Fall/Winter hues and textures. Suede, flannel, denim - everything to keep you warm and stylish throughout the colder months.


  • Dalmine Knitwear
  • Carmina Shoes
  • Jacob Cohen Denim
  • Clusier Dress Shirts
  • Merola Gloves
  • Paolo Albizzati Ties
  • Sport Coats by Samuelsohn, LBM 1911, Pal Zileri, LUBIAM, and Reporter.
Clusier Style Essentials: Four Ways to Fold Your Square

Whether made from cotton, linen, wool or silk, there are no strict rules about how to fold a pocket square. Still, there are the established forms which every man should know. There are more than four ways to fold a pocket square, regardless of the chosen material; however each material has its natural tendencies which should be taken into account when deciding how to fold it. Here are four ways to fold a pocket square but have fun experimenting there are many more! What makes the pocket square so charming is that it can add a level of nonchalance to an otherwise structured environment, so it’s okay if its not always neat and tidy. If anything, it shouldn’t be!

Earth tones to the rescue!

When in doubt, throw in a second earth tone. Brown is always a compliment to blue, but spice up your casual look this fall by incorporating a flattering green pair of chinos - or in this case, jeans.

Gran Sasso blouson + Eton sport shirt + Paige denim + Anderson’s woven belt + Cole Haan kicks