Boyfriend! au - Yan an

Yanan is cute and i’ve missed him this comeback :/ enjoy :)

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(theres so many good gifs tf i couldnt decide between this one and the one where he has giant glasses & says hes never seen harry potter :/ a disgrace but he looks real good)

  • Okay yall we’re going down the cliche path again sry not sry lmao
  • So u and yanan are new neighbors
  • Hes the age to move out (this boy went crazy & went to South Korea but whatever thats another conversation)
  • & ur either doing the same thing or ur still with ur parents i dont know ur life homie
  • So u guys are neighbors and honestly you don’t notice he’s there more than half the time
  • He’s quiet and honestly the perfect neighbor
  • He even cleans up ur shit for you like if the wind knocks some of ur clothing off the line he folds them and puts them on ur welcome mat
  • And u try to thank him every time u see him but he just kinda smiles and nods at you while rushing off
  • So eventually u think hes a little weird…. A little too quiet for your liking….
  • So after a long night of thinking u conclude hes probs a serial killer & u decide to avoid him
  • That is until u see him in your Intro to Chinese class
  • And hes literally so talkative (to the chinese teacher that is but still not creepy quiet)
  • And he makes eye contact with you and just smiles
  • U just hope youre not a target and take ur seat lol
  • So ur class passes and he was a bit out of place….
  • Instead of sitting with the rest of the class he sits alongside the teacher
  • You soon realize he’s better than all yall and is helping the teacher teach Chinese
  • And you realize this is probs the reason why he doesn’t talk to you - he’s still improving in the language you speak
  • So u have a newfound admiration for this beautiful Chinese beanstalk
  • Despite this everything continues as normal, yall dont talk, just sometimes awkward glances since youre coming from the same place smh
  • Yall both weenies lets just get that out there
  • So after a month your grade in your class has continuously decreased which causes your teacher to confront you
  • Basically telling u that despite ur decent study habits, the only way to really learn the language is speaking and indulging yourself in everything Chinese
  • So while they’re being helpful and give u websites and stuff youre making plans of your own
  • Like its not an evil plan…. Just annoying….. And u should feel bad…

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RFA High School! HCs - Homework... or not?

Kyky’s back with another RFA High School HC! (1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 7th 8th 9th 10th)



  • It’s cannon that he doesn’t do his homework, but maybe there’s some he does do.
  • Like open response essays
  • He always finds a way to link them to LOLOL Ooo surprise surprise
  • It gets absolutely ridiculous though tbh
  • Like, the teach will give out the prompt:
  • Analyze how the author uses inductive reasoning to prove his point.
  • And Yoosung will write:
  • “I can either die without getting the item, or attempt the dangerous maneuver to retrieve it. Because the point of LOLOL is to stay alive, my choice becomes narrowed down to the latter. Just like how one makes decisions in LOLOL, the author establishes…”
  • Is that even a correct example, YooYoo? XD
  • The teacher gets so annoyed
  • But sometimes his examples are legitimately good
  • And thus the teacher has to give him good marks
  • But the other half of the time he fails because his writing doesn’t “stay on prompt”
  • “Why is your grading so inconsistent?” *tears up*
  • Nooo it’s the Yoosung tear barrage attack! Everyone run!


  • Jumin does all his homework. Like, legit.
  • The thing is…
  • A lot of the time it’s wrong.
  • Really wrong.
  • Like, he-doesn’t-even-understand-the-basic-concept wrong.
  • When he hands it in he’s got this super serious face
  • And that makes the teacher so confused when they grade it
  • They don’t know if it’s a joke?? or if he just doesn’t understand??
  • and why’s there a drawing of a cat on the back
  • The thing is, in class he answers all the questions right.
  • They call him in after class
  • “Jumin, what’s with this? Do you even try on your homework?”
  • Then, dead serious:
  • “No. I see no point in assignments when the test is all that’s needed to establish whether or not you know the concept.”
  • “What-”
  • “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mother is waiting. There is an important party tonight I must attend.”


  • help this girl
  • She needs to get every question right
  • if she doesn’t, her face scrunches up and she crouches over the paper like it’s the end of the world
  • When she catches her mistake, she gives this huge *SIGH* and pushes up her glasses
  • “Next time. Next time.”
  • if she misses the same question on the test it’s all over
  • Sometimes she’s so concentrated on fixing her homework in class that when the teacher calls on her she’s clueless
  • And then she starts blushing like crazy
  • The rest of the class snickers, but everyone thinks it’s adorable that’s my baehee
  • The teacher will help her through the answer, and Jaehee will pay attention this time
  • But the next day the process just starts all over again


  • Hmm… inconsistency? At its best?
  • Sometimes all his homework is done with doodles of himself in the margins
  • But sometimes none of it is?
  • He will awkwardly scratch the back of his neck and apologize
  • “I was just caught up practicing for the next drama production… I’ll do better, I promise.” no one can resist his sparkly eyes
  • On the off season of the school theater team he has literally no excuse
  • “Sorry… I was… Out doing something…”
  • But when his homework is done, it’s scarily perfect
  • He doesn’t put in any effort, Zen thinks, but in actuality when he does homework he actually concentrates
  • Because he’s the kind of guy to only do one thing at a time and put all his concentration into that one thing
  • hence him hanging up the phone when he wants to practice his lines


  • How do we help this kid?
  • Like Jumin, he thinks all home work is a joke
  • But not for the same reasons
  • He just flat out doesn’t like it like most of us
  • And thus he doesn’t even do it; he doesn’t turn anything in like Jumin
  • The whole year he won’t do any of his homework
  • Of course in his STEM classes he’ll do perfectly fine because his perfect scores on tests will make up for it 
  • But there’s a reason he’s failing English
  • And his grade could really use the buffer points from homework
  • Thus his counselor’s will try to convince him to just do his homework
  • And maybe he will try a little bit, but he gets distracted so easily 
  • It’s ridiculous because he’ll come up with any excuse to get out of it
  • “There’s a giant meteor that’s gonna-” giant meteor 2k16
  • “The meteor isn’t going to hurt you.”
  • “You know, my depression could-”
  • “Just do the damn vocab exercise, Luciel.”


  • He does all his homework, but something’s… a little off
  • Every time he turns something in, the teacher feels a little nervous
  • Maybe it’s the edges of his paper, lightly singed
  • Or maybe it’s the black and red smudges in the margins
  • It’s slightly scary???
  • But the teacher shouldn’t worry
  • Saeran’s just a really good student in the aspect that he’s gotta be perfect
  • How many hours has this boy muttered anxiously over the answer to #4?
  • How many times has this boy wrung his hands and torn his head over the answer to #23?
  • How many tears has he shed over the possibility that he failed his test and that his whole life is over and that he is just useless and should just go-
  • Shhh… Little fuzzball… shhhhh…
  • And then he gets all of the problems right
  • And everyone is looking at him with admiring expressions
  • And he’s blushing OH he’s blushing
  • He promises himself to never think those dark thoughts again.
  • But inevitably they creep back into his little, emo brain
  • And the cycle starts all over again until Saeyoung distracts him and he does fail poor boy