clumsy was good too

  • what she says: I'm okay.
  • what she means: Why is Kim Namjoon rapper of BTS not getting any love. Why do they not like him? He is such a great human being who deserves love and kindness and does not deserve hate. he has done nothing wrong for people to treat him like this. He's such a kind, clumsy, adorable dork who is too good for this world. #LoveNamjoon
It's so hard being a bard

As a gamer, I’m a rogue. I’ve always been a rogue. Rogue. Blade. Archer. Assassin. Corsair. Bard. Ranger. I play them all. I wield daggers with finesse, am one with my bow, and move so gracefully in stealth that I am Silent Death.

In real life, I can’t even hold a butterknife without dropping it, I stumble over my own feet, and in archery class I almost lost my right nipple and half my boob when it got snapped by my bowstring after releasing a full draw.


I’m a rogue in my heart but in real life my boobs are too big and I’m too clumsy. Thank goodness for gaming.

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send me ✗ for my muse to fall on yours and land on top of them

Dragaur was walking up a set of the stairs in the park when he glanced up from his feet and saw the Draenei he had met the other day. He stopped with a smirk as she was coming down the stairs. “Hey Neyti…”

That was all he got out because as soon as she heard him she looked up and tripped or slipped and came tumbling at him. A moment later they were at the bottom of the stairs the draenei on top of him. He groaned and smirked up at her as they happened to land nose to nose. “Good to see you too clumsy hooves…”

I will tell you why I think Namjoon is the dad of BTS.
Okay so Joonie’s very clumsy, and too smart for his own good, he’s a bit of a dork and, well yeah, it does seems like he doesn’t fit the dad role BUT.

Namjoon is the Leader. Do you know what it means? It means that even if we don’t witness it, Namjoon knows everything that goes through the other members’ minds and it’s most definitly always HIM who solves the problems, who helps the members when it’s tough for them. Bangtan is literally his baby, you know? This group was created because of him.

Also, look how this adorable goofball acts around the maknae line. He laughs with them, he inspires them (have you seen how Kookie looks at Namjoon? He literally looks like a son amazed by his father sometimes seriously) also sometimes he’s totally done with their shit, yes, even with Yoongi’s shit (“INFIRES MAN!” “Ugh it’s not Infires, it’s Inspires…”)

And you can’t talk about daddy Namjoon without mentionning his relationship with mommy Seokjin. Have you seen how these two interact when it comes to the Kids? Literally they’re always talking about them like parents doting on their babies. Also Namjoon looks at Jin like he’s his entire world and it’s amazing and adorable, and the way they hold each other without even realizing it, and their inside and /or lame jokes, like bro they’re married, fight me on that.

Anyway. In my opinion, even though Joonie isn’t they oldest one, even though he’s not in charge of reparing stuff in the dorm (his job is more about breaking stuff tbh but anyway…) he is the real spiritual dad and it’s the one thing that matters the most. (My dad is a lot like Namjoon and I grew up just fine… I guess?)

Title: Baby, Put A Ring On It

Author: jeulchen

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: nc17

Genre: romance, comedy, drama

Summary:  Baekhyun finds his handsome roommate to be cocky in more ways that one. Sometimes, he would think of plans to kick the boy out of his apartment only to end up lying in the couch and wondering why he’s having sex with the him. Park Chanyeol is a dumb guy who’s too tall and too clumsy and too good of a cook. Baekhyun thinks he should really kick him out. 


Admin notes: LOVED this fic. It’s a story about stranger>acquaintances>friends with benefits>lovers>idiots hahaha. The smut is really good, but my favorite thing about this story was its comedy, the perfect chemistry between them, and the blurred line between friendship and love. BE SURE TO READ IT. NO REGRETS. Not even one letter.

-admin 04

EXO react to being in The Hunger Games

Aw! Thank you! It really means so much when our followers request so sweetly.

Xiumin: The others underestimate him because of his size and squishy cheeks, but he’s actually one of the strongest, and had been raised as a career tribute. He makes it nearly to the end before being ambushed.

Luhan: Athletic and quick, he escapes the cornucopia with supplies and a weapon, getting very close to winning and creating strong alliances that he is loathe to break. Capitol sponsors love him and he gets lots of parachutes.

Kris: Big and has very good aim with bow and arrow, but too clumsy, he ends up tripping over his own feet and falling into a deep ravine, though he’s managed to eliminate a few on the first day at the cornucopia.

(Can I take a moment to say how impressed I am with his form?! He knows his anchor point, back elbow is at the right height, isn’t hyper-extending, and after releasing, his hand immediately moves back to his shoulder. So proud. ㅠㅠ)

Suho: Not actually in the games - he’s a kid from the Capitol who gets really invested in watching every year, he ends up sponsoring food or medicine for most of the tributes because he just loves them all so much.

Lay: He didn’t want to kill, but he actually manages to lure a few into traps because he wants so badly to get back to his family. He doesn’t make it out, but his death is the most poignant and he’s one of the most beloved tributes.

Baekhyun: The first to die. The other tributes, with a few exceptions, got so annoyed with him at the training center, that all weapons point at him before he can manage to leave the bloodbath at the cornucopia.

Chen: He is the best at tricking others into traps, leaving them strung up to be killed by the the gamemaker’s new tricks, playing pranks on the others which lead them to kill each other. The capitol citizens love him.

Chanyeol: Though he was laughing and goofy throughout training, when the time came, he’d brutally murder the other tributes to save himself, eventually going mad, going on a killing spree, then dying from dehydration.

DO: The eventual winner, he was overlooked and let the others kill each other off, staying out of the way until the end, when he put poison berries into one of the sponsored gift parachutes, and sent it down to his enemy from above.

Tao: Originally a frontrunner because he’s so good at combat and weapons, he’d actually die very quickly, so scared of the things in the dark that his own weapon knocks him out and he falls from a tree branch, breaking his neck.

Kai: Raised as a career tribute, he’s been preparing since he was young, and is agile, jumping from tree to tree, but at the cornucopia bloodbath, he is injured and because he keeps going, it gets worse and he dies from infection.

Sehun: He’d work hard at training, annoying others at how quickly he learns and he remembers those who bully him, going after them during the games, eventually getting caught, but his attacker won’t get away unscathed.

- Admin J