MARCH 17 2012

Stressed Out (lethbridge)
best band in alberta hands down.

two brothers beating the hell out of their instruments.

peter is the best human.
he plays in this band.
i hope they’re as good as he is.


kyle has really outdone himself with this poster!
nice work bud
Trevor Noah Takes Up Carson's Challenge To Prove Obama Was Vetted
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The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah was more than happy to take up Ben Carson’s challenge to prove that the media put President Obama through the same sort of scrutiny that Carson is crying about facing now.

Never mind the birtherism, or the clips played in an endless loop on ClusterFox by the likes of Sean Hannity and his pals of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, or questions about whether President Obama is a Muslim, and his books being dissected line by line by the right for anything they could go after him for, Carson wants us to believe that he’s the most persecuted man on the planet because the media is taking a closer look at some of the downright insane claims he’s made in some of his books and during his lectures over the years.

As Noah pointed out this Monday, that just isn’t so: Trevor Noah destroys Carson’s claim that media is treating him worse than Obama:

Daily Show host Trevor Noah accepted Ben Carson’s challenge on Monday and sunk the Republican presidential candidate’s claim that then-Sen. Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign was treated with kid gloves by the press.

“Yeah, so they vetted Obama to the point where they questioned whether he was a legitimate natural-born American citizen,” Noah observed. “But at least no one ever accused Obama of not stabbing a guy.”

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