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10 ways Ryuken could try to rekindle his bond with Ishida

As requested by anon. :)

Ryuken and Ishida do not have the best relationship, in large part because Ryuken spends most of their father-son time criticizing and belittling Ishida. But what if Ryuken decided he wanted to fix his relationship with his son? What sort of bonding activities might they try?

1. Walking on the same side of the street

Sometimes Ishida and Ryuken do go shopping together. According to filler, they do this by walking on opposite sides of the street. But what if they decided to (gasp!) walk on the same side of the street at the same time??

Ishida: This feels uncomfortable and unnatural.

Ryuken: That is how bonding feels. 

2. Family Dinners

I don’t imagine that Ryuken and Ishida eat dinner together very often. Ryuken works very hard at his hospital, and Ishida is often in the land of the dead. But perhaps, in order to bond with his son, Ryuken could insist that they eat dinner together more often.

Ryuken: I believe this is where we have conversation.

Ishida: I am not going to tell you about my day just so you can criticize my activities, Ryuken.

Ryuken: I promise I will only nod.

Ishida: Well….fine. I fought some hollows, okay? 

Ryuken: [nods]

Ishida: Did you just NOD disapprovingly?

Ryuken: …It is difficult to turn off.

3. Camping

Camping is a bonding activity. Especially for two people who wear only white. 

Ishida: The dirt haunts me.

Ryuken: It haunts me too.

Ishida: At least there is something we can agree on.

4. Ryuken chaperoning school events

Ryuken could also decide to go the “clueless parent” route, and try to bond with his son by chaperoning school activities.

Ryuken: I am the chaperon for this weekend’s dance, Ishida.

Ryuken: I took the liberty of asking Inoue Orihime for you, since I doubt you would manage to do so successfully, if at all.

Ishida: !!!!

Ryuken: That expression feels like thanks.

5. Throwing a baseball back and forth

Ryuken got the idea from American movies, I assume.

Ishida: How is this supposed to fix our many, many issues?

Ryuken: The literature was unclear.

Ryuken: But if you can stand in a river for three days learning a power that you almost immediately lose, you can throw a baseball with me for a few hours.

Ryuken: Are you suddenly throwing harder?

6. Sewing lessons

Ryuken is better at Ishida at being a Quincy, the last time they compared notes. This was not fun for Ishida. Perhaps Ryuken could try to bond with his son over something his son is better at. Like sewing. Ryuken could ask Ishida to teach him!

Ishida: Okay, first you hold the needle like so

Ryuken: That is wrong.


Ryuken: I mean….I’m sure your inferior method has merits.


7. Ryuken wearing a cape to work

Taking a more subtle route to bonding with his cape-loving son.


Ryuken: Did I just make capes uncool?

8. “Take your son to work” day

Ryuken could also try to bond by instilling in his son a love for medicine.

Ishida: Ryuken, for the last time, I do not wish to be a doctor!!

Ryuken: Is it the wealth or the respect that distresses you?

Ryuken: Because I have all the faith in the world that you could be a poor and disrespected doctor.


Ryuken: I think the parental support thing is getting easier.

9. Hollow fighting

Ryuken could even just give in and fight hollows with his son. It’s not like Ishida is going to stop being a Quincy just because his father disapproves. 

Ishida: I have hollow bait. How about a duel?

Ryuken: You don’t learn quickly, do you?

10. An intervention 

But if Ryuken really wanted to help and bond with his son, then maybe he could just, you know, show up in the manga and tell Ishida that joining the evil Quincy army of evil was a bad idea.

Ryuken: I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but….basically I told you so.