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Author: @kpopfanfictrash , as part of Exordia Academy - a series of ongoing one shots with @bread-jinie​  and @knockknocksoosthere

Creative Content Contributors: moodboard by @baebae-goodnight​ (HELLO ANNNNGEL)

Pairing: reader / Baekhyun

Rating: 18 + (explicit sex)

Word Count: 10,010

Superpower: Aquakinesis

Summary:   Baekhyun thinks he has control over his powers by now. Thinks he’s past that prepubescent age where his sadness brought drizzles and his anger, monsoons. All this though, is before he makes the terrible and horrifying mistake of falling in love with his best friend. You.

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The UpsideDownWhat? - Part 2 - (Steve Harrington xx)

SHOULD THIS BE A SERIES? - This all depends from you guys who are reading this, let me know in the comments or send me a message.

Parts - One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven

Short Description – Steve takes the reader to Dustin’s house to prove that the upside down is a real thing and that he was, in fact, not cheating on you with Nancy.

Pairing - Steve + reader

Warnings - Swearing + Sexual remarks and scenes (Smut - not in this chapter.) + Violence

(A/n) - This is my first attempt of writing an imagine series. If you could maybe comment at the end of this or just send me a message to tell me if it is good and if you want to find out the readers reaction when seeing the demodog for the first time.

Words - 1675 (Kinda short sorry guys)

I DO REQUESTS!!!!! - Fandoms mainly include: Stranger things + Supernatural + Dexter + Vampire Diaries + The Originals + Teen Wolf + Tru Blood etc. (I do A lot more, just didn’t want to type everyone.)

You were the last one to exit the class after the final bell rang for the day. You’ve been trying to ignore Steve the whole day and you just wanted some time to yourself to try and comprehend what was going on. You just couldn’t stop think about the Upside down, or whatever it was called. You grabbed your bag and slowly walked to your locker, once there you had to put the pin code to your lock in a few times, you kept getting it wrong because you were distracted. “Son of a bitch.” You yelled when someone grabbed your arm. “Where have you been all day?” Steve asked, clearly amused because he startled you.

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Peter Parker Dating A Fangirl Would Include...

- Warning: Major spoilers for some fandoms ahead. You have been warned.

- Yo. Peter was looking at a list of school clubs pinned up on the news board and you just. Burst through the front doors, politely kicking people out of the way.

- You saw the news board and shrieked, scaring the boy half to death. He thought you’d be one of those overly happy, preppy girls, but…

- “HoLy FuCk ThEy StArTeD a HaRrY pOtTeR cLuB!!!

- And Peter’s like “!?!?” cuz you sound amazing?

- He comes to the Harry Potter club partly because he liked Harry Potter and partly because you’d be there. (cough, cough, wHIPPED)

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Y’ALL WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not joking we watched the KS close with $19,950, then it was at $19,997, and somehow after closing it hit $20,002!!!!!!!!!

thank you all SO much for your support, thank you to all the last minute backers, thank you Danielle L for that last clutch pledge!!

another day | Park Jimin


Word Count:1900+

Pairing: jimin x reader

You and Jimin can’t always finish things the way you’d like to.

Honestly, it doesn’t make sense how they don’t notice it.

From within the familiar dorm, sounds of laughter and rushed footsteps ring out. In one room, Yoongi and Jin’s room, Jungkook is sprawled across a bed with a pillow stuffed under his chin. Standing beside him is an irritated Jin, more pissed off than anything else as the golden boy continues to purposely pick on every article of clothing Jin even looks too closely at. Sitting in office chairs on the far side of the room is Yoongi and Hoseok. Hoseok is giggling quite childishly as Taehyung continuously spins his black seat round and round, Taehyung happily laughing along with him despite Yoongi’s constant glares and warning looks. From the hall, Namjoon’s heavy footsteps can be heard as he continues to run across the hall from his room to where the other members rest, attempting to usher them along or else they’ll be late.

Seriously, it just doesn’t make sense how they haven’t noticed.

Perhaps their own nonsensical ramblings and screeches cover the lewd moans ringing from the bathroom dangerously close by.

Perhaps Namjoon’s loud voice barking out almost every two minutes cover the obvious thumps stemming from a few doors down.

…Or perhaps the two grinding their sexes against each other are just real fuckin’ lucky.

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Opening Up (Waitress AU) ~ Mistress

A/N: got this idea from my third listen through of the show. Jenna is Pearl, Trixie is Dawn and Kim is Becky. Enjoy. Lemme know if I should continue, but I might just anyway because I’m loving writing it. Lyrics/lines taken directly from the show are in bold.

Summary: “Pearlie, it’s time to pee on a stick.”

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anonymous asked:

HIT ME WITH ALL YOUR BABY CARS HEADCANONS but don't like turn the tumblr post into a book and throw it at my face because that would hurt

I’ll try to keep it short then. I know sometimes I can ramble on for what seems like forever.

  • They’re all naturally curious and are eager to learn how to drive. This can be problematic for parents. There are a lot of ground gears and popped clutches and trips to the doctor.
  • Most have a tendency to sleep-drive. Parent must put up those little fences in their house else suffer the consequences of a wild roaming toddler.
  • They eat and drink A LOT. They need to grow into their adult form. They need sustenance.
  • Easily excitable, also easily scared/caught of guard. They’re growing so fast they constantly want to explore, and they get excited when something new happens. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.
  • Constantly need attention.  This is actually vital for stimulating them and helping them learn and mentally develop properly.