cluster chord

music hoe things
  • writing lyrics and realising u sound like an angsty 12 yr old
  • every song has the same 4 chords probably?????
  • bitter hatred of sopranos
  • ‘one-y and a two-y and a’ 
  • theres at least 3 kids in ur choir who worship eric whitacre
  • + whenever theres a cluster chord in a song one of them probably goes “hey that sounds like whitacre”
  • “why did ashley get the solo….her tone is SO forward” 
  • school admin not giving a shit abt music classes/students???????
  • when u improv harmonise in thirds and ppl think ur some kind of genius
  • best part of the movie is the soundtrack
  • why tf do certain note combos make me so happy??? story at 11
  • finding out berklee tuition and crying
  • finding out juilliard acceptance rate and crying
  • just crying bc music in general . fuck it who needs it
  • this hoe. me.  i do. i need it 

Langgaard - Music of the Spheres

Would you believe me if I told you this was written before 1920? Because it sounds like an anachronistic disciple of Ligeti and Scriabin. Polytonal cluster chords, mixing wordless choir and organ for added color, playing directly on the strings of a piano, shimmering and ethereal, mysticism at its best

must have:
1. oddness - catdog FAST
3. manychord - rugrots SLOW
7. modulateeverything SLOW
8. phone call - car show MID
24. what’s for dinner MID
29. easy FAST
53. jowl PS SLOW angry birds

2. oddity PS MID
4. moresurrealdubstep
5. dnb with mud P
6. morph b didn’t work S
9. damaged chord (lots of vel modulating) P
10. richter dnb (with the wusik cluster chords) PS FAST
11. psych reading (the one that samples andrew sisters) S
12. clicker (staccato juno) P angry bird
13. told (funky malcoun drum, great bridge) P
14. ninoiho - music festival S
15. infobeetle P
16. weirdfunk (echoing synthtom) PS FAST
17. sharp fuzz S
18. psychwaltz
19. 10 idm (citizen)
20. lazy bones PS SLOW
21. elfman SP FAST
22. aeoidf (jan 2013)
23. grunger P
25. static (very) S
26. spy
27. immediately S
28. waking up at night S could be P, SLOW
30. dada bass
31. maybe make a song (would fit better on a rocky album)
32. spression PS SLOW
33. layer fake acoustic
34. berlin mouse S
35. afterdance shifthorns PS FAST
36. trooplets S
37. at peace S
38. arched maid carrier P
39. spike
40. laughcry P
41. trash breeze opiate
42. saurus (might sound shitty)
43. adding elephants
44. timmy is ill
45. ghost grime S
46. goodmonth jerry SP MID
47. zick jits
48. lets get mojo back
49. notice the f
50. polymer SP SLOW
51. spawn mountain
52. betty (only for its rhythm)

54. newdruq PS FAST
55. bonanza PS SLOW
56. monopoly PS FAST
57. mango PS MID
58. shrubb break PS MID angry bird
59. sunburnt nitro  PS MID