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Y’ALL WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not joking we watched the KS close with $19,950, then it was at $19,997, and somehow after closing it hit $20,002!!!!!!!!!

thank you all SO much for your support, thank you to all the last minute backers, thank you Danielle L for that last clutch pledge!!

wielderofnue  asked:

I'm absolutely loving the unique sense of style and appearance your Elezen has, I'm quite addicted to them myself but I just wanted to come by and say hello and hope we bump into each other on Cerberus <3

Aahh, wow, thank you for stopping by and taking your time to write such a sweet message! It’s much appreciated. ♥

And yay for a fellow Cerberus player! I’d love to bump into you as well, so if you see me around, feel free to poke me!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. . . (Ch. 7)

Chapter 7 – Trust Building Exercise #5:  Road Trip

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are an agent who has been training for a specific mission for years.  Your boss finally informs you that Bucky is heading back to the States, so your mission is about to begin.

Warnings – Other than a few cuss words, this is pure fluff with some angst thrown in because I love it!

Word Count – 2,119

Notes – I promised you guys some fun, lighthearted moments a few chapters ago.  This is a road trip I’ve been dying to take for years, so I guess you could say I’m living vicariously through Bucky and the Reader.  Enjoy!  Feel free to leave any comments, I would love to hear what you think so far!

·         (Y/F/B) – your favorite book

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(Not exactly the car mentioned in this fic, but I love Baby!)


The surgery went smoothly, and you were putting the final metal plate back in place at the same time Dr. Cho was closing up.  Bucky was then placed in the Cradle to finish healing. Steve and Sam had stopped by briefly to let you know that they had discovered a massive Hydra compound and would probably be gone for about a week to recon the area and take the facility out of commission.

“How long will he be in there?” you asked the doctor.

“With his injuries,” she said tilting her head to think, “I would say around twelve to eighteen hours.”

You nodded your head and pulled a chair closer to the device. Exhaustion finally overtook you and you ended up falling asleep, your head and arms resting on the glass separating you from Bucky.

Bucky awoke confused and disoriented.  Looking up, he couldn’t wrap his mind around what he was seeing, you were above him, obviously asleep.  Allowing his eyes to focus, he realized that he was in the Cradle in the med bay. After a moment, the memories flooded back; the nightmare of being back in the chair, pain coursing through his entire body as they wiped his mind again.  He remembered you and Steve trying to reason with him, but the Soldier had taken over again.  When the memory of the fight came back to him, his eyes darted to you, carefully looking you over to see if you were hurt in any way.  You seemed to be fine, so he lightly tapped the glass under your head to wake you up.

Waking up, your eyes immediately went down, finding Bucky looking up at you, laughing at having caught you sleeping at his bedside.  You scowled down at him before getting up to find Dr. Cho.

“It seems as though most of your injuries have healed, but you will need to take it easy on that leg for a few days.  Between the serum and the Cradle, you will heal faster than most people with a torn ACL, but it’ll still take some time,” Dr. Cho explained as you helped Bucky to his feet.  “You should probably use this cane until it heals completely.”

“Thank you, doctor,” you said as you helped Bucky out of the med bay to head back to his room.

“Where is everyone?” Bucky asked, as he limped toward the elevator.

“Some intel came in about a Hydra compound somewhere in the Middle East,” you explained, pressing the button for the elevator.  “Steve said they would be gone about a week.”

“So, it’s just me and you?” Bucky inquired as he entered the elevator and you pressed the button for the top floor.

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2 Fast 2 Furious Sentence Meme

“I’ll get you when you get a car worth racing.”
“Damn, when are you gonna pop my clutch.”
“Make sure you bring that body by the garage, so we could, uh, . . work on that front-end of yours”
“He’s got some skills, and he’s crazy as hell. In a good way though.”
“You still fight like shit.”
“When I needed you, you were nowhere to be found, and now you’re trying to hand out deals?”
“I don’t know if I should be trusting you.”
“Think of it this way, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start.”
“I wouldn’t need a fresh start if it wasn’t for you.”
“I don’t need to chill out.”
“You need to stop blaming me for your every mistake.”
“You need to go to hell.”
“Don’t even think about taking the convertible.”
“So you used to be a cop?”
“You might wanna keep your eyes on the road playboy.”
“What, you think we’re gonna crash?”
“He did the stare-and-drive on you didn’t he? He got that from me.”
“Where did you get that car, out of a cereal box?”
“Keep your mouth shut and follow my lead.”
“Handle your business, I’ll handle mine.”
“The car isn’t important, what is important is the package I left in the glove box.”
“We have to audition?”
“Nobody’s got a gun to your head.”
“Let’s see what this thing can do.”
“Let’s see if you still got it.”
“Juvie record for popping cars, two years of JD, then another year for aiding and abetting an armed robbery. He’s clean - dirty - but clean.”
“What are you checkin’ her out for?”
“I’m not checkin’ her out.”
“You sure are cozy in this big ol’ mansion, sleepin’ with the enemy ”
“What’s this job got for us anyway?”
“Don’t ever touch me.”
“I didn’t let anyone stare me down in jail, you think I’ma let a fly on the beach?”
“From here on out, I do the talking.”
“You’re always getting in trouble over a female.”
“Look at all this potential out here.”
“Girl you know your boy can help you put that fire out.”
“That’s some artistic shit.”
“Just ‘cause you wear a badge don’t mean you can come in and mess it up for us.”
“Don’t tell me to shut up.”
“You shouldn’t have shown up like you did.”
“If he wanted to shoot you, you wouldn’t be here right now.”
“Gave his mark his car keys and let him disappear, that’s why he’s not a cop anymore.”
“Exit strategy, I like the way that sounds.”
“We just figured those cars you got deserve better drivers, which is why we’re gonna take them off your hands.”
“Loser walks home.”
“The loser hands over his keys.”
“Your engine ain’t as big as your mouth.”
“It’s an oasis in here.”
“He doesn’t trust people who carry badges.”
“You got balls kid, I can appreciate that.”
“Women are a very powerful force.”
“I’ve got a problem with authority.”
“You have nothing to worry about when he’s screaming, it’s when he goes quiet that he goes to work.”
“Don’t play games with me, or you’ll be next.”
“You ever touch another man again, and I’ll kill you.”
“Once you finish the run, they’re putting a bullet in your head.”
“This isn’t about being a good cop anymore, or doing your job, they’re going to kill you.”
“He pay you to keep a straight face like that”
“If we don’t do this then we go to jail, but if we do it then he’s gonna kill us”
“Come on man. Guns, murders, and crooked cops? I was made for this!”
“You’re supposed to be a stone-faced killer, and you’re over there grabbing your seat belt”
“It’s about to get ugly”
“Thanks for saving my ass”
“Don’t drop the soap”
“I hope you know that when he gets out, he’s gonna kill your ass”
“Do you trust me now?”
“I might just stay out here, keep you out of trouble”

Okay but for real I kind of want someone to hold my hand and talk me through gay demisexual Eric Bittle because it’s kind of important to me

like, Bitty who was kind of hoping he could come to Samwell and just kiss and have sex with all the boys he wanted

and it just??? never felt right??? and he was like, “are my standards too high, am I maybe just too anxious, what is my problem” like, the idea of being kissed by his Winter Screw date felt actually repugnant.

it’s part of why he never confessed to Jack, because what if the same thing happened.  What if he went to all the trouble of saying it and then Jack wanted him to be sexual and he popped the clutch again and couldn’t do it.

(What if Jack kissed him, and it felt soft and gentle and perfect.  What if they spent two months skyping before they held hands.  What if they stole kisses in the back of a pickup truck and then shyly sat back up and watched fireworks.  What if they eased into physical intimacy so gradually, so carefully, that Bitty actually found himself wanting more than what they had, instead of less?)

“Decades ago we came barreling around a corner in Onjiva and drove into a T-34 tank. We were just a SAI section in a Buffel. This was a seriously unequal encounter. Like when Bismarck concussed himself bouncing off Eben Etzebeth.

You get two kinds of leopards, Oom Schalk Lourens said, one with more spots and one with fewer spots. But when you come across a leopard in the bush you only do one kind of running. And that’s the fastest kind.

The same applies to a T-34 tank. If you’re in a Ratel I guess it’s different. I hear they knocked out quite a few T-34s. If you’re an NSM BokKop in a Buffel, there’s nothing you learnt in bush-alley shooting that can help you.

You become acutely aware of your shortcomings when facing a Russian tank. A bunch of R4’s, an LMG and a shotgun don’t get you far. I suppose we could’ve used our pikstel knives as well but this wasn’t the time to check inventory.

They said don’t volunteer for anything in the army but in that moment your body commits treason against you. Your anus volunteers to open right there and then in the Buffel.

That’s a secondary and unimportant reaction. Your first response is to scream at the driver to Reverse! All of you, screaming the same thing simultaneously.

At the same time you duck down behind the steel plating. A T-34 cannon is pretty intimidating when you’re facing it from the front. And when it’s job is to erase you from the planet.

Not that ducking down helps much. There’s also that little round bubble on the T-34 with a short barrel poking out. You don’t know if it’s a 7.62 or a 20mm or even a 30mm cannon. Whatever, you suspect it can fire big chunks of Siberian lead right through your Buffel.

Christo, our driver, was now under severe pressure. He had a bunch of screaming, shitting maniacs behind him and a Russian tank in front.

Pressure wasn’t Christo’s thing. He was everyone’s buddy but had cracked in Basics. They were chasing us around with bed frames at 1am when Christo gave in. Sat down, lit a cigarette and told the Instructors to fuck off. THAT was something to witness. Another story for another day.

Point is, he couldn’t take the punch, they said. Let’s keep him away from contacts. Make him a driver. So much for that theory. But now Christo had the chance to redeem himself. Pretty easy, you might think. Just hit reverse gear and back up around the corner.

Maybe his hesitation was influenced by 10 infantryman and a sergeant yelling at him in 3 languages - English, Afrikaans and NuweVloekerei. The last is when you spontaneously construct sentences consisting only of swear words. Bad ones that make you cry when confessing to the Dominee. He also cries.

Some of the swear words are old, the stock ones in your vocabulary. When they don’t work and Christo is grinding the gears trying to find Reverse, you spontaneously invent new words. These involve a combination of the driver’s, your own and everyone else’s mother, including the T-34’s.

The amazing thing is that this new language works. Christo hammered us into Reverse, popped the clutch and we shot backwards faster than a T-34 projectile goes forwards.

Straight into a line of Buffels behind us that veered left and right to avoid a crash. This caused Onjiva’s biggest traffic snarl-up since Antonio the Porto arrived with fresh veggies from Lubango.

On top of the skidding and sliding Buffels a company of BokKops jumped up shouting What’s Your <NuweVloekerei> Problem!?

Kak vraag sit. Go round the corner and see for yourself.

… So last month I walked around London’s Imperial War Museum looking at nice war things like Spitfires and bent steel girders from the World Trade Centre and suicide bomber vests and stuff. Relics from other people’s wars.

Then you walk around a corner straight into the barrel of a T-34 tank. Deja vu. Instinctively I ducked and shouted out the same NuweVloekerei I’d used many years ago. I didn’t know those words were still in my vocabulary.

A museum guide smiled and helped me off the floor. He told me the tank fought at Stalingrad where they defeated the Nazi Panzers. I told him I know this tank. And asked him to take the picture.

We don’t get many visitors who fought against a T-34, he said. I had to correct him. You don’t get many visitors who ran away from a T-34, I said.”

-Veteran Steve De Witt


Etude House Play Color Eyes: 10 Color Palette Swatches and Review!

Super-popular Korean beauty brand Etude House has come up with 2 new 10-color palettes that take fashionable young women through all kinds of occasions, from school and work, to play.

The 10 colours in the So Hot Palette #1 include: Party Gold, Burning Red, Temptation, Naked, Pony Tail, Modern City, Chic Blue, All Night, Snow Queen and Military Khaki.

The 10 colours in the So Chic Palette #2 include Clutch Brow, Coco Brownie, Pop Champagne, French Kiss, Misty Rose, Diva, Glam Forest, Midnight Star, Sparkling Wine and Leopard Brown.

I don’t really need to say too much; these palettes are very smooth and pigmented and the swatches will speak for themselves! There are a couple of shades in each palette which will be less pigmented or chalkier than the others, but most of them are very rich and smooth. The sparkly shades are especially gorgeous and remind me of sparkly shadows from Japanese brands like RMK and Shu Uemura.

My personal favorite is for the So Chic palette (#2) because the shades are more wearable over all. If you prefer a few more dramatic shades like red and burgundy, then the So Hot palette (#1) is for you!

Both palettes are available from 2 Feb 2014 for S$37.90 each.

more au stuff
  • furiosa’s an ex-trucker with some ugly mob ties and a couple cousins in the all-woman biker gang that haunts the fifth street sports bar. she makes a habit of driving her girls home from work, and that’s why she’s there the night some tweaker tries to break into capable’s trailer. 
  • situations like this are also why she keeps a shotgun in the cab of her truck and a concealed carry permit for the glock in her armpit holster. capable defuses the situation by yelling and setting the hose on the skinhead till he freaks and books it.
  • (later, when she finds nux huddled near the garbage cans on the outskirts of the trailer park- sweating, clammy, and freshly cut loose from his gang for being too sick and unreliable to be any good boosting cars- it takes her a while for her to connect the dots between shithead burglars and realize that this was the guy trying to jimmy the lock on her doublewide. Of course by then it’s too late, she’s already hustled him over to the manager’s office to pour coffee down his throat and place a quick call to an off-the-clock EMT she knows who won’t ask any questions.)
  • capable only learned stick because it was the only car she could afford at the time- toast takes to drawling if you can’t FIND ‘em GRIND ‘em till capable wants to pop her head off her neck like a dandelion. nux only has to hear her pop the clutch once before dropping his seat like a shot and hiding from any onlookers who might see him and connect him with the strangled sounds coming from the transmission.
  • everyone in capable’s group of friends is working on their degree and all of them spend hours a week in the community garden they set up in one of the abandoned lots on the outskirts of the city (some kind of Detroit analogue where the economy tanked and there’s thousands upon thousands of abandoned homes). they have some honestly frightening interactions with local toughs until furiosa’s part-time bouncer starts showing up after work to help dig post-holes. eventually cheedo gives him a floppy sunhat.
  • eventually this turns into a huge joint effort to start buying up properties for dirt cheap and start a commune in the middle of the ex-suburbian wasteland. they ransack other abandoned homes for furnishings/ cabinets/ faucets and then they find out that there’s an old park a few blocks away that was put out of commission by the city years ago. the biker grannies show up with rider lawnmowers and whiskey. suddenly the neighborhood kids have a park to play in again. 
  • nux goes to technical school- capable’s working on a two year degree at the community college for social work. their campuses are minutes away from each other, so they start carpooling to class. this is eventually how capable finds out nux has been skipping his chemo appointments. this is how she winds up skipping finals on her last quarter to make sure he goes.
  • the day nux’s hair starts growing back in coincides with the huge neighborhood-wide barbecue that gets thrown a year and a half later- and it’s a good thing the police flat-out don’t respond to calls out in this area because they’ve got concert-grade speakers set up and a whole bunch of ex-cons all crowded into one boozy center. 
  • furiosa wears a midriff shirt and sunglasses. her bouncer/borderline mute hired-help mans the grill until she takes over. 
  • this is the worst thing i have ever written
  • somebody make this stop.