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Mousy Ears?

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Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Request: Could I request an imagine where Arthur questions merlin as to why the reader refers to him as mouse ears and he will sometimes retort back to her saying “clumsy little moose”, but poor merlin goes red when he mentions it. Then the reader walks in and says “ Hi mousy ears. ”, and gives merlin a kiss on the cheek, leaving a very blushing merlin to explain things to Arthur.

Word Count: 406

Merlin was cleaning Arthur’s chamber, something that he had grown used to doing on a daily basis. He never knew how someone could make such a mess in one day, but Arthur had proven to be baffling. There was always clothes strewn across the floor, the bed was never made and the desk always looked like a storm had gone through and destroyed it, but that was just how Arthur worked.

Merlin’s head popped up when he heard the doors creak open, signalling to him that Arthur was entering the room. “So, Merlin, I noticed that you and Y/N have become quite close over the past few months.” Merlin groaned loudly.

Arthur laughed at Merlin’s distress and continued, “But I can’t think of why she calls you ‘mouse ears’. Could you explain that?” The smirk on Arthur’s face was triumphant.

Merlin looked down, a blush coating his cheeks, engulfing his ears in a red sheen. He didn’t answer Arthur right away though, he waited until the door opened once again, hoping that it was someone who wanted Arthur’s presence somewhere else. But with his luck it just had to be you, walking into Arthur’s chambers with a pile of shirts. Merlin shook his head fiercely at you, trying to get you to turn back, to run from the inevitable embarrassment that Arthur would force the two of you through. You didn’t listen though.

You walked over to Merlin and took a place beside him. “Hello, mousy ears.” You giggled at his blush and kissed his cheek.

“Hello my clumsy little moose.” Merlin returned, giving up on trying to hide the relationship the two of you had from Arthur any longer.

You smiled and skipped out of the room, leaving Merlin to unsuccessfully try and explain the pet names that the two of you had given to the other. “Isn’t calling her a clumsy moose a little rude?” Arthur quipped, making the blush on Merlin’s cheeks even redder than it was before, if that was even possible.

“Well, it’s not supposed to be, I mean it’s a pet name and it’s something that is only between us and…you wouldn’t get it well you might but that doesn’t mean I’m going to explain it to you.” Arthur’s eyebrows rose as he watched his servant babble on uncontrollably.

“That’s quite alright, mousy ears.” Merlin groaned loudly and watched as Arthur laughed his way out of the room.

(This is really short and I’m sorry for that, but I still hope that you like it!)

Jealousy. (deanXreader)

words: 1275
warnings: fluff, jealousy, smut, dom!dean
request: deangirl28

summary: You and sam are best friends and have always flaunted that by cuddling and laughing. When Dean gets fed up he confronts you on it, but gets scared and leaves. You go to his room to make things right, when Dean’s eyes fill with lust. For you.

A/N: Haha, dom!dean is like air, I need it. Leave requests!!

Masterlist Xx

“Sammy, where the hell is the pancake mix?!” you shouted from the kitchen, digging in all the cupboards.
“How would I know?” he laughed, sitting at the table researching on his laptop.
“Oh I don’t know? Maybe because you always hide the shit I want,” you grinned.

He scoffed and walked up to you, pulling open the toppest cupboard. Dangling on the very top shelf was the one thing you were craving, pancake mix. You stuck your tongue out at him and jumped, trying to reach the box.

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Heeeello! :D May I ask you if you know when are you gonna sell more G&G comics?

YES! soon!! this upcoming weekend i should be doing more charms, but this week (once i get my paycheck!) i will be ordering more copies of g'n'g!!

Anonymous said:

What animal matches up to each SPN cast? GO!

wait, like, all of them!? because jensen would totally be a tiger (one of those ones that looks super serious and killer and majestic but plays with those giant yoga fitness ball things) and jared would totally be a very clumsy moose, misha would be an oddly fit kitten, and for some reason the next person i thought of was julian richings as a giraffe

rob benedict would be a trained housebunny, richard speight would be close but probably a jackrabbit, matt cohen would be an over-excited lab and seb roche would be a very inappropriate chihuahua, mark sheppard would be an owl and–and–

for some reason that’s all i can think of right now omg