scent of her shampoo, and he just wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold her.

Or how when she’d have a nightmare and cry out in her sleep, it was like a physical pain in his chest, and he’d run to her side and comb his fingers through her hair until she fell back asleep.

They may have left the island, but the island never really left them.

One night he’s awakened by the sound of her tossing and turning. He doesn’t even have to think as his bare feet pad down the hall to her room. He gently pushes the door open and peers inside. The light from the moon glows softly through the window, and he sees that she’s already awake and sitting with her arms around her knees and her face buried in her lap. She looks up and chokes back a sob as he walks in, and his chest clenches at the sight of her tear stained face. He do anything to never see her cry. He motions for her to scooch over, and he sits next to her on the bed.

“It’s my fault,” she says, and her voice is thick with tears. At first he thinks she must be still partially asleep, because that doesn’t make any sense.

“What’s your fault Claire?” he asks softly.

“Everything.” A fresh wave of tears rolls down her cheeks, and his heart breaks. He reaches over and pulls her into his lap, tucking her head against his chest and brushing the tears away with his thumb.

“Oh Claire, it’s not your fault.” He knows what she means. He’s found countless ways to blame himself for what happened on the island. If only he hadn’t gone into the Indominous paddock until they had checked her location with the control room. If only, if only, if only.

“Yes it is.” Her fingers twist his shirt. “I was one of the people who authorized the creation of that monster. I could have stopped it. I could’ve stopped all of it, and I didn’t. And now I’m the only one who’s not…” Her voice quivers, and the word ’dead’ hangs in the silence. “So It’s my fault,” she repeats, and he pulls her tighter against her chest.

“It’s not your fault, Claire. Blaming yourself won’t solve anything.” He swallows. “Believe me, I’ve tried.” She doesn’t say anything in reply, and he doesn’t know what he could possibly say to make her feel better, so he stays quiet, gently threading his fingers through her hair, hoping that maybe just being there for her would be enough. Eventually her sobs fade and her breathing slows, her eyelids fluttering shut. He gently runs the pad of his thumb over her cheek, brushing her hair behind her ear and desperately trying to ignore how warm she is, how good it feels to have her in his arms, and how easy it would be for him to fall asleep just like this.

He doesn’t want to overstay his welcome, though, so he carefully untangles her from his arms and lays her back down on her pillow, pulling the blankets up snugly around her. Silently he climbs off her bed, giving her one last lingering look before returning to his quarters on the living room couch.

He lays down and picks up the blankets from where they’d fallen onto the floor, but now he’s the one who can’t sleep. When he closes his eyes he sees the blood, hears the screams, so he settles for keeping his eyes open and focused on the ceiling tiles till his lids grow heavy. He’s learned to pass the time by counting heartbeats, each one a steady reminder that he’s alive. That the nightmare is over. He can’t help but think that it would be easier if he had Claire close enough to feel her heartbeat too.

Just as Owen is beginning to doze off, he hears footsteps padding lightly down the hall, the slight stick of bare feat making their way towards the couch. He wordlessly pulls his blankets back, and Claire climbs onto the couch, settling her head on his chest under his chin, draping her legs between his. He pulls the blankets back up around them, and his hands find a place on her back, holding her close.

He feels the steady beat of her heart against his chest, and in that moment, he feels like everything might be okay. They’re both alive. They’re both safe.

“I love you,” he whispers before he can even think about it.

But she’s already asleep.

5. The fifth time he tells her, she’s mad at him, and he’s being a jerk and he knows it. It’s definitely not because he’s jealous.

It’s all Karen’s fault, really. With her troublesome marriage, she was at an all-time low in her own love life, and, as a result, had taken it upon herself to help her sister out with her’s.

After the incident at Jurassic World, Karen and Scott have been trying to repair their relationship, for the sake of the boys at least. It seemed unfair that after going through such a traumatic event they would then have to witness the divide of their family. So, with the goal of repairing her relationship with Scott and helping Claire out in the romance department, Karen had come up with the idea of a double date. At first Karen’s sons had her convinced that Owen was "Aunt Claire’s bad-ass boyfriend”, so she figured that a double date with her and Scott, and Claire and Owen would be the perfect opportunity to accomplish both of her missions, as well as finally get to know Owen better. When she found out that this was not the case, she had balked.

“What do you mean, 'not actually together’? He lives with you, for Christ’s sake!” Karen had exclaimed.

“He’s just sleeping on my couch until he finds a place of his own.” Claire had insisted. She didn’t mention that he hasn’t even looked for a place of his own (she thinks she might die if he ever left) or that most nights he ends up sleeping next to her in her bed.

Karen raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

“Claire, you’d have to be blind to miss how much he cares about you.”

A simple statement that that shouldn’t have made her feel like her heart might pound right out of her chest.

“Well, it’s not like there have been any offers.” Claire told her. “Besides, it’s not like that.”

“If you say so.”

And so, Karen had taken it upon herself to fix her sister’s lack-of-romance problem, insisting that in order to really heal from her traumatic experience, Claire needed to start moving on with her life.

She of course had to set Claire up with an unfairly attractive and wealthy lawyer with an affinity for three-piece suits.

Ok, so Owen is completely jealous.

Because this lawyer guy is much more of Claire’s type than Owen could ever possibly hope to be. And now he’s fuming, because he’s partially to blame for this whole situation. He should have done something, should have said something sooner, because now it’s too late and now he might loose Claire. And he is beyond terrified of loosing her.

Claire’s not exactly happy either. She doesn’t know what she expected Owen to do when she first told him about her date, (jump up and declare his undying love for her?) but it certainly wasn’t his emotionless response of “Oh, have fun,” while continuing to sit on the couch and stare at the TV, not even looking her way once.

(If she had looked just a little more closely, she might have noticed the way his mouth pressed into a firm line, the way his knuckles whitened around the remote, or heard the faint crunching of plastic in his fingers.)

The next day, the day of the dreaded date, as it’s been labeled in Owen’s mind, he begins formulating ideas to sabotage Claire’s date. Maybe he feels a little guilty about it, but come on. There’s no way he can let her go through with this, right? Claire’s out running some errands, so he has plenty of time to himself to come up with a foolproof plan. He spends the next several hours coming up with several ideas, but quickly abandons all of them. Setting the restaurant on fire seemed a bit extreme, and could likely result in Claire getting hurt and him ending up in jail, so that plan is off the list. He’d considered disguising himself as a waiter, but he’s fairly certain Claire would recognize him. Maybe, if there was a car accident near the restaurant blocking all traffic…. No, no. That will never work. He can’t think of any ways to organize a car accident. And besides, they could always just go to another restaurant. He needs a plan that will ruin the date before they’ve even left…

An idea pops into his mind.

Owen jumps off the couch and swiftly crosses the living room to the door of the apartment, stepping out into the hallway. His eyes quickly scan the walls before coming to rest on a small red box. He quickly approaches the fire alarm, taking note of the emergency sprinklers attached to the ceiling. Staring at the fire alarm, a plan begins to develop in his mind. If he pulls the fire alarm right after Claire and her date leave the apartment, the sprinklers would be activated, drenching them and ruining their outfits. Plus, with the commotion that pulling the alarm would undoubtedly cause and the arrival of the fire department and emergency vehicles, there would be to time for them to change clothes in time for their date. Yes, this could work.

And that’s when Claire rounds the hallway corner, back from her errands, to find Owen staring at the fire alarm like it holds the answers to the universe.

“What are you doing?” Claire’s voice, sounding a good deal suspicious, finally pulls Owen out of his thoughts. He turns around to find her staring at him, both arms loaded down with grocery bags and a puzzled expression on her face.

He glances back at the fire alarm. “It had dust on it,” was the only thing he came come up with as he uses his fingers to brush invisible dust from the top of the box. She doesn’t seem convinced, but the grocery bags are cutting off the circulation to her arms and she’s already running behind, so she lets it go and turns towards the door to their apartment.

“Well, I have to go get ready for my date,” she says, carefully watching his expression. If she emphasized those last two words, he pretends not to notice. She quickly enters the apartment, leaving him alone in the hallway, his plan already dissolving. He eyes the fire alarm one last time before walking back into the apartment and plopping back down on the couch.

He can’t do this to Claire. She’s already put a lot of effort into this date. If she wants to go out with this guy, fine. She deserves to be happy, even if it’s not with him. Doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it, though. He keeps telling himself this, wishing it didn’t hurt so much.

He can hear her getting ready in the bathroom, and it’s slowly driving him insane, knowing that all this effort she’s putting in isn’t for him. Knowing that tonight, she’s someone else’s. Not that she was ever his to begin with.

When he can’t stand it anymore, get get’s up and walks over to the bathroom. She has her makeup done and she’s just finishing up straightening her hair. She looks utterly stunning. And it’s not for him.

“Should I call and warn about the board shorts?” He shouldn’t have said that, and he knows it, but venting his frustration as sarcasm has always come naturally to him.

She jumps in surprise, snapping the flat iron closed right on the top of her ear, hissing in pain and frustration. She hadn’t noticed him approach, but, sure enough, Owen is there, arms crossed and leaning against the bathroom door frame.

“I’m not even going to answer that.” Her voice is icy, and his chuckle is empty.

She doesn’t mean for it to come out quite that snippy, but she’s running behind, her date will be here any minute, and she doesn’t have time for his childish nonsense.

“Don’t forget the itinerary.”

If looks could kill…

“Hey,” he raises his hands in mock surrender, “ I just wanna make sure you have a good time.”

It occurs to her that maybe he’s stalling her, and that maybe she should be flattered, but instead she’s just frustrated. She’s been hoping this whole time that he would show some sort of reaction, and of course now he has to take a sudden interest in her date when she’s going to be late.

She unplugs her flat iron and storms out of the bathroom.

“Why do you even care?”

He thinks it might be easier if she sounded angry, or hurt, or something, but instead her voice is devoid of emotion, and he doesn’t know what to say. The silence stretches on just a few moments before there is a crisp knock on the door. Claire straightens her shoulders, throws Owen one last indecipherable look, and turns to open the door.

Her date is there, in an immaculate charcoal suit and matching tie, smiling at Claire in a way that makes Owen’s blood boil. When he tells Claire she looks beautiful, Owen feels something inside of him die a little, because he thinks of all the times he should have told Claire that, how it should be him standing at the door, ready to take Claire on a date. How he completely blew his chance, and now he might never get another.

Then the door slams shut and they’re gone, the sound echoing in his ears along with Claire’s question, ’why do you even care?’. Owen sighs and drags a hand over his face, shoulders slumping.

“Because I love you, Claire.” The empty room gives no response.

6. They’re on their way back to the island. (And - Owen can’t help but feel glad - far far away from that stupid lawyer and his stupid suits, even if his date with Claire didn’t work out.) Some people (Karen) think they’re crazy. Insane to go back there. And maybe they are. But as the helicopter breaks through the thick mist over the ocean, and the majestic green hills of the island, their island, come into view, they can’t help but feel like they’re coming home.

When they were first approached with the offer to join a team going back to the island, Owen, in less polite words, and basically told InGen and Masrani Global that they could take their offer and shove it up somewhere it would never see the light of day. No way in hell would they ever go back there.

But little by little, the idea began to seem less and less awful. They tried to forget, tried to put the island behind them and move on. They really did. But after living in a place so incredible, living a dream for so ling, normal life couldn’t possibly compare. Isla Nublar held a magic they couldn’t resist. And maybe, just maybe, by beginning to pick up the physical broken pieces of their world, they could finally begin to piece themselves back together. Because while this is the place that broke them, it’s also the place that made them who they are.

Things go slowly at first, and then everything starts falling back into place. They’ve cleared the main street of most of the debris, and construction has begun to repair the major damages. The most dangerous of the dinosaurs, like the tyrannosaurus, are successfully lured back into containment, and plans are being made for the few remaining apatosaurus and repairing the aviary.

When Barry returns to the island, he and Owen manage to track down Blue, their sole remaining velociraptor. Owen’s even convinced InGen to sponsor a new batch of raptors.

All in all, things are good. It seems a little too good to be true, actually, but so far things are running smoothly, progress being made one step at a time.

Sticking together for survival hasn’t ended here, either. Once it’s safe, both Claire and Owen take up residence in Owen’s bungalow, and it’s both as perfect as sharing her apartment, and a thousand times more frustrating. Frustrating in that the Central American sun makes the faint dusting of freckles blossom across her cheeks and nose, and he still desperately wants to brush his lips across each and every one of them. Or how in the mornings, when she blows on her tea to cool it down, she’ll wear once of his shirts, and it takes every once of his self control to kiss her and tear it off of her. Or how he wakes up in the mornings to her bright red hair fanned across his pillow, and while he loves the relationship they have (whatever that is) he can’t help but want so much more.

Just having her near is enough, though, and he doesn’t want to ruin it, so they each go about their individual lives and jobs, and sleep next to each other at night.

Their jobs keep them apart during most of the days, though. Claire is back in her position as Senior Assets Manager, and overseeing most the the repairs to the park keeps her busy late into the evenings. Owen is busy taking care of Blue, reestablishing their relationship, and tending to three new raptor eggs in the labs.

One day, Claire stops by the lab to drop off some paperwork, only to find Owen there. It’s during most employees lunch break, and he’s the only one there, smiling more brightly than she’s seen in a long time, holding three brand new velociraptor hatchlings. He’s got one curled up on his shoulder, and one cradled in each arm.

“Claire!” His excitement is palpable, and he beckons her over the best he can with his arms full. Despite her better judgment, she sets her stack of paperwork on a counter top and approaches Owen, a smile growing on her own face. “Claire, meet Dusk,” he gestures to the raptor infant on his shoulder, “Ember,” he shows her the one in his left arm, “And…” Before she has a chance to protest, Owen plops the last raptor into Claire’s arms. “This is Clara.”

Claire freezes, the small dinosaur dangling awkwardly from her hands. She blinks, and the creature blinks in return, making a soft purring sound deep in its throat. Its leathery skin is actually quite soft, and, surprising even herself, Claire tucks it carefully into the crook of her arm. Owen is watching her with a look of pure adoration, and, stupidly, the only thing she can think of to say is, “Clara?”

Owen chuckles. “Named after the one and only.” He shrugs. “With a slight twist, of course, to avoid confusion.” Claire looks at the small velociraptor in her arms and smiles, and Owen can’t help but grin watching them.

The scene before him is just so perfect that before Owen even realizes what he’s doing, his lips are on Claire’s.

Claire squeaks in surprise, but then she relaxes and actually kisses him back, winding her free arm around the back of his neck, careful not to crush the baby raptors between them or bump the one on his shoulder. He pulls back, slightly breathless, his forehead brushing hers, her arm still around his neck. He watches her carefully as her eyes flutter open, her chest rising and falling against his.

“Kiss me again?”

He does. Again, and again, and again.

“I love you,” he mumbles between kisses. It’s only when she suddenly freezes that Owen realizes what he’s said, and for a moment all he can think is that he just ruined the moment, ruined their relationship, and now Claire will never speak to him again.

“What?” is all Claire can manage to say.

“I love you?” He doesn’t mean for it to sound like a question, but that’s how it comes out. Since she hasn’t run away yet, he repeats it, more firmly this time. “I love you.” She remains silent for what seems like an absolute eternity, but when she finally raises her eyes to meet his, she has that small shy smile of hers on her lips.

“Good. Because I love you too.” It takes his brain a moment to process what she just said, but when it does, he has to remind himself to breathe.


“Really.” He presses his lips firmly to hers once more.

“Say it again?” he asks, and her soft laugh is the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard.

“I love you, Owen Grady.”

Owen can’t help but think that in this moment, everything is perfect. He has his island, his home, he has his raptors, and he has Claire.

He cheats - 5sos 4/4 (His pov)


I watched as Y/N stood up while I sat down on the sofa, looking up at her, my eyes brimmed with tears, She found out, I never meant for this to get this far, She stood, her whole body tense with anger as she shoved the article of me and a girl in my car together, kissing

“Who could you?” She hissed, unable to believe that her boyfriend would do that to her and I wouldn’t of, I just wasn’t thinking

I shook my head, how could I explain this “It meant nothing” I begged her to believe me as I stood up to level myself to her height 

“N- Nothing? You told me you were spending the night at Calums house” She shook her head, tears so close to falling “You weren’t though, were you?” She whispered

I gulped, How could I explain that I slept with another girl, How would Y/N ever look at me the same? “I’m sorry, She just wouldn’t leave me alone!”

“You should of just said NO!” Her voice filled my head, I should of, I know I should of

“I know but It was so tempting, I hadn’t seen you in weeks-” I explained, I cheated on her while I was on tour, I thought I had got away with it but obviously I hadn’t

“You just had to wait a few more days” She whispered, the tears down running down her face, She had loved me with all her heart and I knew I had really stuffed up now 

“I’m sorry” I began to speak again but I knew she didn’t want to hear it anymore

“Just leave” She spoke with her eyes closed, not being able to even look at me, I disgusted her and I disgusted myself, I had really messed up this time


“It was a one night stand, Thats all!” I tried to explain but Y/N wasn’t having any of it “I was drunk!” I begged her to believe me but I knew i had over done it this time

“Drunk?” She managed a dry laugh “Drunk!” Her voice rose “You would chose a one night stand over our relationship?” She cried, unable to believe that i would do that to her

“I was drunk though, I wasn’t thinking straight!” I argued, it was true, She just came onto me and I couldn’t say no, She was really pretty and I craved it - enough to ruin our relationship “Give me another chance”

“No!” Y/N cried “Just get out of my house!” She hissed, trying to not cry infront of me but she was failing and seeing my world cry, made me cry too

“You don’t mean it-” I argued, She loved me, She wouldn’t throw me out

“I do! Get out of my house now!” She hissed, staring me straight in the face, She did mean it


As soon as I kissed her, I knew it was a mistake, I pulled away straight away but it was too late, Y/N stood right in front of me, her hand clutched over her mouth, the boys behind her, they couldn’t believe it

“Y/N-” I began but she stormed out of the night club, I should of ran after her but my head was a mess and I just froze

“Mate” Luke muttered, coming closer to me and resting his arm on me, I pulled away from him straight away, i didn’t want to be touched unless it was Y/N

“What have I done?” I whisper, how was I suppose to get Y/N to give me another chance? I couldn’t lie about it because she had seen me kiss that girl

“You should go after her” Michael added but I just couldn’t, I didn’t know what to say to her, I would of looked like a fool trying but maybe thats what she needs, Me to try


I walked up and down the room, unable to sit still due to my nerves, I had just cheated on my girlfriend and she knew about it and we argued, A lot and now I found myself at Lukes house

“Mate, She’ll come round” Luke tried to reassure me but it wasn’t working, I knew how stubborn she was and she would never forgive me after this

“She won’t, Luke, She hates me, I can tell by the way she looked at me” I muttered, The look on her face when she saw me kiss the other girl, I will never forget her face and I hate myself for it, How could I of done that to the girl I love?

“Give her some time” Luke said, he wanted to make me believe him but it was no good, I knew I had messed up

“No” I whisper “That will make it worst” I knew it would and so, I knew if she was to forgive me, I would need to prove how much I loved her

Authors note: Requested

Request imagines in my ask :)

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how about a fic tho where yuuri asks yuri for russian terms of endearment and plisetsky (like a little shit he is) gives him a list of swearwords instead. just imagine viktor's reaction, lmaaaoo~ Удачи в изучении русского :)

“Ah! Yurio, there you are.” Yuuri stopped in his tracks and made his way over to the 15yr old.

“What do you want, Katsudon?” Yurio frowned, putting down his phone and turning his attention towards Yuuri.

“Can you teach me Russian terms of endearment?” Yuuri blushed.

Yurio’s eyes widened and he was about to refuse when he was suddenly struck with an idea. Yurio smiled, “Sure, I’ll help you.”

Yuuri looked shocked, but quickly put a grateful smile on his face. “Thank you, Yurio!”

A few hours later and Viktor was back from his outing. “Yuuri! I’m back лучик!”

Viktor walked over to where Yuuri and Yurio were sitting. “Welcome back, дебил!”

Viktor stopped in his tracks and Yurio fought the urge to laugh. “Yuuri?”

Yuuri got up and hugged Viktor who returned the hug, unsure of himself. 

“иди нахуй.” Yuuri murmered in Viktor’s ear.

Viktor grabbed Yuuri’s shoulders and pushed him back so that he could look at him. Yuuri never swore at Viktor, so he must have done something horrible to be on the receiving end of the Japanese man’s vicious words. “Why are you saying these things? What did I do?”

Yuuri blushed and thought to himself. Viktor is always saying sweet nothings, It’s time I returned the favor…

“You deserve it, сука блять.” Yuuri tried pulling Viktor back for a kiss on the cheek, but he was quickly pulled into a bone crushing hug by his lover who was spewing out apologies left and right in every language he knew.

“Yuuri, my love, my life, I am so sorry for whatever it is that I did to make you say such words.” Viktor, fearing this was the end of his relationship started crying. “Is there any way you can forgive me?”

Yurio was starting to feel bad, but only a little, because the confused and worried expression on Yuuri’s face combined with the snot and tears covered one of Viktor’s had the boy clutching his sides laughing. 

“Viktor! Stop bawling all over Katsudon you look disgusting.” Yurio gasped between laughs. “Yuuri was just trying to use terms of endearment.”

“W-what?” Viktor sniffled and wiped the snot from his face on his sleeve. 

Yuuri who had been frozen in place til now turned towards Yurio. “Yurio, those words… They weren’t nice ones were they?”

“No, they were swear words.” Yurio calmed himself down. “It’s your own fault for trusting me.”

Yuuri looking guilty, turned towards Viktor. “I am so sorry, I thought I was saying nice things to you.”

“It’s not your fault.” Viktor kissed Yuuri’s forehead. “It’s Yurio’s fault.”

That night in bed, Yuuri rolled over to face Viktor. “What did I actually say to you?”

Viktor pulled Yuuri to his chest with his chin resting on the smaller man’s head. “Well, first you called me an ‘idiot’, then told me to ‘fuck off’…”

Yuuri’s horrified gasp was muffled by Viktor’s body.

“…Then you said ‘you deserve it, fucking bitch’ and then I just lost it. I thought I had done something horrible and I couldn’t even remember!” 

Yuuri moved back from Viktor’s hold to loo up at him. “I’m sorry, Vitya.”

“You didn’t know.” Viktor smiled and kissed the top of his fiancé’s head. “Good night, зайчонок.”

day 4 - crossdressing!mika


“Yuu-chan,” Mika whines from the bathroom. Yuu stops what he’s doing, which wasn’t that important, and rushes to the bathroom door. He turns the handle, only to find it’s locked. He knocks a few times, receiving no response, and maybe his heart skips a beat.

(Later, Yuu realizes that’s where he begins to loose his sanity.)

“What’s wrong?” He calls, rattling the door handle again. Mika whimpers in response. Yuu’s brain explodes. “Mika,” he stresses, pressing his ear to the door. “What’s wrong? Tell me if those assholes put a shitty mark on your uniform or a tracker, or anything, Mika.” There’s the faint sounds of clothes being rustled, and with every passing moment, dread slowly squeezes its way into his heart.

The door clicks. Yuu’s heart rate skyrockets, and he takes a step back.

Truthfully, he doesn’t know what he’d been expecting. Maybe something stitched into Mikaela’s uniform, to distinguish him from the others, because no matter how many times he shows he’s on J.I.D.A.’s side, they never think of him as an equal. Or maybe a pin permanently stitched in, to track him at all times, for the aforementioned reason. Maybe even a white version of their uniform, because the higher-ups are so extra.

So whatever he’d expected or not, doesn’t come close to the black skirt hanging on Mika’s hips.

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Sewing Needles & Paw Prints

Prompt:  Soulmate AU, on your 16th birthday you get a symbol on your body that represents your soulmate.  The symbols are in the same place as your soulmate.
This is the second and final part to this one-shot.  Make sure to read the first part before this one, or else you will have no idea what’s going on.
Second Part ended at 9k words, one-shot ended at 18.2k words
Part One // AO3 

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hit me with some annabeth as an Actual Smol Baby™ headcanons :)

i really hope you mean as like a toddler bc that’s what i’m about to write

  • played with legos like ALL the time and she always ran to show her dad what she made afterwards
  • and he’d always stop what he was doing to compliment her and encourage her to go bigger, but then he started dating her step mom and he started shooing her away rip i’m sad
  • but anyway
  • she definetely pulled pranks on her stepmother all the time like made the floor slippery and hid dirt in her shoes and mixed the shampoos 
  • and her stepmother would come screaming to her father, but there’s no way to prove that annabeth did it and it were at these times he’d say her stepmother was being absurd
  • and annabeth would listen from the top of the stairs with an evil lil smirk on her face
  • annabeth tried to braid her hair so much in preschool and kindergarten bc the other girls had it like that but after awhile she said screw it and let her hair just fly around everywhere bc it looked prettier than the other girls anyway
  • the MOST ELABORATE sketches with chalk on the sidewalk that any class of 1st graders have ever seen before
  • annabeth had an affinity for drawing owls in art class, she never quite knew why though
  • ok imagine lil annabeth walking home from school one day and some boys are making fun of her bc she’s smarter than them and they are fragile lil babbies and all of a sudden a bird craps on them and there’s an owl up in the tree
  • it’s the middle of the day and it doesn’t really make sense to her (she read up on owls in the library of course) but it followed her home every day for the rest of the year that school year and she liked the company
  • annabeth waking up extra early on saturdays because the morning cartoons are on and her stepmother slept late on the weekend so she had the big comfy couch all to herself without any nagging
  • sometimes her father would wake up just as early and make them eggs and toast
  • annabeth loved those mornings the best
  • in the mornings, she loved milk as a little kid and hated orange juice, now it’s the exact opposite (of course, she has to drink her morning coffee before anything else lmao)
  • 2nd grader annabeth playing around in the backyard, doing cartwheels and clapping and giggling and her stepmother walks out and yells at her to stop “playing with her imaginary friends”
  • and annabeth, frowning, turns to to the dryad (cecily is her name) and says sorry and runs into the house
  • cecily ruins all of mrs. chase’s tomatoes
  • annabeth getting bunches of sticker sheets and placing horses and princesses and fairies inside her sketches 
  • she’d be SO obsessed with lisa frank stickers
  • 7 year old annabeth attracting a monster one saturday morning while she’s watching cartoons, so she doesn’t bother listening as her father argues with her stepmother, and grabs her sketch notebooks, covered in lisa frank stickers
  • she grabs her purple backpack and her owl rainboots and the 15 dollars she’s stashed away and she sneaks out
  • 7 year old annabeth on the run, losing her backpack with her sketch books and tripping out of her rainboots, and one day she sees a monster out of the corner of her eye and she runs into an alleyway
  • 7 year old annabeth with dirty, old pj’s, crouching at the end of an alley, wishing she was watching cartoons with her dad and making lego buildings
  • 7 year old annabeth looking up into two pairs of the kindest eyes on planet earth, clutching onto the blonde boys shirt like he’s a life vessel as he carries her out of the alley, with the blue-eyed girl trying to push the hair out of her face as they walk
  • 7 year old annabeth looking up to see that same owl who walked home with her, sitting on a fire escape above them

ooo look how sad i am now i am so sad

i hope this is what you were looking for!!!! thanks so much for the ask, rachel!!! i love these  ♥♥♥

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Haru comforting his girlfriend who feels that she's annoying to him because she's always hanging around him and feels that she gets in the way between him and the team? Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! (^-^)

Oh man, as a notoriously loud and annoying person, do I feel this request in my soul. Haha xD But here you go! My first legit post as admin, I hope you like it!

If you were going to be perfectly honest, you were really surprised that Haru had wanted to go out with you in the first place. He was just so calm, cool, and collected all the time and you were, well, not. But for some reason he had accepted your very awkward, very loud confession with a very heart-meltingly honest smile and the single greatest syllable in the human dictionary.


Your insecurities should’ve ended there. But the thing is that you really loved your boyfriend. He was beautiful, talented, and even if you couldn’t tell at first glance—or second third or even fourth glance—he had a lot of personality. He was just this quirky quiet guy that you were absolutely crazy about. And you had a hard time hiding it. You always walked with him and Makoto to and from school, ate lunch with him and the rest of his team, and came to watch and cheer him on at all his games and practices. You had thought it all pretty standard girlfriend practice, and even if you hadn’t, you just loved spending time with him that much. You didn’t think that was a problem. At first.

It started with an eye roll. One little eye roll that you just barely caught in your peripherals as you ran to help Haru out of the pool towel-in-hand after his first warm-up set of the day. You knew that all of Haru’s friends were great people and that Rei didn’t mean any offense towards you—he hadn’t even meant for you to see it! But the eye roll got to you nonetheless.

It became more obvious when Haru was late at your meetup spot to walk to school. You overheard him and Makoto from around the corner as they approached.

“So then did you watch the video Nagisa sent you?” Haru asked.

Makoto replied a bit sheepishly, “W-Well I mean yeah. She’s famous, so you have to wonder about whether she actually has a pierced—“

You had popped out from around the corner with a cheerful “Good morning” earning a rather girlish scream from Makoto—even for Makoto standards.

“_-___! Th-This is kind of a private conversation with Haru, do you mind if we walk ahead of you today?!” Makoto cried, face and ears aflame.

Your heart sunk in your chest. “S-sure. Yeah. Go ahead.”

The nails truly sealed the coffin about a week before prefecturals. Upon starting to date, you had insisted on making Haru’s lunches and with saba being your specialty, he had no complaint. But today, when you walked to his class to give him his lunch, Gou stopped you.

“Hey ___. I know that you care about Haru and really want to support him with lunches and everything, but I’m changing the boys’ diets for prefecturals coming so would you mind if I made his lunches from now on? Just so he has a proper athlete’s diet, you know?”

You gulped down your tears, clutching the extra bento tightly, “Y-yeah totally. I understand.”
Gou smiled happily and nodded before turning away, “Great! We’re gonna win this time!”

She hadn’t meant to hurt your feelings,  she was just looking out for her team. But it broke you nonetheless.

You distantly heard the sound of the bathroom door open, but you didn’t care. You simply continued hold yourself and cry in the bathroom stall. You had been kidding yourself all this time. Haru was just going out with you because of pity. You were a nuisance and annoying and constantly bugging him and smothering him and getting between him and his team and you didn’t deserve him! Not at all! You wished that you could just evaporate and not cause him anymore trouble, that you could—


You gasped, jumping up and slamming open the bathroom stall door, almost hitting Haru in the face.

“H-Haru!? What are you doing here?! This is the girl’s bathroom!”

He ignored your questions, “Why are you crying?”

You felt yourself begin to tear up and looked away, “B-because I’m annoying and always getting between you and your team a-and I just don’t even know why you’re going out with me in the first place, I’m so obnoxious!”

“You’re not.”

“You’re lying.” You sobbed loudly.

“I’m not.” He said.

“Why should I believe you?” you asked, before snorting loudly in a way that anyone else would proudly describe as obnoxious.

But not Haru. He clutched your face, red and ugly from intense crying and forced you to look him in the eye. He had that small genuine, very Haru smile and simply stated, “Because I love you.”

You sniffled, eyes wide, before diving into his chest, arms constricting around his waist never ready to let go. He grunted at the sudden impact, but returned it not a moment later, patting your hair softly. Haru was a man of little words, but a lot of personality. And you loved him so much. Just so, so much.

“Ahh!! Teacher! There’s a boy in here!!!”

A Part of Me - A Brett Talbot Fanfiction - Part I

Your phone began vibrating against the wooden desk in the Devenford Prep library during your free period. It was your cousin. Again. Quickly throwing closed the scattered books in front of you, you grip your bag and hurry out into the hall to answer the call.


"Hey (Y/N), I know it’s getting annoying but could you look at a symbol quickly? It’s important…”

“Lyds, you keep forgetting I’m Wiccan, not druid. Send it and I’ll look though, I might even do some research on it as well. I’m getting nowhere with my history project and want a distraction” you reply, rolling your eyes at the druid-like symbol Lydia had just sent to your phone.

“It’s 100% not anything Wiccan or from any magick I’ve seen before. I’ll do a little digging in the library for you on druid symbols" 

"Thanks. And since you’re into the whole spell casting thing, could you do a luck spell for my friend Malia. She’ll need it to pass math" 

"I don’t just cast random spells” Your eyes would roll out of your head if they could at her ignorance.

“Come on, you do freaky Wiccan stuff" 

"Freaky? Coming from the banshee who runs with werewolves. Yeah, I’m the freak” You laugh finally “I’ll look at it and call later. See you around, loser" 

Heading back into the dusty and extensive library, you direct yourself towards the mythology section up two flights of grey stairs. You stared at the titles until you finally find a book of symbols in mythology, there didn’t appear to be any stand-alone books about druidism.

Sitting cross - legged in the corner of the empty floor, you flick through the book, comparing the symbols on the page to the one on your screen. 

A familiar voice suddenly yelled from the top of the library stairs.

"I finally found you!” Your best friend Marissa grinned, hurrying next to you “Were you literally hiding from me this time?”

“Nah, I’m just helping my cousin with something” you shrug, putting down the book.

“Oh it’s that weird one that likes fictional creatures" 

"I guess that’s one way of putting it…” you slowly nod, pursing your lips.

“I feel like you’re planning on skipping Math…"  She hinted more than predicted.

"We should go now” you sighed at the reminder “We have that and then rehearsals for the production and we’ll be skipping classes nearer to opening night anyway, we shouldn’t miss any now”

“Fine! But that’s ages away!” She whined, grabbing your hands and hauling you to your feet.

After a strenuous day of equations, formulae and a horrifically unprepared rehearsal, you really just wanted to go home and take a nap. However that wasn’t an option. Marissa clutched your arm and dragged you outside to her car where your overnight bag lay on the backseat. It was the night of our monthly sleep over, the only night her parents were out.

“This is going to be so much fun!” She squealed, accidently speeding past a stop sign “My brother bought us vodka and Jägermeister! I’m finally going to get the truth out of you about your crush!" 

"Marissa. How many times have I told you, I don’t have a crush on anyone” I reasoned, but she once again didn’t believe me.

She pulled recklessly into her driveway, using the lawn to straighten up. You entered through the glossy brown door and into the hallway where row upon row of Anderson family portraits stared at you. Before for you knew it, a clear, carbonated drink was shoved into your unsuspecting hand. 

You drop your bag by the hat rack in the corner and meet the beaming face of Marissa’s older brother Leon. He swished his head to the side to move the floppy brown hair that was impairing his vision. 

“Hey (Y/N), I thought you’d like a drink if you’re spending the night with Marissa” he teased her “and I’m going out with friends now, but if you’d like to share my bed tonight, I’d be happy too" 

"Oh God, Leon! It’s been a whole 30 seconds before you hit on my friend. It’s a new record, you creep!” She ushered him out the door, shoving him off the front step.

You follow Marissa into the kitchen and watched her pour a drink for herself, mixing the vodka and lemonade together. You assumed Leon had made you the same. 

Scanning through Marissa's DVD collection, you pick out the obligatory pink copy of Mean Girls for the sleep over. After a few more vodka mixers, you each had a Jagerbomb and drummed up the courage to write “Send your cutest delivery guy or girl” in the additional requests box when ordering pizzas online.

“Remember, we’re both single now, but I have double the chance you do with the random pizza person. The perks of being bi” Marissa laughed and you had to join in, she was finally getting over Brett. They hadn’t even been dating long before they broke up, but he had treated her horribly.

When your pizzas arrived, they were delivered by a middle - aged, balding man. It was an embarrassing moment for you all as Marissa burst into a fit of giggles, nudging you towards the guy.

“Jagerbomb after the pizza!” Marissa squeaked, pouring Monster into glasses and plopping in a shot of Jägermeister into each.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea” you reply, slurring your S’s.

“It’ll be fineeeEe!” She hiccupped.

You take the shot and screw up your face before settling down again. It didn’t taste bad, you just wondered how uneasy your stomach would feel in the morning.

“I’m gonna put my night stuff on” Marissa clung to her banister for dear life before dragging herself up the cream steps to her lilac room.

You follow behind with your bag, but you decide to take the crawling approach to her room, pausing on each step to snooze a little. When you did sluggishly plod through her door, she appeared to have found a new lease of life as she danced dramatically around the room to an old backstreet boys ballad. 

“I played my part and kept you in the dark…now let me show you the shape of my heart!!” She belted out, it took you a few moments to realise she was crying.

“Stop thinking about that blond dickhead” you drunkenly clutched her face and planted a loving kiss on her forehead “You’re a beautiful princess and you deserved to be treated like one!" 

Her face suddenly lit up with excitement. 

"I know Brett’s Facebook password! We could have a little fun before bed!” She pulled her laptop onto her lap as you climbed under the covers. 

She tapped the mouse pad a few times before pushing it towards you. 

“I don’t know what to write!”

You thought a while before your drunken fingers began wandering over the keys. 

‘Friends, family, collegues… I thought this would be good time to announce that my cousin and I are going to have a baby. We’re expecting a boy, but you never know with mixing the familiar genes!’ SEND.

“That was brilliant (Y/N)!” She screamed with laughter “I’ve got an even better idea!" 

On her laptop, she scrolled through her picture folders before she clicked a 'Brett’ folder.

You shield your eyes and look away. 

"I did not just see that!” You yelled dramatically, trying to erase the sight of Brett’s nude from your mind.

“I’m going to post it for everyone to see!” Marissa cackled.

You drop your hand on top of hers and she stops. 

“I can’t let you do that. It’s unfair and an invasion of privacy. Did you send him nudes? What if he posts them?” You explain to her, trying to change her already made up mind.

“(Y/N) I’ve sent one nude that I can deny being me, I never show my face and just think about how many times he stood me up! It was 4 times! Do you know how embarrassing it is to wait 2 hours outside a restaurant for no one to show?! He pushed me to the floor and yelled get away from me! He deserves so much more than this!” She convinced herself, pressing the post button to Brett’s Facebook before logging out so you couldn’t delete it.

“You shouldn’t have done that” You could feel yourself sober up at the guilt and the sympathy for Brett. You knew you should be supporting your best friend but it just seemed so wrong. Marissa simply shrugged before stuffing her face into the pillow and immediately drifting into a heavy sleep.

You fight and leave with the kids - Niall

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You were woken up by a crash outside your room and before you could fully wake up you heard the slurred, yet still familiar voice of your husband coming through the baby monitor on your bedside table “hey little man,” he slurred, “you’re so small right now, like really tiny, but I’m gonna show you how to play the guitar soon and football, you’ll be a sick soccer football player too.” You quickly jumped out of bed and rushed into the nursery and you cringed at the sight before you. An obviously very drunk Niall had your very small 6 month old son, cradled precariously in his arms.

“Niall” you started sternly, “I’ve warned you about this before, you can’t hold him when you’re drunk, you could hurt him.” “I’m not even that drunk, I’ll hold my son if I want to” Niall said defensively. “No Niall, this is ridiculous I am not going to wait around for you to drop our son while drunk, before you realise what you’re doing is pure stupidity,” you said, voice getting loud as you stretched out your arms for your son. “I’m not going to drop him!” Niall tried to argue, pulling the baby closer to his chest, but you quickly cut him off with a harsh voice, “Niall, give him to me” you said slowly and harshly. Niall’s eyes widened to a size that would have been comical in any other circumstance and he stepped forward, arms outstretched to give you your son, genuinely looking upset now. You took him quickly before stalking to the table, grabbing the baby bag before exiting, leaving a still stunned and drunk Niall behind, “I’ll come back when you can be responsible” you called over your shoulder.

Unfortunately the closest friend’s house you could get to was Liam and his families, knowing he had not joined in on this latest night out, you headed there. You were sure that Niall would be told you were there, but at 1am in the morning you didn’t really have many other options.

The next morning, you were woken by the soft but deep voice of Liam followed by the meeker response from Niall. “I really don’t think she wants to see you right now” Liam told Niall. “I know I was an idiot, and she has every right to be angry, but I’ve got to at least try to apologise.” Niall said determinedly. “Fine mate, come in” you heard Liam agree and moments later there was a knock at your door, making you sigh as you pushed yourself out of bed.

You came to the door and looked at a tired looking Niall expectantly “you have 1 minute” you said to him in a deadpan voice, before he could even speak. “Ahhhh…ahhh…ok” he faltered, looking at you sheepishly. “I’m really sorry Y/N, I know that was stupid and careless of me last night. I promise I won’t ever put our son in danger again, surely you know how much I love him and that I would never purposely hurt him.”

“Niall I know” you sighed, “It just scares me when you do things like that and I think about what could happen.”

“I know babe, but I’m swearing off alcohol for a while” Niall told you, making you giggle slightly. “Are you saying that because of what happened, or because of the killer hangover?” Niall smiled sheepishly, “admittedly a bit of both, you wouldn’t believe how much my head is throbbing right now.” You laughed, a genuine smile on your face now, “oh I can imagine.” No sooner had you spoken, then a piercing cry rang out from inside the room behind you. Niall groaned, cringing as he clutched at his temples. You grinned wickedly, “As punishment, he’s all yours” you told Niall, gesturing into the room.” Niall looked at you in shock for a moment before he slumped, “fair enough,” he conceded, closing his eyes momentarily before walking into the room to pick up the crying boy. “Hey buddy, daddy’s here” Niall greeted and you smiled at seeing how much he loved his son, even with a killer hangover.

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