cluny lace


Cluny lace FAQ and tutorial!

Since I’ve been using this stuff for an upcoming project of mine a lot of my friends have been asking me about Cluny lace, so I decided to make this mini FAQ and tutorial!

What is Cluny lace? Cluny lace sturdy bobbin lace for clothing and interior decoration made by hand or machine of linen or cotton thread and characterized by wheat or wheel designs on a coarse mesh.

Cluny lace has been used in women’s costume since the late 18th century and is both accurate and appropriate for many historical garments, especially ladies fashions.

Why else is Cluny lace awesome? It comes in hundreds of different styles and sizes, from extremely chunky patterns to delicate net. Since Cluny lace is made of either cotton or linen it can be starched for extreme stiffness, washed for softness or dyed a huge variety of colours.

Cluny lace is easy to use and is an extremely versatile lace. Many larger laces come with hidden threads to gather without running your own stitch. It’s also very easy to attach different laces together to create huge panels and intricate designs, you can also trim the lace to customize the shape and size which is especially handy for cosplay.

Beware, once you use cotton and silk laces it is difficult to go back! I just can’t handle using polyester laces anymore because it can look very cheap in comparison, especially when used for historical costuming. You can’t starch polyester laces (not very well anyway) they can’t take a lot of wear and tear and they don’t have nearly the range of sizing and style. It’s also not that much cheaper, and can be even more expensive in some cases.

Click the photos above for a short tutorial on gathering and combining lace with notes in the captions!

For more information you can send me a note or use google, happy lace…ing.