"Our First Kiss Went a Little Like This" – Clustin

It was their first Windsor party and it was more fun than they imagined it to be. The freshmen had fun with what the upperclassmen offered them. Games, food, booze, everything. The music was thumping just loud enough for them to enjoy and not loud enough to keep them from trouble – at least for a while. One blond, Stuart freshman was shitfaced drunk. He was dragged to the party by his brother’s boyfriend to make him “loosen up” much to the joy of a certain Windsor boy, who seemed to be missing in the crowd of adrenaline high bodies. He stumbled around in the dark, looking for the boy with dark hair and was really annoying in the bad way but sometimes in an endearing way. He hated his hugs, he loved his hugs. He hated his company, he loved his company.  He hated his voice, he loved his voice. Austin couldn’t seem to decide most of the time. But now that he was drunk on two shots of vodka and three bottles of beer, he was seeking Clay, wanting to tell him a lot of things. He reached the dance floor and was being jostled around. This didn’t help him find Clay. It didn’t help his balance either. After one particular shove, he was thrown sprawling to the ground. He landed with a thud and everything blurred a little bit before someone hauled him up to his feet and led him out of the dance floor. The laughter was familiar.

“Dude, you are drunk.” It was Clay.

“Ah! Mr. Claw – Clay.” Austin said, leaning into the boy, making them stumble. “Just the boy I was looking for.”

“Since you’re saying that, I can tell that you’re definitely drunk.” Clay laughed and pulled the Stuart out of Windsor house and sat him on the grass. He sat beside him. Austin gave him a goofy smile, a feat in itself. Clay knew he was drunk but he soaked up every moment he had with drunken Austin, who apparently showed more emotion in five minutes than sober Austin did in a whole week. “So, you were looking for me?”

“I,” Austin said, pointing to himself, making Clay laugh, “hate you sometimes.” He poked Clay and he had to admit, that kinda stung. “You’re so annoying. But sometimes, I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t?” Clay started to smile wider.

“Well, not just sometimes.” Austin chuckled. “Most of the time. I don’t hate you most of the time. I may look like I do but I don’t.”

“That’s good to know, Austin.” Clay chuckled and looked up at the heavens. The universe was teasing him with a totally gorgeous boy who he happened to like who happened to be completely drunk and up for probably anything. But he wouldn’t do that to Austin. He was better than that… But if Austin were to… Nah, he didn’t think it would happen.

“Woah, everything’s like… spinning.” Austin laughed and lied down on the grass. “Weeeeee.”

“God, I wish you were drunk all the time.” Clay said over his shoulder.

“But then I’d die.” Austin said and there was a beat of silence before he started laughing. “Hey, hey, Clay. Guess what.” The blond sat up again and knelt beside the dark haired boy. He turned his head and caught the overpowering smell of alcohol.


“Your face…” Austin burped into Clay’s face.

“Oh dude, that’s gro –”

Austin pressed a finger on Clay’s lips. The Windsor blushed at the contact. “Your face… I like that shit.” Clay’s eyes grew wide and before he could reply, Austin was taking his lips into a sloppy kiss. Something Clay took control over, refined it, and made it better, once he realized that he was kissing the very Austin he’s been craving to kiss since freshman orientation.

“Austin, you alright?” Clay murmured, eyes glued to his homework. When he recieved no answer, Clay looked up at his study buddy (Austin hated the term, but that just made Clay say it more)

“Austin? Are you even awake?” Clay asked incredulously. Still no answer. Clay checked his watch - it said 23:36. Already? Although to be fair, it wasn’t the first time they had studied late into the night. At least they weren’t in the library this time.

Clay smiled fondly at Austin, who was sprawled an the floor of Clay’s dorm, surrounded by textbooks. Austin shivered and scrunched his nose up like a kitten. (Which was adorable.) Then Austin shifted, rolling onto his back in an effort to find a more comfotable position.

Clay abandoned his homework and moved over the Austin. Carefully, he placed one arm around Austin’s shoulders and hooked the other under his knees. He lifted Austin and carried him over to his bed, placing him gently down onto the sheets, trying his best not to wake him.

He pulled off Austin’s shoes and pulled the covers over him. Austin curled up into a ball and snuggled deeper into the sheets. Chuckling quietly, Clay turned back to his homework.

(The next morning when the Tweedles burst into Clay’s room, only to find Austin snoozing in his bed, they both gave him proud looks that persisted for the rest of the day.)

Clustin Headcanon

(I may make this into a one-shot, ‘cause I kinda like the idea)

Clay’s dad is awesome. He really loves Clay, and likes to be involved in his life, but isn’t over-protective and embarrassing. They have a really good relationship, and when Clay had told him that he was gay, he was fully supportive (AKA he pulled a Burt Hummel).

Austin’s relationship with his parents , however, is…well, he doesn’t really have one. (He calls Cordelia his parent, even though she’s about as far from it as you can get)He doesn’t talk to his parents unless he has to. But because he grew up like that, he thought that all parents were like that, so it didn’t really bother him.

So, when Clay’s parents came to one of the Warblers performaces, when Clay saw his parents, he immediately ran over to them and hugged them. Austin was really confused, becausewhy would anyone hug their parents?But then he saw all the other parents with their kids, who were all hugging or chatting, and he was just stood there alone, because his parents had called him to say that they weren’t coming.

Clay had them come over and introduced him to his parents, and they were really nice to him, and Austin was just standing there like:

'Why are there people being so kind? I’m not even their son.’

And when they were performing, Clay’s parents keptsmilingat him, and when they finished, they congratulated him on his singing. Austin would never admit it, but, as strange as it was, he had kind of liked it. It was almost like being loved.

anonymous asked:

Could you please write me a Clustin drabble, it's been a long time since I've read any new ones and I kinda miss it...

“Austin, hey, Austin!” Clay called. Austin turned around in his seat, only to be met with a lapful of hyperactive teenager.

“Clay. Get off me. Now.” Austin ordered bluntly, unused to anybody being in his personal space. Clay ingnored him, wrapping his arms around the Stuart’s neck and nuzzling against his cheek.

Austin squirmed uncomfortable, trying to push Clay off him. He’d never really been this close to another person before, and it was kind of freaking him out a little bit.

Finally, Clay released him, standing up and pulling Austin up out of his chair, a relaxed grin covering his face. Austin took an immediate step backwards, glad to have his personal space back again.

“Austin? You alright? You’re looking a bit pale.” Clay asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. We should get to class.” Austin replied.

And as the two boys walked down the corridor, Austin was sure to put a bit of space between them.

But not as much as the previous day.