clumsy forever

I need someone to love the whole package of my personality

-Fi: idealism and the need to live it, the highest priority and sacredness of personal morals and emotions, compassion, high sensitivity, struggling with opening up and talking about feelings, need for private space and independence, passion, devotion, and intensity of feeling, uncompromising, valuing individuality and equality, soft and gentle, strong likes and dislikes, extremely introverted, innocence and purity, authenticity, feeling isolated and different, all-or-nothing-attitude, protective, humanist and delighting in the broad palette of human emotion, poetic soul

-Ne: whimsical, extremely creative, absolutely no sense for time or space, highly imaginative, night- and daydreaming addict, sees the big picture, aware of implementations, always looking for connections, enjoying symbolism, eternal searcher and wanderer, observant, thinking in abstractions and meanings, scatter-brained, easily distracted, worries a lot, highly vulnerable to disturbing/pleasing ideas (words, images, sounds), lover of stories and fictional characters, aesthete, clumsy, struggles with reality, forever seeing possibilities and what-ifs, undecided, neurotic, PUNS, absurdism, nonsense, relativising

-Si: deep need for familiarity and physical comfort, valuing decency and manners, dislike of vulgarity, dirtiness, and noise, selective good memory, NOSTALGIC, strong perception of inner physical sensations, dislike of new things and spontaneity, lover of details, values practicalness but sucks at it, excellent sensory memory, loves to accumulate knowledge, fascinated by the past, collector, need for routine and stability, attached to possessions with personal meaning, inflexible, highly observant to physical stimuli

-Te: opposing for the sake of opposing, senseless stubbornness, incorrigible pride, your occasional absolutism and smugness, surprising flashes of steel, the need to destroy/throw away things as well as for substantial reality (physical work), bottom rock defiance, grim fatalism, apocalyptic sarcasm, merciless positivism/scientific world view, love for order and organisation of objects, LISTS, the burning need to understand EVERYTHING, tendency to over-exertion, random outbursts of violence as a sign of affection

Can we talk about THIS. NERD.

Okay, in the scene where we meet Baymax, almost everyone is fixated on how awkward Baymax is being. He’s slow, he’s clumsy. He’s taking forever to just do the thing.


He’s a lil worried when Baymax bumps into the stool.

But look at how proud he gets when Baymax picks it up to move it!

He’s like a proud papa! He doesn’t think Baymax is awkward, he thinks he’s wonderful. YOU CAN FEEL THE LOVE. 

Bonus: Cute lil nerd blush.

Lily Evans Headcanons

-Her favourite colour is yellow, she wears a brilliantly lemon yellow raincoat in the winter, sunshine yellow dresses in the summer and daisy pins on her denim jacket all year round- but her favourite yellow was of sunflowers, runny egg yellow, ‘here comes the sun’ , marmalade toast yellow and home-made lemonade yellow. 

-She’s muggle-born and proud, especially after Snape calling her a “mudblood” and has since made a point of using muggle products as an alternative to wizarding ones and so uses pom-pom topped, light up biros in class much to the pureblood fascination and envy.

-being super clumsy and forever gesticulating wildly and bashing her elbow or tripping over her own feet in exuberance of waving at Mary/Marlene/Alice. 

–so she wears muggle  cartoon character plasters constantly like disney princess, Mr Men or Winnie the Pooh  plasters, and purebloods (aka Sirius and James) would get super excited when they got a little paper cut or something because yessss they totally have an excuse to get a plaster off her. (tbh I can totally see Sirius fighting with James over their favourite disney princess plaster)

-Lily saving her Bambi plasters for James and James being borderline hysterical with happiness when she specifically gives them to him.

-Lily not having a ‘signature scent’ (even though Marlene insists that she ought to, so that people (aka guys) will associate the smell with her  and think of her whenever they smell it) but having a modest collection of perfumes and wearing different ones every day: like oranges, or as a private joke:lilies, or jasmine and rose or cinnamon. But she always smells a little like vanilla and her hair like coconut, thanks to her favourite shampoo & conditioner (one of the few wizarding products that she couldn’t find a muggle alternative for).

-having a great love and passion for art, dragging her friends (mostly Sirius though because he totally had an appreciation for the ‘finer things’ and loved him some culture) around galleries and painting and drawing whenever she was able, so that usually she had a little paint under her nails, on her cheek or in her hair.

-Lily having an obnoxiously loud laugh, a full on head thrown back, eyes screwed tight and stomach clutching, snorting kind of laugh but the most endearingly girlish giggle. 

-she reads avidly, from Virgina Woolf to Hogwarts, a History and the Minister of Magic’s autobiography and could talk for hours about the intentions of characters with Remus (which James of course resented and grumbled about until over the summer he read all of her favourite books so that he could proudly slip references from them into conversation)

-She cries like a baby at any sad moment in every movie, advert, book, play or musical, right until the credits rolled.

-she loves to cook and did so determinedly even though most of the time she burnt something. But she made a point of baking everyone a birthday cake (even James in 6th year, which delighted him so much he didn’t eat it until he had paraded it around, showing it off to everyone- even if it was shaped and decorated like a giant squid).

eternally-nocturnally  asked:

What do you think about mpreg? If you don't like it - I understand. If you do like it, then please imagine an annoyed, even more hungry than usual, sassy, and snippy Yoongi and an overly protective, but always and forever clumsy Namjoon <3

  • namjoon wonders if yoongi’s hormones are actually that all over the place or he’s just taking the piss out of everything
  • “namjoon get me some fucking burritos or i will puke all over the couch”
  • “-you had two burgers an hour ago”
  • “???????? what is ur fuckin point
  • “nvm okay okay i’ll get u burritos”
  • “…also can we go to chick-fil-a later i rlly want some original-”
  • “okay okay we can go to chick-fil-a”
  • “see this is why you’re the baby daddy”
  • yoongi laying around like all the time
  • (which i mean isn’t unusual but) he uses the bump as an excuse for everything 
  • “babe”
  • “..”
  • “babe”
  • “what”
  • “…can u turn the tv on”
  • “?? the remote is right next to you baby why can’t you-”
  • “-HEY who is carrying the spawn i am the one carrying the spawn therefore you gotta do”
  • namjoon will complain and complain and mumble under his breath about how yoongi is making him do everything and just because he’s bumpy it doesn’t mean he can’t walk to bed by himself
  • “carry me”
  • “baby no you have legs you can walk to the bedroom-”
  • but since namjoon is so in love he’ll carry yoongi anyway and pretend he doesn’t hear yoongi snickering against his neck about how whipped he is
  • on days off namjoon will lie around on the couch with yoongi and just keep a hand on his tummy until they both fall asleep
  • yoongi is sAvage as hell and he’s 283123% more snippy and irritated
  • he will tear everyone down and will not take shit 
  • “yoongi hyung your bump is looking bigger now”
  • “hoseok please stay away from my child i don’t want it to resemble any aspect of your face”
  • “…honestly i came here to have a good time and bond with you guys but i’m feeling so attacked right now i gtg”
  • namjoon is the epitome of protective and will do everything to make sure no harm will come to both his babies
  • “yoongi no you can’t go inside the kitchen”
  • “???????????”
  • “like.. knives and stuff”
  • “then why should we bother having a fucking kitchen you can’t go in there because you’re a mess and i apparently can’t go in there because i’m pregnant-”
  • when the baby first kicks yoongi groans because oW pain but namjoon is there crying 
  • “wow it’s- it’s moving oh ymgfs yoongi it’s moving
  • “… yes namjoon that’s what living things tend to do you know-”
  • namjoon is the type of dad who will rap to the baby
  • “babe i don’t think the baby can handle kanye west i mean it’s only-”
  • “HEY my child will like kanye west whether they want to or not i will enforce the power of yeezus”
  • namjoon will lie next to yoongi with his head against the latter’s stomach and just talk to the baby 
  • and as much as yoongi will roll his eyes and call namjoon a nutcase he can’t hide the smile on his face when namjoon presses little kiss to his tummy
  • they’re deciding on baby names and yoongi is so Done
  • “namjoon no we are not naming our kid runchranda what the fu-”
  • “but it has sentimental value to me”
  • “???????????”
  • “alright not runchranda how about k-”
on drinking (or not drinking)

hey, you guys, what kind friends you are! so you were all super nice and supportive about this post and a couple of you were like “ummm you aren’t drinking? what? but you are a drunk!”

and YES, i am, however, i went to the doctor in the beginning of 2012 and she told me to stop drinking. i did cut down a lot last year, but i didn’t stop. when i went back this summer she told me that my liver numbers were still fucked so i really have to cut it out.

i have let myself have a few beers for special occasions (alex’s bday and ren faire hahah) but otherwise i haven’t been drinking since july 4. it’s been hard because i’ve been drinking a few times a week since i was 15 years old. i get nervous before going out but i’ve learned i can still be fun and social without booze. i may even have more of a personality now.

anyway, that is the state of my shriveled raisin liver as of today. can we discuss how livers regenerate though? like the wolverine of organs. amazing! i’m sure i will go back at the end of the year and she will be like “DAMN, this liver is fine, go back to your regularly scheduled benders!”

but until then i’m a little soberbaby. don’t worry though, i’m still accidentally knocking down beers in bars.

Trimming at Your Heartstrings

Pairing: Levi x Eren
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3215
Summary: Levi didn’t mean to fall head over heels for Eren Jaeger. It just sort of happened.
A/N: This is a commission for the absolutely amazing suckaknob​! Thank you for being so patient, Paige \( * v * )/ 

Eren Jaeger, Levi thinks, is an anomaly.

One part of Levi wants to impale the asshole with the blunt end of his scissors. But the other half, the one that Levi’s convinced is also crazy, wants to grab the little shit by those lean, muscled shoulders and find out what those plump, kissable, so fucking kissable, lips taste like. It’s driving him absolutely insane; and Levi knows what crazy looks like, Hanji is his unwanted acquaintance for fuck’s sake. He probably needs professional help, at least that’s what Erwin would no doubt recommend him. But what does that blond asshat know with his stable salary job, with his wife and kids… god, Levi needs help. Preferably in the form of a Mr. Jack Daniels, because he could absolutely go for a shot or five right now.

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[ So I’ve finally reached 250 followers! I had been meaning to do this since I got 230 but I got distracted and all. I just want to do something after I hit my first milestone for followers and even if it might not seem much, I’m deeply touched you guys find my blog and Akane interesting enough and worth your time to follow. To be honest, I have never thought I’d even gotten more than 100 followers, tahah. Thank you so much for interacting and becoming friends with my humble OC and my awkward self.

Over a few months ever since I had this blog up, I had a pleasure of roleplaying with so many of you and meeting both precious muses and amazing muns in the community. I want you guys to know that I’m really, really grateful for you all! I’ve had so much fun over here and it’s all thanks to you guys for being so amazing! So here’s my little list of wonderful people I’ve come across. I appreciate every single one of you followers out there, so please don’t be sad if you’re not on the list! I’m sure I’ve missed a whole lot of people here sobs. But here it is.

Thank you all of you for being amazing! Please stay that way and thank you so much for making my dash so beautiful and my time here so precious. I love you all! ]

Warming Fire: People who I've interacted with/spoken to and their characters formed a bond with Akane. These people had touched my life and Akane's in more ways than one, and brightened it for the better. They hold a special place either in my heart or Akane's or both, they mean a whole lot to us. (In no particular order)

praelior-ignis || randlebegone || vampire–kin || mindsandmigraines || xseishin || inebriatedhums || marginalfighter || frostynipper || kumoriz || redeyes-ofdestruction || xrolleau || hidariyoin || rou-ille || elusiverose || lamourhaine || mortiferumsicarius || sonosorani || somnium-tutorum || memory-painted-rose || notesweet ||

Protective Wings: People who I admire and enjoy seeing on my dash. Some of them I've never interacted with or even spoken to, but their presences are inspiring and I admire them from afar. (In no particular order)

meuscarnis || vassals-to-no-monarchs || non–nocere || alpinistes || a-dvitamparamus || surutakai || opusesse || contrailify || caementarius || theiym || mercenaiire || therisis || crystallizedfates || occideris || golden-endless-beauty || infernusregem || bloodytrails || 980cm || shiro-youkai || ignite-dreams || meretriicem || cuttingbonds || the-protective-sword || yxkio || gravesradium || youbr0kemysmoulder || yuudai-kun || humble–daiki || blessedshinki || augeris || distortingtruth || thesevendivines || xx-help-from-above-xx || more-ipsum || twxnleaf || caedxs || shxzuo || p-raesaepultus || gelidacordis || queenlly || strifuu || legendasalvatoris || la-prima-tempesta || vindendrage || astralveins || n-ascentesmorimur || burakku–rando || g-garasu || his-absolute || app–aritions || danseurs–passionnes || iraescriptum || veredea || timidtale || nurturingsoul || nanotoxic || weeniejean || stolensemblance || cosmicxlly || soteriax || sithursm || daeiscasus || puremixiv || detractus || sacchxriine || sadistic-sakamaki || earlynorth || mxrchen || crxwned–prince || coevus || seniki || inlusiones || imuxes || lethalstrands || xprotected || celerumdeus || originalheir ||

give me an elsanna post canon fic where Anna exhibits PTSD from dying and coming back to life

give me a fic where Han’s words, telling her she’s desperate and dumb to marry a guy she just met, has repercussions

give me a fic where Anna doesn’t go after Kristoff after the Great Thaw but throws herself into her studies and tries so *fucking* hard to be a good sister and a good princess and dedicates herself to the people to try and make herself better. and this Anna is just trying to be worthy of love and it takes Elsa to calm her sister down and remind her that Anna has all the love in the kingdom and hers and Kristoff’s and Olaf’s and Anna shouldn’t believe the words of a stupid guy she thought she was in love with

give me a fic where elsa and anna fall in love five years down the road where elsa is queen and anna is her loyal adviser and theres no sudden drop, theres just comfort and love, and they kiss by the fireplace of elsa’s bedchambers where it is quiet and filled with little trinkets they’ve collected together


Aru’s blog entry [2016.10.06.]


Thank you very much!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, the gifts and heartwarming letters!

We used the same SE we did at our start-up live,
it brought back a lot of memories.

I started to tear up as soon as I entered the stage.

How was it?
This last scar we made/trace we left

0427 Our first live

0918 Our official start-up event

0501 Our 1st oneman

Memories of milestones after milestones got revived.
MALISEND had around 70 lives in this one and a half year.

When I say I clearly remembered every and each one of those lives, It’s not just a figurative expression, I truly mean it.
This was a live that followed these footsteps (footsteps being those milestones)

A lot has happened

All of them were packed with emotions
all of them had something new

Back then there wasn’t really spare time to realize,
but looking back at our lives
we can really see the growth of us,
the growth of MALISEND
we really became huge.

I guess, we were able to become who we wanted to be back then
but even if we didn’t, I don’t mind
because we could become something this big.

Aaalways fooled around. You were the first to sense if something was wrong, and listened to my problems. No matter how many times I talked to you when I felt depressed, you always listened. You encouraged me. Thank you.
You were the best vocalist. Thank you for carrying me on your back (supporting me)

I say this a lot but I really like you as a person!
How big of an influence were you working hard with your clumsiness and recklessness
Please, forever stay the Shizuki you are. Your presence was really suitable for being kamite.

How long have we known each other?
You were the one who made me join MALISEND.
We spent a lot of time together like brothers
I love your playful heart that you put into your guitar. 
You were a huge support for me Chibikko leader. (smol leader)

The best rhythm section.
You inspired me to grow as a person. I’m thankful you treated me like we were in Sparta.
Even when you suddenly hit me with your strictness, it was never a burden, more like it gave me a thrilled feeling that I’m able to improve.
If I was able to motivate you too, then I’m glad.

Thank you for liking MALISEND.
How meaningful was each of your presence in our lives, I wonder.

There were a lot of troubles, 
many trials and errors
and you accepted them all.
Thank you!

We were able to walk this far because of wanting to see you smile.

Maybe we made you sad now, but
if we could bring even a little sparkle of light into your lives, I’m happy.

Thank you for following us this far.

People tend to forget things


even if just a little bit


remember MALISEND!

Thank you for all the love you gave us.
I loved you all!

I hope you let us live on
in your memories.

或  -Aru-

[Original blog entry:]

anonymous asked:

Nurseydex soulmate au where a soulmate's first words to you are your mark. Thanks, and I love your writing!

Omigosh thank you!!!  That’s so sweet of you to say!!!  :-)

i love soulmate fics so much btw!! 

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


The problem with soulmate marks was that they weren’t always specific.  

Dex’s parents were lucky they got full sentences – “Is that my scarf?” and “Well, it isn’t the President’s” (You’re not funny Dex’s dad, please stop).  There was little chance of them finding the wrong person.

Nursey’s parents weren’t so lucky.  They had simply “Hey” and “What’s up?” People said these words every day, and that was how they ended up with someone who they thought was their soulmate, but who definitely wasn’t.

Once they realised, they divorced.

So Nursey didn’t trust soulmate marks.

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