That thing about how cats think humans are big kittens is a myth, y’know.

It’s basically born of false assumptions; folks were trying to explain how a naturally solitary animal could form such complex social bonds with humans, and the explanation they settled on is “it’s a displaced parent/child bond”.

The trouble is, cats aren’t naturally solitary. We just assumed they were based on observations of European wildcats - but housecats aren’t descended from European wildcats. They’re descended from African wildcats, which are known to hunt in bonded pairs and family groupings, and that social tendency is even stronger in their domesticated relatives. The natural social unit of the housecat is a colony: a loose affiliation of cats centred around a shared territory held by alliance of dominant females, who raise all of the colony’s kittens communally.

It’s often remarked that dogs understand that humans are different, while cats just think humans are big, clumsy cats, and that’s totally true - but they regard us as adult colonymates, not as kittens, and all of their social behaviour toward us makes a lot more sense through that lens.

They like to cuddle because communal grooming is how cats bond with colonymates - it establishes a shared scent-identity for the colony and helps clean spots that they can’t easily reach on their own.

They bring us dead animals because cats transport surplus kills back to the colony’s shared territory for consumption by pregnant, nursing, or sick colonymates who can’t easily hunt on their own. Indeed, that’s why they kill so much more than they individually need - it’s not for fun, but to generate enough surplus kills to sustain the colony’s non-hunting members.

They’re okay with us messing with their kittens because communal parenting is the norm in a colony setting, and us being colonymates in their minds automatically makes us co-parents.

It’s even why many cats are so much more tolerant toward very small children, as long as those children are related to one of their regular humans: they can tell the difference between human adults and human “kittens”, and your kittens are their kittens.

Basically, you’re going to have a much easier time getting a handle on why your cat does why your cat does if you remember that the natural mode of social organisation for cats is not as isolated solitary hunters, but as a big communal catpile - and for that purpose, you count as a cat.


Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar Crossover (part 6) - Frozen:

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Ohw Marinette you little clumsy cutie pie

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BTS as cats
  • Jin: pretty, fluffy cat with a pink bow on the head
  • Rapmon: clumsy cat that breaks everything but is really cute and cuddly
  • Suga: sleepy cat, can nap 3 days in a row, looks fluffy and cute but bite if you touch/disturb
  • Jimin: smol little cute fluffy cat that is so cuddly and adorable asdfghjkl
  • Taehyung: the cat that hangs out with dogs bc he thinks he is a dog..
  • (J-hope and Jungkook was not mentioned because Hobi is simply a flower not a cat and Jungkook is a bunny)
Closer than you think

Fandom: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, 
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance & Humor
Pairings: Adrienette, LadyNoir and MariChat
Summary: Adrien had always thought he was calm, collected and reasonable… yet one sentence proved him wrong.

One Sentence.

That’s all it took.

One measly sentence and all you ever thought had been disregarded and replaced with irrationality and lack of control… wait… no that would only be Adrien…

Currently he’s dangling off a tree branch… by his foot. Honestly how could he be this clumsy, he’s a cat for miraculous sake! But that wasn’t the worst part, no, the worst part was that he was dangling in front of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and he was currently Chat Noir.

Maybe as Adrien he could slick past the hairy situation, but as Chat that wasn’t going to happen. And Marinette was not entirely happy with Chat… more like livid.

To be fair on his part, this whole mess could be explained calmly.

That darn sentence started it all.

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you know that Parent Reflex that… parents have??? dex and chowder definitely have that.

it’s not because of hockey, it’s bc of nursey… he’s just so…. clumsy. they have cat like reflexes bc of it. the team ends up making a game of it between chowder and dex. the most awesome Parent Save gets points. the cooler the more points.

something happens at a party they’re throwing and nursey ends up pulling the tablecloth with him, chowder yanks it faster and makes all the food stay. 350 points right there. they’re having a team dinner and nursey is bringing over a tin of grilled chicken but stumbles forward. dex grabs the tin before it spills and brings an arm up to stop nursey from falling on the table. 330 points, double save.

there’s a hall of fame and there ends up being pool on who will actually get the Grandmaster of Saves.

On Miraculous Holders

Okay so many of us agree that the miraculous wielder has something opposite about them that their miraculous balances out, right? So this has brought me to actually thinking about what my “dream team” of wielders would be, so here I go!

Ladybug: Marinette. Obviously. Her miraculous, being the one of good luck, balances out her bad luck (e.g. always being in Chloe’s class, clumsiness, etc.).

Cat Noir: Adrien. Again, the two obvious ones here. Adrien seems to have good luck, what with being rich and all, but that’s really just the surface of his life. However, it’s definitely enough to balance out his miraculous.

Jade Turtle (?): Nino. (@thelastpilot I love you turtle mother!!!) While I am TOTALLY on board the theory of the other five miraculouses being based off of the Chinese elements, I am going to use the actual turtle persona instead of the previous good/bad luck thing. Nino is a very young and “hip” person; we know he loves dancing and dj-ing. He can also be very headstrong, as seen when he gets akumatized. The patience and wisdom of a turtle would totally balance Nino out, and if you disagree go read The Weight of Jade by thelastpilot and you will be convinced I promise.

Volpina: Alya. Sorry not sorry, I really don’t like Lila. If you think she should get a redemption arc that ends with a miraculous, that’s fine, but I’m capping my dream team redemptions at one. Aya is very up-front about everything, and she is constantly trying to figure out the truth. The sneakiness of a fox would balance out her boldness, and the power of illusions (if that’s what the actual miraculous wielder would get) balances out her love of the truth perfectly.

Queen Bee (?): Chloe. Yeah, it’s very cliche. I’m actually still kind of on the fence about it, but now I’m coming around with this whole opposites/balancing things out thing. If Chloe could get a (well executed, I’m sure) redemption arc, then the bee miraculous actually does suit her. Not for the “Queen Bee” pun, but again for the balance. Chloe has been spoiled her whole life, never working for anything. Bees are super hard workers, and this balances her out beautifully. That, and bees are actually super nice until you piss them off, while Chloe is always pissed. Balance! These are the only reasons I hesitantly support Queen Bee! Chloe, because character design has nothing to do with the current canon heroes.

Peacock Superhero: Nathaneal. I’ve seen him paired with the fox miraculous before, and it’s super cute but I would still give that to Alya. No, in my dream team Nath gets the peacock miraculous. It fits him perfectly, because here is this really shy, quiet boy, and BOOM! He could become a peacock, super flamboyant and eye-catching. It is my personal opinion that Nathaneal deserves a miraculous, because he is probably the kindest person (from what we’ve seen) in this whole series. Even as an akuma, he’s just a little sweetheart. His disposition and the whole balancing thing work perfectly to give him a miraculous, peacock especially.

Okay, so that’s all six that are currently good/not in use… so what about after the eventual defeat of Hawk Moth?

Monarch (?): Prince Ali. Arguably one of the nicest characters alongside Rose and Nathaneal, Ali is another character who has a disposition fitting for a miraculous. Like Chloe, his name makes a great pun, but that’s not what we are looking for. Butterflies are changing creature, from a caterpillar to in-between-goo to a butterfly. Hawk Moth’s power is also to prey upon those with weak emotions. As a prince, Ali is already expected to be a “butterfly” when he could still be considered a caterpillar or even that goo in the chrysalis. His duties need him to be a veritable rock that doesn’t ever change, and with a stretch we can assume he is not supposed to reveal too many of his emotions. The moth/butterfly miraculous would be a great counterpart for Ali, and would give him an outlet for him to really help people, seeing as he is really passionate about that.

So, that is my dream team! Feel free to add anything if you so wish, I would love to hear what people think of this. My opinions probably won’t change, but I still enjoy hearing what other people’s dream teams are.


so 2015 was kind of a mixed bag but, on the plus side, it was the year that yielded some excellent pictures of my cat

bts as cats

(requested by @sugasensei )

namjoon: the confused and clumsy cat that topples the plants over and walks into doors and gets stuck in the weirdest empty spaces ever

jimin: the affectionate cat that gives eskimo kisses and rubs its little nose up and down its owner’s nose; likes to sleep curled up in laps as it gets stroked

taehyung: the cat that chases its own tail, barks instead of purring, gets amazed by its own reflection in the bathtub

yoongi: the fluffy cat that sleeps for, like, 15 hours a day and gets frustrated at the neighbour’s dog for interrupting his quality naps

jungkook: the little kitten that doesn’t know its limits; dangling dangerously over furniture and scratching the side of chairs because its always bored, but knows it can get away with it because of its cuteness

jin: the i’m-better-than-you prized cat that is picky with its food and enjoys grooming; secretly likes wearing little pieces of clothing and only responds to Princess.

hoseok: the precious cat that runs to the door when the owner comes home from work, purring sweetly as it rubs against the owner’s leg and demands for belly rubs