clueless tv series

I am submitting this sheer leopard culturally appropriating mess of a poncho to wtfplus. Thanks for nothing, Rainbow Plus :(

submitted via text by jesse from bathhouse vintage 

editor’s note: rainbow plus is a fucking mess. so many of their tops look like a fever dream. i actually hesitate to put all this stuff in one post, because i could queue it up and have content for a year. but like,

those are the first six kind of weird to very weird items i picked out on their site- at one point i had 27 tabs open of weird shit they sell ! like, i obviously know ‘dope’ has slang meaning but would anyone want to wear a shirt that kiiiinda looks like they’re proclaiming that they are a dope? are they going to release a line of dunce caps next? also every actor who tried out for the role of cher on the 'clueless’ tv series who lost out to rachel blanchard apparently got the consolation prize of being silkscreened onto a rainbow plus t-shirt.