So we know that the death of a clustermate doesn’t meant the death of the cluster… but it must suck so much to be the last one standing. To be trapped inside just your own head after living your life across 7 other people, constantly in contact, never really alone, always surrounded by a love you cannot doubt because you can feel it the same way you feel the rest of them. When the others are gone, do you lose the knowledge you had because of them (the languages, the skills, etc)? Do the last two go down together if nothing forcibly separates them? What happens, I need to know…

limbic resonance

by purplevanity

“You know,” she says, “It’s weird how my best friend is a cop in the Philippines I’ve never even met.”

He rests his chin on the top of her head. “And my best friend is an American doctor who’s distracted on the job, it seems.”

Lexa tells Clarke that love within the cluster is the worst kind of narcissism.

Bellamy begs to differ.

(Bellarke + Sense8 clustermates AU.)

Words: 3000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of the 100 fusions

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Let's Talk About Sense8!

Let’s all have a chat because I don’t think you guys truly understand what a fucking bomb ass show this is, alright?

So, the basic premise is that these eight complete strangers from around the world have this crazy, “second birth,” and all of their minds become connected in amazing ways. They can sense everything that the others in their clusters feel as well as helping a clustermate out when they are in need!

I know this concept sounds super fucking SciFi, but it’s executed so well! But let’s talk about the real reasons you need to watch Sense8– the characters.

Never before have I fallen in love with every single main character on a TV show. They each are living their own lives and struggles while still helping keep each other safe… It’s really going to play with your feels to see it. Not to mention the cast is SUPER FUCKIN DIVERSE BRUH.

Will is a cop from Chicago. His first real arc involves him trying to piece together what exactly is happening to Nomi (trying not to spoil it here), and then another arc involves him once again saving one of the cluster. He’s the typical good cop archetype, but he’s fucking adorable, okay?

Riley is an Icelandic DJ who has dealt with some really, really shitty things in her life. I can’t even get into it. She seems a little, “special snowflake-y,” at first, but that goes away as soon as you realize what she’s had to go through in life and how strong of a person she really is.

Kala is a pharmacist from Mumbai who is a total sweetheart and is also engaged to a man she doesn’t love. She’s a bad ass, super-educated, awesome woman. She manages to balance religion and science and has a love for the Hindu god Ganesha.

Wolfgang is a criminal from Germany who gets on the wrong side of a crime boss when he steals some diamonds. We don’t know much about his past, but he had an abusive father. He also kicks major ass.

Sun is a South Korean businesswoman and also an underground martial arts fighter. Like, seriously. She kicks ass. She also feels the need to protect her brother and father even though they’ve treated her like shit her entire life, and she has to make a big decision on whether or not to save them.

Capheus is my favorite member of the cluster. A Kenyan living in Nairobi, Capheus makes a living driving a bus to and from the city center from his small village. He tries to provide as much as he can for his mother who is dying of AIDS. He’s the heart of the group and always finds a reason to be happy, even when things are rough.

Nomi is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. She’s a political hacktivist and happens to be transsexual. Even better? She’s a lesbian. Even greater? She’s dating Amanita who’s played by the lovely Freema Agyeman. They have one of the best arcs in the entire show and the best relationship.

Lito is an actor from Mexico City and is a closeted gay man. His arc involves his lovely boyfriend Hernando and his beard-turned-roommate, Daniela. Lito and Hernando are in a close second behind Amanita and Nomi as far as the best relationship because you can really tell that their love for each other is real and it will make your heart ache, especially Dani.

Well, I hope I have been convincing enough with this little introduction, please do yourself a favor and watch the show, I promise you’ll love it!