These zodiac purses and clutches from Naeem Khan’s Spring 2017 collection are too beautiful for words. I like to think my brain made me forget to post these until they were no longer available so I wouldn’t be tempted to give up my life savings for one of them. More likely, they just got buried in our drafts, but at least now I won’t go broke…

- Summer


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.7.17

theme thursday: wedding finds from davieandchiyo

bridesmaid clutch sets

davieandchiyo has all different styles of bridal clutches and purses for the bride AND for your bridesmaids — from sequins to lacy accents to florals and bows, you get to pick out matching or perfectly mis-matched bags that your gals will swoon over … much like i’m swooning over every damn thing at davieandchiyo. love love.

medusozoalove  asked:

Hey! I love your blog it is so funny, and makes my day a million times over. Do you know of any cool diabetes bags and/or sites that have really cool stuff for diabetics? Because I've been looking and haven't found anything so maybe you have.

THankyouu hahaa :) Here are a few sites that I like:

Prikkedief has bags for supplies, like cute clutches for pens. They also have clothing and posters– lots of things that are well designed and functional and happy looking. [my favorite so far] 

Monica Vesci sells clutches as well.

I think everyone should try PumpPeelz at least once. They are these decals that stick onto your pump, meter, Dexcom receiver– any kind they make designs for. You can even design your own I believe. Right now they have new designs for Halloween.

Lauren’s Hope sells medical ID bracelets that are actually attractive to wear everyday. They also sell accessories for your jewelry, like charms or chain extenders. They also have temporary alert tattoos. I have a whole post about bracelets here. (Go see!)
Another good place to look is ThoughtBlossoms

Type One Type Happy  is like, amazing. She has lots of things worth your time on her site ranging from apparel and totes to recipes, tips, workouts even. 

Diabetes Feel Goods has a lot of random useful things too.

Diabete Ez has lots of products too, like bags and pump accessories. Also, I think everyone would find Frio cooling pack super convenient. I’ve talked about that in a previous post and definitely recommend that as well as some type of case for your pump to secure it to your body and/or protect it. 
And just a side note: you can find a lot of different products on the main diabetes merchandise companies’ websites, like Medtronic. All this stuff is not cheap though, I’m warning you. But hey, what about diabetes is cheap? Maybe lancets, since you get a lot of bang for your buck ;)

btw Sorry I’m just getting to this question and this post is such a mess and that these are mostly girly things but I like them and I think a lot of you guys will too, so yeah :) Anyway, look around on instagram too. I can make a list of my fave useful accounts if you want in the future. Also, look on etsy. There are so many little shops that have diabetics in mind. Here are just a few that have items that are particularly fun looking and functional. Hope this helps !


is also great for a wide variety of products including normal-looking carrying cases for your meter and testing supplies. Forgot to add this one to the original post.