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I put flower crowns on things I like and I love the captains.

setters ver.


another trans marco perspective

in light of @breastforce’s marco realizations, heres my bit

so when i was a baby Trans™ (a clueless and pure child who wasnt even out to herself) i would actively seek out media thar validated those feelings, but that was in short supply so i would read stuff like ranma1/2 (not to bash ranma1/2 but its hardly good trans rep) or those one-of episodes in cartoons where the guy lead protagonist was transformed into a girl (wacky hijinks ensue, but again its played for laughs, kinda [very] damaging)

i would suck all of this stuff up like a sponge, but it wasnt the good stuff to suck up, but if i had anything REMOTELY as good as the trans marco theory back then id probably be a healthier person now. it’s not the standard “guy in a dress” gag, its a consistent and positive characterization which wouldve been greatly appreciated back then

the marco realizations made me happy cause it looks like we’re finally getting good trans rep and we can see the benefits, if you dont think thats the tightest shit, i implore you to reconsider

anyone else used to tell themselves they just have “friend crushes” where you’d just really wanna be around this one girl but just because you wanna be friends with her bc you’re nOT gay ohhh no, you just wanna look at that girl and be around that girl and speak to that girl and know if she thinks about you too, and what would it be like to hug her.. I was such a clueless gay child

I realize I’m probably inviting a debate that I don’t want to get into, but I also feel very strongly about this.

How exactly is the Powerpuff Girls episode ‘Equal Fights’ even remotely controversial? The one with Femme Fatale.

The episode’s thesis is not subtle: Equal rights means equal responsibilities. Using victimization as a shield against criticism only hurts people, including and especially those who are actually victimized.

I understood that when I was a clueless, sheltered child. How do grown-ass adults not get it?

“It was written by men to discredit feminism” - It was written by Lauren Faust, and it explains the need for as well as the complexities of feminism in a way that is accessible to younger viewers without talking down to them. It was my first real look at the feminist movement that wasn’t reduced to a gag or a mean-spirited satire.

It’s also where I learned who Susan B. Anthony was. What? You think the public schools were gonna do that?

“It’s attacking feminists.” - Femme Fatale is not a feminist. Miss Bellum is a feminist. She clearly and succinctly demonstrates the difference to the girls. It is impossible to miss this if you actually watch the episode.

“It takes place in a wonderland where sexism doesn’t exist” - If that were the case then the villain wouldn’t have been able to win the girls over in the first place. For all of her point-dodging and discrediting other women, the point remains that superheroism and supervillainy are male-dominated fields, in and out of universe.

“Real feminists don’t play victim in order to get special treatment:” You’re right, we don’t. That’s what the episode is saying too. What are we arguing about?

I realize that ‘Equal Fights’ came before the more straightforward “No girls allowed” episode ‘Members Only’, and maybe history would’ve been kinder to it if their air dates were switched, but… I’m sorry. I was NOT a perceptive child, folks! It is genuinely baffling to me that there are apparently a large number of people who failed to pick up on these themes in adulthood!

The Ultimate Girl’s Movie Guide

1.    10 Things I Hate About You

2.    16 Wishes 

3.    17 Again 

4.    27 Dresses 

5.    A Walk To Remember

6.    Aquamarine 

7.    Beauty and the Briefcase

8.    Bratz

9.    Bridesmaids 

10.   Bride Wars  

11.  Bring It On 

12.  Cadet Kelly 

13.  Clueless

14.  Confessions of A Shopaholic

15.  Crazy, Stupid Love 

16.  Divergent

17.  Easy A 

18.   Freaky Friday 

19.  Frenemies 

20.  From Prada to Nada 

21.  Grace (Unplugged) 

22.  How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 

23.  Ice Princess 

24.  John Tucker Must Die 

25.  Just Go With It 

26.  Just My Luck 

27.  Legally Blonde 

28.  Legally Blonde 2 

29.  Legally Blondes 

30.  Maleficent 

31.  Mamma Mia 

32.  Material Girls 

33.  Mean Girls

34.  Mean Girls 2

35.  Miss Congeniality 

36.  Monte Carlo 

37.  No Strings Attached

38.  Paper Towns 

39.  Return To Halloween 

40.  Sex and The City 2

41.  She’s All That 

42.  Sleepover 

43.  So Undercover

44.  Sorority Wars

45.  Starstruck 

46.   Sweet Home Alabama 

47.  Teen Spirit 

48.  The Bling Ring 

49.  The Chronicles Of Narnia Series

50.  The Cheetah Girls Series 

51.  The Clique 

52.  The Devil Wears Prada  

53.  The Fault In Our Stars 

54.  The High School Musical Series 

55.  The House Bunny 

56.  The Lizzie McGuire Movie 

57.  The Notebook 

58.  The Parent Trap (1998) 

59.  The Princess Protection Program 

60.  The Proposal 

61.  What A Girl Wants 

62.  Wild Child

Cooking Pancakes with Justin

influenced by his ‘it’s omelet meringue time!’ video

  • complete chaos
  • seriously this kid can’t even cook
  • ffs he can’t even crack an egg open im so
  • what is he like 5
  • okay well-
  • he’d whine and say that he wants to cook something
  • “cook what tho”
  • “pAnCaKeS”
  • “do you even know what pancakes are justin-”
  • warning: terrible chef justin up ahead
  • clueless child when it comes to cooking
  • “is this what you use to flip the pancakes” *holds up whisk*
  • you wouldn’t want him to do anything overboard, so you just tell him to grab the eggs out of the fridge
  • he would drop the carton of eggs right when he pulls them out 
  • “whoops?”
  • good thing you bought 2 cartons from the store the other day bless
  • you grab the carton of eggs out of the fridge yourself and place them on the countertop
  • justin would be all jumpy behind you, watching you as you crack the eggs open and put them in the bowl
  • “wah~ you’re so good at this!” justin would say as he watches you whisk the eggs
  • he’d be an annoying nutball and keep bothering you as you’re cooking
  • he’d be interested in cooking with you so he’d ask you numerous times if he can help
  • when he helps, he screws everything up
  • basically a complete mess of a person
  • can’t do anything right
  • he would be playing with the flour and it’d get all over his face
  • you’d have to wipe the flour off with a wet rag
  • or, you know…
  • your lips
  • once he gets the hang of cooking pancakes, though, he’d flip the pancakes wITH A SPATULA like an expert !!
  • “arent i good at this, y/n!”
  • the pancakes would turn out burnt 
  • you’d be close to scolding justin, but he’s too cute to be rude to so you just let it be
  • you and justin would eat the burnt pancakes together 
  • it’d taste awful but hey, at least you guys are being the cute happy couple that you guys are and spending quality time with each other ❤️

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liam: comes up with incredibly clever lyrics, had the idea to write a song using other artists’ song titles as lyrics, is/was responsible for 1d’s finances, generally makes good decisions and is probably smarter than other guys his age in a lot of ways
liam: makes a typo in a tweet every once in a while
yall: lmao he’s so dumb a stupid little boy who’s stupid lol he doesn’t understand the world what an innocent clueless child he is!!!

21 | m

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◇ “It’s your birthday, I had to do well, daddy.”

◇ Bambam x reader

◇ warnings bc i always forget: dd/lg, public sex?? squirting, cumshot, i think that’s all

◇ i literally hate this kid. Which is why i wrote a 2k daddy kink smut about him. Also there was supposed to be leather play in this but im still a clueless child so i had no idea how to do it im sorry anon


“You only turn 21 once, kitten,” Bambam coos teasingly into your ear. His words send chills up your spine, and a moan catches in your throat as the power of the vibrator inside you increases. “You’ve been so good so far, princess.”

You know you’re making a mess in your panties; your clit is throbbing painfully and your lips feel sticky and wet, but the feeling of the long, pink vibrator is too delicious inside of you that you’re confused as to whether you want it to stop or not.

He was right, though. You only turn 21 once, and Bambam was eager to make his birthday gift last for the whole day - not caring if his band members were seated around the table, eating happily and conversing. They had no idea that Bambam’s hand was tracing your thigh, a tiny remote hidden in his pocket that would be your end.

A small whine escapes your throat as he slows down the speed again, the vibrating turning from an intense burning to a dull, pleasurable feeling against your velvety walls. “Daddy, I can’t last much longer.”

He tsks, looking down at you in disappoinment. “C'mon, baby. We wouldn’t want you to squirt all over the floor in front of everybody, would we?” His voice is incredulous but you can sense the mischievous undertone, his voice low to avoid someone overhearing you conversation.

His lewd words send more heat pooling in your stomach, making you squeeze your thighs together in an attempt to dull the pleasurable feeling in your pussy. You couldn’t afford to cum, not right now, because not only were his friends sitting around you, but your punishment would be even rougher than usual.

“Are you okay, ____?” You hear Jackson asked in concern. Your head shoots up quickly, plastering a fake smile on your face. You nod, reaching out to grasp your glass of water, taking small sips to cool down your overheated body. You were glad Bambam didn’t let you get alcohol - if you were drinking as much alcohol as you were drinking water now, you would’ve been tipsy a few hours ago.

“I - I feel a bit dizzy, I think I’m gonna go to the bathroom and freshen up…” You mumble with a small smile, pushing Bambam’s hand away from your thigh so that you could stand. You’re glad you decided to wear a skirt today, because you have no doubt that if you had worn trousers there would be a wet patch on the back from your arousal.

You can feel his eyes on you, no doubt a fake-concerned expression painted on his face as his friends push him to go check up on you. You feel as if you can breathe as you push open the doors to the unisex single bathroom, immediately going to the taps and patting chold water over your face. He enters the bathroom just as you’ve dried your face off eith some tissue, locking the door behind him and smirking at your flustered face.

“Look at you,” he chuckles, approaching you from behind to wrap his arms around your waist, placing open mouthed kisses onto your neck. “You’re a mess, baby.”

He pulls away from you, turning you so that you face him and kneeling down in front of you. “Let’s take a look, shall we? Hold your skirt up, princess.” You do as you’re told, holding up the thick leather to reveal the set of light blue lacy underwear Bambam had gifted you a few days ago. And they were drenched.

He peels the wet lace off of you slowly, pulling the underwear down to your knees so that he can get a whiff of your fragrant pussy. Bambam gives a hum of satisfaction as he leans in, licking the wetness that had spilled onto your thighs. He lifts his hand slowly, as if knowing that you were anticipating his fingers on your throbbing core.

“You really like the vibrator, don’t you?” He muses as he finally makes contact with your slick skin, a breathy moan escaping your lips as he fingers run through your stickiness. You hear him groan, separating your lips and catching sight of the arousal clinging to your skin. “You’ve been so good, _____. Do you want a reward before we get home?”

“Yes, yes, please, daddy,” you beg breathily, throwing your head back against the mirror behind you. All thoughts of the 6 men outside have completely escaped you as Bambam reaches inside of you to remove the vibrator, biting his lip in arousal as he sees your juices coating it.

“Suck, kitten,” he orders, reaching his hand up to hold the vibrator in front of your face. Greedily, your obey his orders, taking the rubber in your mouth and savoring the bitter yet sweet taste of yourself. You were swirling your tongue around it when it was pulled from your mouth, and you can’t stop the whine that escapes you. “Patience, baby.”

The familiar buzz of the vibrator turning on makes you shiver in excitment, peering down at your daddy between your legs to see him running his fingers teasingly through your folds, dipping his fingers into your pussy before removing them again. It’s only when you meet eyes with him that he fully pushes his fingers in, keeping eye contact as a deep moan resonates through the bathroom.

He’s keeping a murderously slow pace, pushing his fingers in and out, keeping the buzzing vibrator in his hands and away from your needy bundle of nerves. He looks up, a mischievous smile on his face at the sight of your flushed face, mouth open with silent moans and a slight look of irritation on your face. “If you want me to fuck you faster, you know what to do, kitten.”

A whiny sound is heard from you that makes Bambam smile smugly. “Please,” you groan irritably, thrusting your hips onto his long fingers harder. “Please… I - I need this, daddy-”

You feel him speed up his fingers a bit more, making you screw your eyes shut in pleasure. “What do you need, darling?” Bambam asks with a huff. He’s letting the vibrator near your clit slowly, teasing you with the thought of the vibrator placed on your precious pearl.

“I need to cum!” You cry out, throwing your head back with a squeal as Bambam speeds his fingers up roughly, finally curling them to make contact with your g-spot. The lewd, squelching sounds had you writhing against the sink, and then he placed the vibrator against your exposed clit.

Your high-pitched moans trail off into silent squeals, mouth open wide in sheer pleasure and eyebrows furrowed, your hands grasping your leather skirt tightly. Bambam looks up at your face, feeling himself grow hard at the delicious sweet moans coming from you.

“Oh, god,” you whimper uselessly as he starts to press harder against your spot, adding his tongue to your clit with the buzzing vibrator. Colours are exploding behind your eyelids, your limbs are numbing and you can barely find it in you to ask for permission to cum.

“D-daddy,” you shiver, feeling tears of pleasure burn at your eyes and the rough material of your shirt rub against your bare breasts, “Please, please, please. I’m gonna cum, oh god-!”

“Cum, princess, cum all over my fingers,” he soothes devilishly, pressing hard against your g-spot one more time extra hard. The sound that escapes you is the epitome of pleasure; stomach muscles clenching, back arching, eyes rolling to the back of your head, your hips spasm as you finally squirt your nectar out, spattering against the floor and his fingers. The tears have started flowing down your cheeks, and you’re glad you didn’t wear makeup today.

Your orgasm seems to last forever - even after your climax, spasms of pleasure have you shaking as Bambam rides you through it, licking and sucking at sensitive skin. He’s taken the vibrator away but his tongue still roams your pussy, through your folds and circling your sensitive clit.

“Think you can handle another?” Bambam asks, removing himself from between your legs, sitting back on the closed toilet and pulling down his jeans. His boxers are completely tight, a wet spot forming from his pre-cum and the sight makes you feel less drowsy. You nod strongly, taking in a deep breath as you get onto his lap, grinding against him to get yourself - and him - prepared for the next round.

He connects your lips as you continue grinding, swirling his tongue across your bottom lip and making sure he places more than a few bites on your swollen lips. A guttaral groan erupts from his chest as you move your hips against what is probably the tip of his cock, and then places his hand on your hips to stop you grinding, pulling down his boxers briefly so that he can pull out his hard cock.

“You sure you can take another?” He asks with a raised eyebrow, “Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you.”

You let out an exasperated sigh, nodding your head as you lean forward to place kisses on his jaw. “I can, daddy. So please, just fuck me.”

His jaw is clenched tightly as he slides into your tight, velvety walls, one hand holding your waist while the other travels down your back, digging his nails into your ass. The pain has you hissing but you can’t deny that you like it, and at his nod, you start to bounce yourself on his cock.

Due to your previous orgasm, you’re already so sensitive; you feel your the knot in the pit of your stomach tightening as you roll your hips, only pinching your nipples when Bambam allows you to. The feeling of him, thick and warm and hard inside you, has you throwing your head back, almost sobbing at the feeling of your clit grinding against his pelvis. His eyes are fixated on you, how you’re writhing in his lap, how your breasts bounce in time with your hips, how your face contorts with pleasure when he strums his thumb against your clit like a guitar string.

You’re keening now, the muscles in your stomach tightening and he knows you’re close by the way your hips are jerking erratically. He lets his head loll back against the cold wall, meeting your lustful eyes. Please…He clenches his jaw - he wants to tease you, but he’s as far strung along as you are. With a rough nod of his head, you let out a heavenly moan, throwing your head back as you feel yourself drench him again, clenching tightly around his cock.

Bambam lifts you off of his lap seconds later, setting you down on the floor in front of him as he pumps himself quickly, throwing his head back with a groan at the sight of you, so submissive and beautiful, face flushed from cumming twice, with your mouth open and tongue awaiting his seed. And with a deep groan, he cums, jerking himself off through his orgasm.

His breathing slows and quietens, and he licks his lips as he lifts his head to look at you. You’re still sitting on your knees, mouth open but your mouth is now filled with white. He chuckles gently, cupping your cheek and tapping your chin. “Swallow, princess.”

And as usual, you obey your orders, swallowing his bitter release happily. He gathers you in his arms, letting you nuzzle yourself into his neck. “You did so well today, sweetheart,” he murmurs, helping you readjust your rumpled clothing and then fixing his.

“It’s your birthday,” you say in return tiredly, accepting the kiss henplaces on your swollen lips. “I had to do well, daddy.”

“You always do well,” he comments, finally standing up and inspecting your appearances in the mirror. “Did you leave anything at the table?” At the confused shake of your head, he grins, “Good thing the bathroom’s near the exit, right?”

“W-what about the boys?” You ask in confusion as he pushes open the door, looking up and down the empty hallway before leading you out of the back exit and into the cold air. Bambam snorts.

“I’m pretty sure Jackson knew what was going on the second he asked if you were alright. They probably left already, knowing them.”


Here are the somewhat cleaned profiles of our cast!

Brin, the “I’m gonna win ALL THE THINGS, BRING IT!!” gal
Rayen, the shy soft squishy shy cutiepie that loves her little dragons too much but hates having to go out and interact with other players.
Honoree, our clueless pay-to-win child, she’s a sweetie though!
And Glen, the dead inside gay ace ice cream parlor clerk who’d rather not be there at all as our special support character!

The name of the game will be  DoraKone: My sweet summer adventure (because Dulce, our MC, is a nerd.)

Logo will come later! We’ll keep you updated with our progress! :D

Top 10 Feel Good Movies

#10 American Pie Series (1999)

#9 What A Girl Wants (2003)

#8 Friends With Benefits (2011)

#7 White Chick (2004)

#6 Bring It On Series (2000)

#5 Mean Girls (2004)

#4 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

#3 Wild Child (2008)

#2 She’s the Man (2006)

#1 Clueless (1995)

STAN CHINALINE ( winwin ver. )

Chinaline needs more love and attention , i feel they deserve so much love oml . SO , here are some reasons why you should stan and support these precious babies because why not right ?


  • first of all ,
  • if you see in nct life he acts like a baby even though he’s older than haechan and mark ,it’s so cute gdi
  • “ am i yours ? ”~ to taeyong , nct life
  • okay on a serious note
  • he came to korea all alone to learn a whole different language , not being able to communicate or understand anything
  • you can see his struggles when he wants to say something but cant cause he doesnt know how to put it to words
  • he trained and practiced so hard to do a whole new different concept of dance
  • unlike his traditional chinese dance ,
  • he had to learn hiphop amd everything else he’s so talented
  • i can imagine how hard he tries his best to learn korean everysay considering the fact that his korean has improved so much since his first nct life
  • he deserves more than just a ’ whoop whoop ’
  • yes sm i’m looking at you
  • he’s living in his own world ,
  • from his random girl group dances
  • to jumping around , saying and doing things the other members dont understand but finds it cute
  • coughs taeyong and yuta coughs
  • the way he takes care of the mini china line !!
  • his love for ice cream & food
  • the way he bobs his head and smiles innocently when the other members are singing
  • this giant baby needs more love
  • dong sicheng we love you omg

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