PanPan had to be taken to the vet after a fall this morning. I was upstairs when I heard him crash, and found him by following a trail of leg fur. I’m not sure where he fell from but… Nothing is broken, and he didn’t need stitches. He has to have an ointment put on the ouchie, and has to wear the cone until it’s healed so he doesn’t lick the ointment. It’ll probably be a week. Poor clumsy catten.


The Little Boutique on Hollywood that Could : Lallure Moves, Changes Name to Eponymous Label “Clumsy Cat”     

    If you never got a chance to visit Lallure on Hollywood, first of all, shame on you, second, you don’t have to beat yourself up over the store closing, for the ex-Lallure girls, that includes Arisa, Roxy, and Abbey, have simply moved down the street.      I first found out about Lallure through a friend and always passed by it walking down Hollywood Boulevard, I even snapped a street style photo of the girls that worked there (long before I even know them by their names). However, I never walked in. First time I actually visited the store was over Labor Day weekend and lets just say I wasn’t all there (I’ll leave that up for interpretation). Through Lallure’s Instagram account I found out that the store was moving out so I figured this would be a great opportunity to snap a couple of pics., mingle a tad, and be amongst good company.  Oh- yeah, there was also that 75% discount off of everything in the store that compelled me to pay a visit before the revelries began (hello, nude, muslin scarf at $7.00, yoink, in the closet you go).      

   Lallure was an eclectic mix of everything vintage, Tokyo street-chic and must-haves. The new boutique, dubbed Clumsy Cat, will feature everything Lallure did in the past but with the introduction of Arisa and Roxy’s fashion label of the same name. You can come take a look for yourself at this Friday’s grand opening party. So mark it on your calendars boys and girls, you don’t want to miss this. Check the information on the flyer above for address and details and I’ll see you there!     

   Be sure to follow Clumsy Cat on tumblr. You’ll be up to date with store info., sales, where to buy, and chic cat related paraphernalia. And if you’re not in L.A. and want to shop, visit the Clumsy Cat store. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

Johnny Valencia

The LA Fashion Report

cats are scared of dumbass things

so my cat just followed my mum into the room and accidentally shut the door with her tail and i have stuff on my door that jingles and for some reason it scared her she she tried to run forward to my mums legs for protection but she tripped on my hoodie (which was on the floor) and it slid under my bed (because all my cats are really tiny) and then it crawled out from underneath and jumped up onto my bed for a cuddle like she was trying to pretend we didn’t see her clumsyness. she legit does stuff like this all the time. Her two babies (who aren’t babies and are only a year younger that her making them 3) delight in messing with their poor mum. But they can only do this in the house because outside she becomes this fearless killer