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MLFK headcanon: MC giving the cold shoulder

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He could distinctly remember, exactly one week ago, your smile was brighter and you were being more affectionate. He didn’t mind your affections but he was caught a bit off guard with your spontaneity. Now you’ve been nothing but cold to him. He knew girls had mood swings every now and then, but he knew that it wasn’t “that time”.
“Damn, ____’s not answering.”
Ayato has called and texted you multiple times each day hoping to get some kind of response.
“What’s going on? If she answered me, I would know what’s up but she keeps ignoring me. What the hell is going on?”
Frustrated, Ayato throws his phone on the couch and takes a few deep breathes. If there’s one thing Ayato will never do, it’s that he’ll never give up.


Ayato hears his phone and dashes for it.
“Is it ____?”
Ayato quickly unlocks his phone and reads the home screen. It’s a reminder from his calendar.
“Dammit, I forgot today is our 8 month anniversary. It’s still early.”
Ayato head out to get flowers and goes to where you work. He knows you may not be happy to see him but how could you resist a man with flowers, especially on your anniversary. Ayato walks to your work confidently.
Ayato gets permission to go to your cubical and he sees you sitting working hard. He admires everything about you, but nothing is sexier than a hardworking, determined woman.
“Excuse me, Ms. ____.”
“Yes, how can I help…” You turn your chair around and look up.
“Happy anniversary, ____!”
Ayato gives you the bouquet of flowers and you put them on your desk without even looking at them. Ayato looks at you with confusion and his chest hurts a little from the cold gesture.
“You’re late.” You say and turn back to your work.
“Late?” Ayato furrows his brows. “What do you mean?”
“You’re still completely clueless.” You say in exasperation.
Ayato can’t make sense of what you’re saying. You pick up on his confusion and scoff.
“Just go. I have work to do.”
“Why have you been ignoring me, ____?” Ayato asks.
“Now is not the time, Ayato.”

You walk home after a long day at work.
“How is he so clueless? Our anniversary was last week…”
You walk home carrying your hurt feelings with you. When you get off the elevator when it reaches your floor, you recognize the figure standing by your door.
“Shit.” You curse under your breath.
“____!” Ayato notices you.
There’s no turning back now. The elevator door closed and Ayato is running towards you.
“We need to talk.” Ayato says when he closes the distance between you.
You avoid eye contact and don’t respond to Ayato.
“How long are you planning on ignoring me? What’s going on?”
“Do you really not know?” You look up and your eyes meet his sad ones.
“I-uhh…did you not like the flowers?”
“God, you’re such an idiot.” You walk to your door and unlock it.
You’re about to close it but Ayato stops it.
“I’m not leaving until you talk to me and tell me what’s going on.”
Stubborn as always.
“When’s our anniversary?”
“____, it’s today. How could you forget? What does that have to do with anything.”
“Our anniversary was last week. How could YOU forget?? I left so many hints that day but you were so oblivious. Do you have any idea how much that hurt me?”
“Do you have any idea how much it hurts when your girlfriend ignores you for a whole week and you have no idea why? It hurts like hell too.”
There’s an awkward silence between the two of you. Ayato turns his gaze away from yours. What’s he supposed to say now? To be honest, you’re both in the wrong. He decides to speak up.
“I’m sorry–” you both say that at the same time.
“I…umm…” Ayato scratches his head.
“I’m sorry for hiding my feelings from you and putting you through that. I should’ve talked to you.” You look down in shame.
“I’m just glad we’re talking now.” Ayato grabs your chin and lifts it up. “I’m sorry for being so clueless and forgetting our 8 month anniversary. I still love you nonetheless.”
“I love you too.” You wrap your arms around Ayato’s neck for a hug.
“I’ve missed this so much. You have no idea how much it hurt to not see or speak to you for a week.”
“I’m so sorry Ayato, I–” you begin to justify yourself but Ayato silences you with a kiss.
“Mmm I’ve missed the taste of your lips.” Ayato says and licks his lips.
“Come on, let’s make up for lost time.” You lead Ayato to the bedroom and let him have his way with you.

It’s rare that you guys have fights, but they happen, and this one was not good. Things were said, feelings were hurt, and now there’s unsolved issues because you stormed out in the middle of it with tears in your eyes. For the past several days you’ve been giving Taka the good old silent treatment. Taka has tried to reach out to you but you won’t corporate. With his busy schedule, he’s unable to contact you frequently which is a relief but whenever he has a spare moment, he’ll use it. He’ll call, send texts and emails, the guys have tried to help out but you ignore their pleas as well. Taka was pissing you off and you just needed to take a few steps back and think things through so you could calm down. Taka, on the other hand, thought differently. He wanted things to go back as they were. He wanted to see your smiling face at the fields at his practices, he wanted to walk with you, he wanted to spend quality time with you now that he’s living back at the team dorms. He’s been longing for you and that brought him to a slump.
“____, you’ve been doing well. Why not take an early leave today? You can catch Takamune at his practice.” Hiroki says.
“Thanks…” You leave the office and start walking home.
You still care for Taka but you’re not ready to face him. It’s been a couple weeks since you’ve spoken to each other. You’ve made no effort to contact him yet.


“____, thank goodness you answered. Come to the fields now!”
“Makoto? What–”
“Come now! Taka isn’t doing well.” Makoto hangs up on you.
“Taka isn’t doing well?” You turn around and walk towards the field.

You get there and all of the players look concerned. Makoto comes running in your direction.
“Mako, what are you doing here.”
“I was here to survey the players about their favorite flavor for the next chocolate bar. Next thing I know, Taka looks absolutely awful. You should go check on him.”
“Thanks Mako.” You say and run to the locker rooms.
When you go in, you see some doctors surrounding someone. It must me Taka.
“There she is!” The coach says.
“Who? Me?”
“He’s been saying your name nonstop.”
You go to Taka’s side and hold his hand assuringly.
“What happened to him?”
“Lack of food, over exertion, and it seems like he’s a little depressed. If you don’t mind me asking, are you two together?”
“Yes, but we had a big fight and haven’t spoken since.”
“Well you being here means a lot. You still have feelings for him right?”
“Of course I do. I love him.” You squeeze his hand.
You feel Taka weakly squeeze your hand too.
“Just relax. I’m here for you.”
Taka’s expression goes from distressed to relaxed when he hears your sweet voice.

You had to leave eventually and let Taka be taken care of. Although he was weak, he refused to let go of your hand for a while.
You decide to finally text Taka, ‘How are you feeling?’
He responds a couple minutes later, 'I’m home now.’
Noes your chance to clear things up. You go straight to the team dorms and knock on Taka’s door. When he opens it he looks surprised.
“Can I come in?” You ask.
“Sure.” Taka says stiffly.
“You look much better.”
“Thanks. I don’t recall everything that happened. I passed out for a bit. I dreamt that you were there holding my hand.”
“It wasn’t a dream, I was there. The doctor said you were a little depressed. I can’t help but think that I’m the reason for that.”
“Don’t worry about it ____.”
“I’m so sorry Taka. It’s all my fault.” You start to sniffle.
“Don’t cry, _____. I’m just glad you’re here.” Taka strokes your hair.
“But you p-passed out.” You look up at him with watery eyes. “I made you sad. How childish of me.”
“To be honest, I was hurting but I’m just glad you’re back by my side again.”
“I’m sorry about…you know…what happened last–”
“Don’t mention it. I’m sorry too. We had too much on our minds and exploded. Let’s just talk whenever something is troubling us, ok.”
“All right.” You nod your head.
“Now, something has been troubling me for a while.”
“What’s is it–mmm”
Taka presses his cold lips to yours and gives you a long and meaningful kiss that melts your heart.
“I’m feeling better already.”
“Well played, Taka. You’re not usually like this.”
“I’ve been away from you for too long. I need my fill of you and that definitely wasn’t enough.”
“Me neither.”
Taka can’t help but smile. He picks you up and carries you to his bedroom where you spend a satisfying night together.

Arrow AUs– (genderbent!) Clueless AU

(in honor of the 20th Anniversary of this seminal classic.)

Oliver Queen is rich, popular, unbelievably gorgeous, and boy does he know it. With a flash of a perfected grin, he can charm his way into getting anything he wants (or anyone, he wants). He rules Starling Prep alongside his best friend, and partner-in-crime, Tommy Merlyn (both sons of ruthless billionaire businessmen).

When new student Roy Harper transfers in, Oliver and Tommy decide to make him their newest pet project. Roy is reluctant, but eventually warms to the idea of actually having some friends. Oliver and Tommy go about teaching him how to dress to impress, how to pick up girls, and how to survive high school.

As Oliver goes about setting up Roy with a girl that meets their standards, he begins to realize that something is missing in his own life. Tommy has his long-time girlfriend, Laurel, and Roy is totally coming in to his own. But what’s a guy who has literally everything, missing? He’s got a string of hot one-night stands, all the money in the world, and looks to kill.

To his impossible to please father, however, Oliver pretty much pales in comparison to his know-it-all collegiate ex-stepsister, Felicity, who happens to be younger than him, and still two grades ahead.

In walks Helena Bertinelli, and Oliver becomes infatuated. She’s perfect. Nothing like the vapid girls he’s been going to school with his whole life. She’s sophisticated, smart, and gorgeous. So Oliver tries to pursue her, using every trick in his playbook. But there’s still something missing.

Through some serious soul searching (and some talks with Felicity) he discovers…he’s kind of an ass. He’s completely obsessed with the superficial. But who cares? He never did before.

Yet, now he feels sorry that he failed to see that Roy isn’t in love with the girl he deemed appropriate for him. In fact, he’s kind of in love with his sister, Thea. He also neglected to realize that the object of his affection is a great girl, sure, but she’s still wildly in love with her ex.

Then there’s Felicity, who challenges him, and makes him laugh, and makes him want to be a better person, and he can totally just see himself kissing that stupidly adorable self-righteous smile right off her face. What? When did that happen?

So, life is confusing, and so is high school. One thing Oliver knows about all of it? He’s Clueless. 

The "You're Gonna Feel Old" Post

- The same year Law & Order first aired, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Rita Ora, Dev Patel, Liam Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, & Thomas-Brodie Sangster were born.

- Children born in 2001 are entering high school this fall.

- If “YouTube” were a person, it would be old enough to be in the 5th grade.

- The last set of people born in the 20th century are now old enough to drive.

- It’s been nearly three years since the world was “supposedly” going to end.

- Tom Holland, the new actor to play Spiderman, was barely a month old when “Independence Day” came out.

- Nearly every kid currently in high school has no recollection of what pre 9/11 New York looked like.

- This year marks the 20th Anniversary of “Clueless”, the 30th Anniversary of “The Breakfast Club” & the 40th Anniversary of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

- Ten years before “How I Met Your Mother” ended, both “Friends” & “Frasier,” wrapped up their final seasons as well.

-The youngest current cast member of “Saturday Night Live”, Pete Davidson, is younger than Ed Sheeran.

-When “Supernatural” first aired, so did “Criminal Minds,” “Bones,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Boondocks,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Office (U.S.)”, “American Dad”, “Doctor Who (revival)”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “Everybody Hates Chris”, & “Robot Chicken”.

- The last Lethal Weapon movie came out a year before “The Sopranos”, “Family Guy”, & “SpongeBob” first aired.

- We’re now more closer to 2025 than 2004.